The first and only "cold" meeting between Roger Waters and John Lennon

Roger Waters and John Lennon met only once in their lives, and frankly, that meeting turned out to be "lousy", or, as the iconic Pink Floyd bassist calls it, "pretty snotty". And here's how it went...

Roger Waters and John Lennon - First Meeting and Communication: History and Facts

The Beatles and Pink Floyd - two legendary bands. Completely different, but at the same time quite similar - both did not release music for a long period of time compared to the enduring influence each had on music and the world. The Beatles reached the height of their fame in the mid-1960s and released their last studio album in 1970. Pink Floyd, meanwhile, released their first studio album in 1967 and then the records for which they are best known - such as Dark Side of the Moon - in the 1970s.

Other commonalities include the fact that both groups emerged in United Kingdom, recorded a significant portion of their work in the studio Abbey Road in London, became known for their experimental music...

The Beatles
The Beatles

Ah, yes: there were lively disputes between their members, and they were even involved in litigation over business matters! But let's go back a few "steps": given that both bands spent time at Abbey Road Studios and achieved insurmountable success in the music industry, it is not surprising that members of The Beatles and Pink Floyd crossed paths.

Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett
Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett

Roger Waters and John Lennon They met only once in their lives, and frankly, that meeting turned out to be "lousy," or as the iconic Pink Floyd bassist calls it, "pretty snotty.". And it was like this...

Lennon's Influence on Waters and Pink Floyd

John Lennon
John Lennon

During his interviews. Roger Waters has repeatedly stated that The Beatles and John Lennon in particular have had a tremendous influence on his work and on the band Pink Floyd generally.

Waters studied the Beatles thoroughly during his formative years, and, according to him - it was the Liverpool pop band that taught him the basic elementary rules of songwriting. The great four provided Roger with an invaluable foundation of knowledge that helped him immeasurably, but more importantly, the Beatles also taught Waters a valuable lesson in artistic expression. However, when he and Lennon met for the first timeeverything didn't go according to plan, and Waters was disappointed with their "frosty" meeting...

Roger Waters as a young man
Roger Waters as a young man

In 1967, the Beatles were in the midst of recording "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe same year Pink Floyd recorded their very first studio album, which Rolling Stone magazine declared the best album of all time in 2003. That same year Pink Floyd was recording their very first studio album, "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". Both bands recorded at Abbey Road. That's when Waters and Lennon met for the first and only time. Unfortunately, both behaved "rather snotty".

"Snotty Meeting."

Syd Barrett and Roger Waters
Syd Barrett and Roger Waters

Many years later, as a successful and influential musician rather than an aspiring musician as he was then, Waters reflected on this chilling encounter in a conversation with a journalist. Specifically, he said:

"The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" was recorded in room three at Abbey Road Studios. The Beatles recorded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in room two. But later on we moved to room two, too..."

That's when Waters met his idol. However, despite Roger's admiration and respect for the Beatles, when he met John Lennon in 1967, it was not exactly a positive experience... The Pink Floyd legend said that Lennon behaved that day "pretty snotty.". Although Waters also admitted that the blame was not just on the iconic Beatle, and that he himself was equally guilty of creating the awkward atmosphere.

"I only met John Lennon once, to my great regret, and that was in control room number two, and he was a little... He was pretty snotty, and so was I, actually."

Unwavering Admiration

Roger Waters
Roger Waters

Despite the fact that their first and only meeting was so "cool" and obviously far from what Waters - as a Beatles fan - could expect, in the future the Pink Floyd bassist sincerely regretted about the fact that it never happened again.

"It makes me very sorry," Waters admitted sadly.

Despite the spoiled impression of the first meeting, Waters invariably continued to praise the Beatles and John Lennon's solo work In particular. When Lennon released his debut solo album, Roger, in his own words, listened to the record with great interest.

"John Lennon's first solo album will always be in my top five musical interests," the musician once said. In the same interview, Waters added: "The Beatles taught us that it's perfectly okay to write about our lives and how we felt. There's value in that freedom..."

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