What do rock stars do in quarantine?

    Someone is learning new recipes, someone is learning languages, and someone is learning notes - how do rock idols spend quarantine?

    Rock stars are recording songs in quarantine!

    At the end of last month, most of our large and vast country went into self-isolation. The reason is the ill-fated coronavirus. It would seem that such reckless rebels as rock stars cannot peacefully sit at home and drink tea ... But they can! What do rock musicians do in quarantine while sitting at home? They write new songs, play old ones, and also broadcast live on social networks and upload videos with mini-concerts! Actually, about all in order.

    For example, Paul Stanley from KISS shares his thoughts on the song and album "Love Gun" with subscribers in general.

    And Elvis Costello gave a forty-minute home concert! In between songs, the musician was happy to communicate with the audience.

    Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale has recorded the anti-anthem of the new pandemic called "Coronovirus Blues". The other day, Coverdale also performed a freshly baked quarantine song, "Vacuum & Dust."

    Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candace rewrote Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust", calling their version "Vacuum and Dust". As you might guess, the new text was written on the topic of the day about washing hands and stuff like that ...

    And Brian May records new videos almost every day, which makes thousands of people around the world very happy! By the way, the Queen guitarist not only gives home concerts, but also arranges mini-tutorials on how to play guitar solos correctly! For example, in one of his videos, Brian disassembles the solo from the hit "We Will Rock You". In general, if you have a guitar at home, you know what to do!

    Well, if you have drums, then urgently subscribe to Roger Taylor on Instagram. When else will Queen members give away free musical instrument lessons?!

    Taylor has already been joined by dozens of other drummers who are also recording their video drum lessons. They can also be found on Roger's Instagram.

    And Joan Jett has discovered new opportunities for herself: now she rehearses with The Blackhearts via Skype!

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