Do you remember this fall band - History of the Rock September Collective

When the lineup broke up and leader Kobrin left for Estonia, only Hakman continued to believe in the best... And for the underground rockers it came with perestroika.

A look back at the history of the most autumnal Soviet band, Rock September

The public remembered the band for a number of reasons: their music was put on the BBC broadcastthey made it to the finals "The Golden Tuning Machine.and also cooperated with the Yuri Shevchuknow a cult domestic rocker! This band, alas, still did not achieve The musicians were literally at the throat of the musicians by the country's political elite. But her fascinating story is sure to Deserves attention

Getting started

Rock September Band
Rock September Band

"Disco September." - such was early name of this group. It was founded in the late '70s. By Vyacheslav KobrinHe is the only one who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. However, it is precisely Oleg Hackman - bassist of the band - became the irreplaceable leader and subsequently achieved a certain success on the domestic rock scene.

The group often performed at dance parties at the city's House of Culture - This was also where the musicians rehearsed. Their repertoire includes many worthy songs, such as "Night Blues."! The author of many of the compositions was Alexander Bashlachev - one of the most famous representatives of the Soviet underground.

"When Sashka came to us in Cherepovets, Slavka and I wouldn't give him a break: 'Come on! Write!" - We insisted," Oleg Hakman recalls with a smile on his face. The man continues: "Sasha never let us down: he could sit through a song for days on end, but he performed his task with flying colors!

Where did the name come from

Oleg Hackman
Oleg Hackman

In 1981, a tape album was recorded "Disco Robot."and soon the group received a tempting sentence - to become an ensemble of the Ulyanovsk Philharmonic. But professional career The musicians return to their home country for six months at the most. Cherepovetsand soon they are releasing an album "We need the wind." - now as "Rock September.".

"In those years it was more and more common to hear a band that had the word 'rock' in its name. We liked that theme too, so we decided to change disco to rock! It was Slava's idea by the way - he was a real music fan, he especially liked AC/DC. I'm more of a melodist, but the new name sounded really cool!

"The Golden Tuning fork and the fateful meeting with Shevchuk

Rock September Band
Rock September Band

In the fall of 1982, the team from Cherepovets high-profile event - participation in the all-Union competition "The Golden Tuning fork." in Moscow! The band has reached FinalsBut how unpleasant it was for the musicians when they found out that from the final concert their cut out!

"They cut us and Yurka Shevchuk. Apparently, we performed too well!" - Oleg Hakman commented on the situation. "And we were filmed - all so enthusiastic! We told everyone we loved, when and what time to watch the broadcast! And there ... Pure little men in overalls came out to introduce the participants and at the end of the general bow ... ".

Yuri Shevchuk
Yuri Shevchuk

Hackman later learned: the composer David Tukhmanovwho was the chairman of the jury, said at the time:

"Shevchuk and Rock September - these will definitely go to the people!"

After the Golden Tuning Machine. Cherepovets rockers teamed up with Shevchuk and the keyboard player Vladimir Sigachyov and recorded a joint album "Compromise.".

Aired on the BBC and the hated blacklist

Alexander Bashlachev
Alexander Bashlachev

Thanks to Bashlachov verse from a song "Dummy" got into BBC broadcast! For a Soviet collective, and even more little-knownit was a resonance! And it was like this:

"In the capital Sashka met some Austrian musicians. He gave them our songs to listen to, and they liked them a lot. Then Sasha persuaded them to take our records with them and give them to Seva Novgorodtsev at the BBC!

By film changes in the cassette managed to circumvent customs control. The rest is history!

"A few months passed, we forgot to think about it. And then the Cherepovets radio amateurs, who loved to catch the BBC, said: "You were put on the air!" And indeed - a verse from "Mannequin" was playing! For us it was the conquest of the world...".

Alas, in 1984 The year the group was in the so-called "blacklist" - common to many rock musicians at that time. A word to Hackman:

"They strangled us mercilessly! We could not perform not only professionally, but also amateur. Nobody disbanded us on purpose - we fell apart on our own...".

Perestroika, New Life and the End of History

Rock September Band
Rock September Band

Soon the composition fell apart, and the leader Kobrin left for Estonia. Only Hackman continued to believe into the best...And for underground rockers, it came with the restructuring.

Oleg Hackman founded the New Rock SeptemberThe band was soon to become a part of the band, and performed at several festivals. Soon the band becomes professional, but "Melody" produces the first and last minion groups.

Oleg Hackman
Oleg Hackman

But it all came to "Rock September" with long overdue. In the early '90s, the history of the band cut off

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