Legendary rock bands of 1968: creation history and first albums

Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nazareth and Deep Purple. Possibly the best time in the history of music!

What stars of the world of music lit up in 1968?

Having once started talking about the music of the 60s, it turns out to be not so easy to finish. Every year there was something not just interesting, but literally significant for the entire musical world. Closing your eyes and pointing your finger is all it takes to find an interesting story. What is the 68th? The 68th is just Deep Purple, Nazareth, Black Sabath, Led Zeppelin… Oh, yes, Sweet and Rush… And others. Intriguing? And how.

Grandma's favorite song

Once Jon Lord was at a party. At that moment, he was, as they say, “at a crossroads”: he had just left the musical group The Artwoods and was thinking where to go. At that moment, he was at the party where he met Chris Curtis, another musician in an uncertain position. Curtis had an idea: create a group where members could come and go. “Like on a carousel,” he explained. There was even a suitable name: Roundabout.

And at first the name of the group justified itself very much: faces flashed by at the speed of a kaleidoscope. As a result, the group was left by its founder Curtis himself. And the Lord stayed, gradually getting acquainted with those with whom he had a common musical style. So even before his departure, Curtis said that he had a "fantastic English guitarist" in mind, which turned out to be Ritchie Blackmore.

Blackmore was not immediately attracted, but the checkbook still had its magical effect. In addition to him, the group included bassist Nick Simper, who shared Blackmore's love for lace shirts ...

The first rehearsals were held on a large farm in Deeves Hall, Hertfordshire. After drummer Woodman left the band due to differences in style, Rod Evans (vocals) and Ian Paice (drums) joined the band. At this point, the whirlwind of the carousel began to slow down, the members did not come to the group in order to leave soon, which means that their team needed a new name. Among many suggestions, "Deep Purple" once surfaced. It was later revealed that Ritchie Blackmore had put the name on the list, in honor of his grandmother's favorite song.

Cover of the studio album "Shades of Deep Purple", 1968
Cover of the studio album “Shades of Deep Purple”, 1968

The guys recorded their first album "Shades of Deep Purple" in one run lasting 48 hours. Shortly thereafter, their first single "Hush" was released, which was a big success in the States and climbed to number four on the chart.

Scottish rock!

The 60s were called the time of the "British invasion". England was taken over by a wave of young musicians who wanted to make a name for themselves. To conquer the world of music, you first had to conquer London. At a time like this, the little Scottish cover band had almost no chance of anything. Who would have thought now that we are talking about the famous band Nazareth, a rock legend!

In the beginning, they called themselves The Shadettes. To be able to perform, they had to learn three UK hits a week and, after a day of rehearsals, perform at the Belleville Hotel. At that moment, the group consisted of Darrell Sweet, Pete Agnew, Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty. In 1968 (that point in the space-time continuum that interests us) the band changed its name to something brighter: Nazareth. They were loud, they were talented, and they were tenacious. Moving to the coveted London and the release of the first album took place only in the 71st year. A year later, the song from the debut album "Nazareth", "Dear John" became a hit in France. It was a rather modest start, but it was worth it, because today Nazareth is known and respected all over the world.

"Ozzy-Zig needs concerts - there is an amplifier"

It was with this phrase that the Black Sabbath group began. And again, it was the musicians who found themselves without a band and looking for where to direct their creative energy.

Tony Iommi and Bill Ward were both members of the band Mythology, after the split, they decided to form something of their own. That's when they saw an ad in a music store: "Ozzy-Zig needs gigs - amp available," posted by Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler. So the backbone of the group gathered. It would take them a long time to become Black Sabbath. At that moment, they called themselves The Polka Tulk Blues Band, after the talcum powder that was in the bathroom of Osbourne's mother. Then they changed the band's name to Earth and from 69 they started writing their own compositions, the first of which was the song "Wicked World".

lead zeppelin 

1968 was the year the Yardbirds collapsed, and it was from these ruins that two musicians emerged, each of whom went his own way and reached incredible heights in the world of music: Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Today's story is about Jimmy. It was he who founded the new band, which later became the legend of rock, the creator of heavy metal music, Led Zeppilin.

Surprisingly, someone told them to fail. That's how the name came about, a corruption of "lead zeppelin", which conveys the idea of a resounding failure ... which was not destined to happen.

Cover of Led Zeppelin's first studio album
Led Zeppelin's first studio album cover

Jimmy Page found John Baldwin, who performed under the pseudonym John Paul Jones. Friends advised them to consider Robert Plant and John Bonham. The group met methodically, and it also moved towards success.

The band named their first album meaningfully "Led Zeppelin". All work in the studio took a total of 36 hours. Interestingly, the critics did not immediately appreciate it, but the general public immediately recognized the talent, and the album easily reached tenth place on the Billboard magazine chart.

You can't say it's the end. There is no time today to talk about Sweet, Rush, Free, Yes and other bands that were born in that blessed year and gave the world amazing music. Maybe another time.

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