Biography of Rod Stewart: from early years to resounding success and details of his personal life

Rod Stewart was knighted in 2016 for services to music and his philanthropy. But what is behind all these high-profile achievements?

What else did you not know about Rod Stewart? Full biography of the legendary artist

Rod Stewart - the legendary artist, an icon of the British pop and rock scene. He is a talented author and a wonderful performer who has won the hearts of millions of people with his charisma and distinctive, instantly recognizable vocals. Stewart is known as one of the most commercially successful artists in history: by conservative estimates, he has over 250 million copies of records around the world! His albums and singles have reached the prestigious top ranks of the American Billboard Hot 100, and in 2016, this man was knighted for services to music and his charity. But what is behind all these high-profile achievements? We offer you to get acquainted with the fascinating story of the life and success of Rod Stewart.

Early years

Rod Stewart in his youth
Rod Stewart in his youth

Roderick David "Rod" Stewart came into being January 10, 1945 in London, in a family of workers. His father, Robert Joseph Stewart, was a Scot, and his mother Elsie — an Englishwoman. Stuart was born during World War II and was the youngest of five children. The Stewart couple could hardly be called rich, but they certainly weren’t poor either: Rod was quite spoiled as a child, and, in his own words, childhood was “fantastically happy”. He was a diligent student and his favorite hobby was modeling railroads. family adored football, and no wonder Rod was addicted to this sport and even excelled at it! And there was always music playing in the Stewart house...

Basically it was an American crooner Al Jolson. As a teenager, Rod was his fan: the guy reviewed all the films with his participation and collected all the records of his idol! As a result, he came under the influence of his performing style.

Growing up and getting to know music

Rod Stewart in 1972 Photo: Ian Dixon
Rod Stewart in 1972 Photo: Ian Dixon

Before he became a cult star Stuart dropped out of school at the age 15 years and worked in many places, including a gravedigger. At the same time, Rod sincerely wanted to become a professional football player, but fate turned out differently.

Rock 'n' roll was introduced when Rod heard them sing Little Richard and Bill Haley. Then the father bought the inspired boy his first guitar - it happened in January 1959 of the year. Soon Rod learned his first song and at the beginning of the new decade joined the school band Kool Kats.

Music bands

The Faces (in the center is Rod Stewart)
The Faces (in the center is Rod Stewart)

Today Rod Stewart known as a talented and successful solo artist, but he did not start his journey alone. The first significant springboard to Olympus for him was a group of influential virtuoso guitarist Jeff Beck. In its composition, Stewart also made friends with the future "Rolling" Ronnie Wood! The creative ties between Jeff and Rod were severed in the late 60s, after which Wood, fired first, invited a colleague to join the group with him "The Faces".

Together with Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenny Jones they played blues-rock, which would eventually spark Stewart's longtime interest in rhythm and blues. Early 70s "The Faces" were incredibly popular in the UK, and some of their recordings from that period are very highly regarded to this day. But, despite the success and popularity, Stewart's soul lay in solo work. So, in 1971, the disc was released "Every Picture Tells A Story" with a cult hit Maggie May, which launched Stewart's prolific career as a solo artist.

Solo career

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart

In 1975 Rod Stewart moved to the USA. A year later, he was already at the top of the American charts, releasing the hit "Tonight's the Night" from the album "A Night on the Town". The music video for the song is still popular: the number of views on YouTube has exceeded the mark 15 million.

In 1978, he released another big hit - "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?". Until the mid-80s, Stewart produced smooth pop music, and his reputation as an avid party animal was fueled by endless parties and affairs with models and actresses.

Unlike the 70s, the 80s turned out to be a rather difficult period for Rod. Followed by platinum "Tonight I'm Yours" The 1981 albums were not commercially successful as such. The white streak came for the artist only at the end of the decade, when Stewart presented a remake of the famous hit Tom Waits "Downtown Train".

In 1993, Stewart cemented his success with the live album "Unplugged...and Seated", which contained the hit "Have I Told You Lately".

The beginning of the 2000s presented fans with a bold experiment in the form of "It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook". The singer took the risk of taking well-known classical works, breathing a second life into them and making them his own!

Later years and family

Rod Stewart, his wife Penny Lancaster and their children
Rod Stewart, his wife Penny Lancaster and their children

From 2002 to 2010, Stewart released a series of music albums "The Complete Great American Songbook Volumes"! Subsequently, he toured extensively and received numerous awards, and in 2013 he returned to writing original material. An excellent example of this period is the disk Time, which went platinum in the UK and set a new record! However, the joy of victories and success was overshadowed by personal adversity.

Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart
Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart

In the early 2000s, Stewart was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The operation performed significantly reduced the quality of his voice, which is why Rod had to learn to sing again. In 2019, the singer was given another terrible diagnosis: prostate cancer. Treatment began immediately. But not only health problems overshadowed the life of a musician. Rod Stewart is widely known not only for his music, but also for a huge number of his novels! So, the artist has eight children from five mothers! And the most active follower of the rock and roll lifestyle of his father became Seanwhose mother is an actress and model Alana Stewart.

Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart
Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart

In the fall of 2002, Sean was sentenced to three months in prison for assaulting a man outside a restaurant. In Los Angeles. The guy was ordered not only to pay compensation, but also to attend courses in anger management and addiction treatment. However, his violent temper made itself felt in 2020. Then already 39-year-old Sean went to jail with his father. Stuart Sr. was charged with assault. Ultimately, the incident was hushed up.

Interesting Facts

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
  • Rod Stewart is a car collector. In his garage there are both expensive modern and respectable models of the last century. The collection is replenished Ferrari Enzo, Porsche and other brands.
  • At Stuart There were many women, and accordingly, many divorces. Once he even joked: "Instead of remarrying, I will find a woman I don't like and just give her a home".
  • The state of the artist is estimated at £215 million for 2021. This makes Stewart the 12th richest person in the British music industry.

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