Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (1978) - Rod Stewart (Rod Stewart) - All about the song ...

One of rock's biggest idols, Rod Stewart, has written a playful disco parody! And, at the same time, he's got himself a headache...

The story of the song "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" (1978) by Rod Stewart

One of the most popular and controversial compositions in Rod Stewart's discography, which many people instantly recognize by the playful title "Do You Think I'm Sexy?", probably needs no introduction! In its time "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" became a loud hit, but how many problems it caused to the performer himself... Stewart was accused of plagiarism, of egoism, and even of betraying real rock!

rod styuart v 1972 godu foto yen dikson
Rod Stewart in 1972 Photo: Ian Dixon

It is worth noting that Stewart is not the first, and definitely not the last rock idol to find inspiration in "pop"! True fans must have felt the influence of disco in such legendary compositions as "Miss You" by the cult Rollings, or "I Was Made for Lovin' You" by Kiss... So it was "Missing You" (by the way, the pop style did not prevent the song from taking the third place in the British hit parade) that inspired Stewart and his comrades to write the flirty "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

History of creation

The music was written by Carmine Eppis, and the playful lyrics are a credit to Dwayne Hitchings.

Later, Eppis recounted:

"Rod often said, 'I want a song like this, or I want something like this hit! That's when I wrote the chords and the melody. My friend Dwayne Hitchings - he still had his own little studio - gave Stuart what he had... It went like clockwork! Later we went to Dwayne's studio and he hooked up a drum machine and played my music much more dynamically! We did a quick demo, and then Hitchings came up with this cool chorus. It turned out rockin'!"

"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" was released as a single in the fall of 1978. The track instantly became a hit, topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic! In all, it sold about 14 million copies...

When Stewart performed this song at concerts, he usually dressed up in tight leggings and asked the audience in a flirty voice, "Do you think I'm sexy? Crowds of stunned groupies would yell in unison, "Oh, yes!"

Later, Rod even teased:

"It's one of those songs whose sounds will immediately help you remember what you've been doing this year."

Achievements and recognition

But, unlike the beautiful half, the rocker's old fans did not appreciate his new creation... In fact, neither did most critics: Later in Rolling Stone magazine there was a note by Grayle Marcus:

"Never before has a performer so lavishly gifted by nature sold his own talent so cheaply. Not so long ago he was the rock ideal! Today he's a self-parody, trading sensuality for sentimentality, sexuality for flirtation, mystery for poseur..."

Dwayne Hitchings commented as follows:

"We just wanted to do a parody of those cocaine studs from the Saturday Night Fever days!"

And in the summer of 1979, what happened in America was called "The Death of Disco"... A crowd of thousands of rioters led by Dj Steve Dahl symbolically destroyed a mountain of records with disco music on the Chicago baseball field! That same year, Steve Dahl recorded a contemptuous, as much as possible, parody of "Do You Think I'm Disco?"

But that wasn't all the headache Rod got from the song. George Bin Jor suddenly discovered that the rocker had brazenly stolen a full verse from his song "Taj Mahal" and made it part of the chorus of his "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? The defendant shrugged his shoulders, saying he had heard the tune on the radio, so he made something similar. In the end, Stewart got fed up and gave the rights to the scandalous hit to the United Nations Children's Fund.

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