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Groups that appeared in 1964

So, the 60s of the last century. A very eventful time in the history of music. New genres appeared, new groups performed in these genres, which recorded cult albums, songs from which became world hits.

Only in one 64th 5 groups were formed, which are known and respected to this day. Let's talk a little about how exactly the birth of each individual star took place.

The Byrds (band)
The Byrds (band)

A little about birds

And I want to start with The Byrds. Its founders were Roger McGinn, David Crosby and Gene Clark. Three young people from California were inspired by The Beatles, who had released their first and second albums the year before. The second source of inspiration for the new group was the music of Bob Dylan. The young musicians had an idea: to combine their two idols and get something completely new, mix rock and folk music. The group was given the name The Byrds from the English "birds" - birds. The fact is that the group was very inspired by the theme of aviation. The line-up also included Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke, and the newly formed band began rehearsals. There was no money, instead of drums there were cardboard boxes, but The Byrds were not embarrassed. That same year, they released their first single "Mr. Tambourine man. So the first ever folk-rock star was lit. They were called the US answer to The Beatles, but the Liverpool Four themselves spoke very highly of The Byrds. In the end, it turned out that the groups influenced each other, and both of them were waiting for worldwide fame.


At the same time, across the ocean, a group of lovers of breaking guitars was born. How did it happen? In their case, things did not go so easily and not so quickly.

It all started back in '59 when Roger Daltrey founded The Detours. For several years, the group could not really form: members of the group came, left, replaced each other. The Detours played as an opening act for other, more famous bands and was inspired by their work along the way. They were especially influenced by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates.

In 1964, the group included Pete Townsend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. At one of the performances, they heard about a group called Johnny Devlin and the Detours. There was a need for a new name. Townsend sat up all night with his roommate, Richard Barnes, racking his brains over various puns. There was an option to call the group "Hair", but Barnes suggested "The Who", and closer to the morning the second option still won.

But that was not all. In May, the group was led by Pete Meaden and renamed The High Numbers, fitting the name to the ideas of the mod subculture to which he belonged. But something went wrong with The High Numbers. True, a film was made about them, but then the group was waiting for a failure with the EMI studio, after which it was decided to return to the previous name.

At the end of the year, already in November, the group finally received recognition. The breakthrough came after performances at the Marquee club in London. After that, they were waiting for contracts with studios not only in the UK, but also in the USA, first places in the charts. Things finally worked out.

And the famous "trick" to break musical instruments after the performance, The Who appeared in the same 64th, only a little earlier, when Pete accidentally broke the neck of his guitar at the end of the performance. The fans loved it wildly, but, as they say, "demand creates supply." Now the whole world knows about broken guitars.

Young "The Who", 1968
Young "The Who", 1968

…And other

However, at that time the world of music did not live only with rock in all its various variations. In the 64th year, a group called The Moody Blues was formed, playing music in the genre of rhythm and blues. The group included Danny Lane, Michael Pinder, Ray Thomas, Clint Warwick and Graham Edge. Their breakthrough was the single "Go now". The band still exists today and is one of the oldest active rock bands in the world. Yes, they ended up playing rock as well, and are even the founders of the progressive rock offshoot.

In the same year, The Troggs appeared. According to Iggy Pop, this group had a great influence on the formation of garage rock and punk rock. Their compositions have been on the UK hit list more than once. Their song Wild Thing is on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Hits list.

At the end of the year, the Motor City Five, or simply MC5, appears in Detroit. The group was founded by two high school friends Wayne Kramer and Fred Smith, later Rob Tyner, Patrick Barrows and Bob Gaspard also joined. MC5 started out as a regular youth party band, but later had a great influence on the formation of proto-punk and punk rock in general.

This concludes our list. Of course, there were other bands that formed in 1964, such as The Mothers of Invention and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The path to success was different for everyone, some group went through many transformations, and someone started penniless. But they all ended up on the big stage and left their mark on musical history.

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