What did 1965 give us? Scorpions, Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplain

Pink Floyd, Scorpions and others. 1965 is a special year for the history of music...

What did 1965 give us? New groups

It can be hard to imagine that there was a time when no one heard of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones were a new little-known group. But once upon a time no one heard a single Elvis Presley song. But the 60s were just such a time. Those stars that are now known to everyone and everyone then only first appeared on the stage. The history of their appearance is a very interesting topic, because it often reflects the nature of the group, which will later be reflected in their songs.

Airplanes and scorpions...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Billboard's 500 Greatest Hits, America's most in-demand band of the 60s. It's all about Jefferson Airplain. They gave us the song "White Rabbit" which inspires people to this day.

Jefferson Airplane 1960s
Jefferson Airplane 1960s

But in 1965 the group was just getting ready, the flight was just beginning. In that year, San Francisco was taken over by a wave of folk. A young musician named Marty Balin was inspired by the success of The Byrds and Symon & Garfunkel, and he had the idea to put together his own band, which, following the example of the inspirations, would play in the new genre of folk rock.

Together with friends, Martin acquires a diner, remodels it into a club called The Matrix (this club can be seen in the film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Terry Gilliam), and there he sets up his "proving ground" where he looks for worthy musicians for the group .

As a result, the original line-up of the group included the legendary guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, Jerry Peloquin and Bob Harvey. On August 13, the band performed for the first time at The Matrix.

There is controversy over the name. Jokrma Kaukonen generally claims that "Jefferson Airplain" is a friend's joke about unusual band names of the time, like "Blind Lemon" Jefferson.

Gradually, the composition of the group changes: Harvey and Peloquin leave, Kasidy and Spence come in their place. And their vocalist Grace Slick, with whose strong voice we associate Jefferson Airplain, did not join the group until 1966.

Thanks to rave reviews from then-popular critic Ralph Gleason, the band quickly became popular. Thanks to this, they sign a contract with RCA Victor and release their first single "It's no secret".

Needless to say, the group has gained worldwide popularity. They went through several rebirths under the names of Jefferson Starship and simply Starship, went from folk to psychedelia and changed their line-up, but are still an icon and one of the most famous rock bands in the world.

If there was only one Jefferson Airplain in '65, it would already be a great year, but it didn't end there.

From hard rock to lyrical ballads, over 100 million albums, Germany's most famous rock band. It's about Scorpions.

Scorpions 1964-1965
Scorpions 1964-1965

The group was founded by Rudolf Schenker. Later, his brother Michael and Klaus Meine joined the line-up. The dream of the band members was to join the international world of music. They admired such groups as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. A big step towards world popularity was the decision to sing in English. Then their compatriots ridiculed their desire for American and British rock, but now no one will laugh.

The band entered the international hard rock scene with their first album Lonesome Crow. This album differs from subsequent works of Scorpions. Surrealism, a big pinch of gloom, jazz, blues and psychedelia all mixed together in their first studio album.

A tea set

They started with rehearsals in the tea room of the Polytechnic College where they studied. It is not surprising that in the beginning they were called "The Tea Set (Tea Set)" (in fact, there were many more names, but at least this has some logical roots). In general, we talked about Pink Floyd ...

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

The group began to gather in the 63rd, but it is the 65th that is considered the year of its official foundation. In that year, the band members took over the management of The Counttown Club, where they performed all night long. Of course, they needed more songs to diversify their repertoire. It was then that they realized that in order to avoid repeating songs, you can not only take new ones, but also develop old ones. As Mason said, they realized that "a beautiful solo can significantly lengthen the song." And what is Pink Floyd now known for if not for amazing and long guitar solos? An excellent example of these improvisations is "Interstellar Overdrive", a composition recorded in 1966.

The name "Pink Floyd" came about when Barret found out about a performance by another group called "The Tea Set". It was decided that many tea sets were not needed, and it was better to come up with a different name. The new name appeared very simply: in the collection of Barrett there were records with records of two bluesmen - Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Everything ingenious is simple...

To say that this is all would not be entirely true. That is, not at all true, because in the same 65th year The Doors, Grateful Dead, 13th Floor Elevators and other groups that are known today were founded. But more about that another time. 1965 was a special year for the history of music. All the events that happened during this year would be enough for half a decade. You can even say that after the 65th the world of music has never been the same.

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