More than fellow members: iconic bands that never changed the lineup

Playing in a rock band is hard enough. The risk of creative failure and lack of commercial success is too great, and disagreements over music are not uncommon. Despite the difficulties, bands understand that it is the cohesiveness of the team that paves the way to success. This article tells us about iconic rock bands that have always been united.

Rock bands that never changed members - list, photos and names, interesting facts

The history of music knows a great many rock bands. This form of music-making is now becoming increasingly popular. Musicians who play in such groups, where different instruments are used and the band members are equal members and contribute to the development of the group, are often confronted with the phenomenon of personnel changes. This can be caused by completely different events: constant disagreements between the participants, the creation of the group only for profit, lack of mutual understanding due to the lack of friendly atmosphere in the team. Nevertheless, the opposite examples are also known. We offer to look at such rock bands, which remained on the ears and without changing the composition, being very united

Led Zeppelin

The first group on our list are the legendary Brits Led Zeppelin. The history of the creation of this rock band is quite interesting: in 1968, when the supergroup The Yardbirds broke up, the guitarist Jimmy Page began to assemble a new band to conquer the musical Olympus. At first he invited an experienced session musician John Paul JonesThe young 19 year old was a bass player, and then I literally discovered the talent of a young 19 year old Robert Planteand the vacant percussionist position was offered to an up-and-coming To John Bonhamwho had other tempting offers to continue his career. And so, as the foursome came together, it became clear that this rock's future.

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

"As soon as John Bonham played, we knew something incredible was coming. We merged into one...," John Paul Jones recalled of the first rehearsal.

Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest representatives of hard rock. For 12 years old continuously the musicians felt like a true musical union, and broke up after the tragic events that happened to Bonham.

"Having lost a mutual friend, we concluded, in full agreement and understanding, that we could not continue to exist as a band...," Led Zeppelin's 1980 official statement read.

The Brits' biggest hit is a driving song Whole lotta love from the album Led Zeppelin II. Every rock lover knows the riff from this song.


The iconic Queen was also very united. The prototype Queen was the group Smile, which was created by the students of Brian May and Roger Taylorand bassist Tim Staffel. They even warmed up Pink Floyd, but Staffel left the band because he didn't see any prospects in it. May and Taylor found a vocalist in Farrukh Bulsara, who happened to be a neighbor of the former bass player. It was the future Freddie Mercury came up with the concept of the band and its name. Talented bassist John Deacon Brian and Roger discovered at a London disco.


It was impossible not to notice the unity of the Queens: all the participants supported each other in difficult times. The band even has a song dedicated to friendship - "Friends Will Be Friends.

The classic Queen lineup lasted 21 years old. Only the tragic death of Freddie Mercury, the leader of the band, could break the band. John Deacon was not ready to continue musical activities with Queen, because it was impossible to find such a vocalist as Mercury. And Brian May and Roger Taylor now continue to perform, but with a collaborative project, and thus honor group legacy.


Alternative rockers from R.E.M. did not change composition throughout their creative activity, which lasted 31 years old. The band was formed spontaneously: Michael Stipe and Peter Buck, who was fond of playing guitar, met by chance at the music store and began discussing their identical, as it turned out, musical tastes. It soon became clear that the guys wanted to form a band, and the remaining members were found at the University of Georgia - the bassist studied there Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berrywho had experience of performing in rock bands.


Determined to pursue a career in music, the four young guys dropped out of university to focus on the arts. After surviving more than 20 yearsThe band was hit by a crisis. And then Bill Berry decided to leave the group, having previously asked the other members not to stop because of his departure.

That's what bandleader Michael Stipe originally said about the departure of his fellow drummer: "As for me, Mike, and Peter as an R.E.M. band, will we still be R.E.M.? I think the three-legged dog is still a dog. It just has to learn to run differently."

R.E.M.'s most famous hit is the song Losing My Religion. Two Grammy statuettes, an enigmatic lyric and a real success with billion views on Youtube.

The Police

London new-wave with elements of rock, punk, and reggae, of course, is associated with The Police. This trio was founded by the drummer Stuart Copelandwho was looking for a new musical challenge after the breakup of his band Curved Air. Finding a vocalist-bassist in the London punk scene Sting and guitarist Henry Padovani, Copeland began rehearsing with new colleagues. Later they were joined by the former guitarist of The Animals Andy SummersHe had a great guitar technique. Padovani did not live up to the expectations of the other members and left the band relatively quickly. А The Police transformed into a trio and... became legends in just seven years!

The creative work of the Londoners ceased in 1984. The story goes that it was Sting disbanded the band. In 1983, during a New York concert, he felt that the band had reached its peak, and decided to start a solo career. The other members were not against it, and they also continued their creative path separately.

The Police
The Police

Nevertheless, The Police remain friends even now, often teaming up for joint performances. In 2007, for example, the band reunited In order to celebrate The 30th Anniversary of the hit Roxanne and spent a year touring the world. But the most important song in the rockers' career remains the melodic Every Breath You Take.

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