The most "ridiculous" cases of rock stars' bankruptcies

When this happens, it arbitrarily begs the question, "How is this even possible? But we'll tell you: it is possible, and how. It's just that "one fine morning" rock stars wake up and realize they've thrown away, drunk, or swallowed all their money...

Rock Stars Who Ridiculously Came to the Brink of Bankruptcy

When you popular rock starsuccess can seem endless. You get fans, fame, and money that's enough to last you a lifetime, you get hit after hit. But with all that money comes a million ways to lose it... History knows a dozen or two cases where the most popular rock icons suddenly found themselves broke or even in bankruptcy court.

When this happens, an involuntary question arises: "How is that even possible!". But we'll tell you: it's possible, and it's very possible. It's just that "one miraculous morning" rock stars wake up and realize they've thrown away, drunk, or swallowed all their money. But even if they do the right thing and try to invest their income responsibly, disasters can happen. It's a lot easier for musicians to lose their millions than you think, because some of the biggest names in rock have been doing it for decades...

Courtney Love is furious

Courtney Love poses for a photo shoot
Courtney Love poses for a photo shoot

When Kurt Cobain was gone, his wife Courtney Lovewho was given full control of her late husband's publishing rights, was out of her mind... So much so that she didn't even realize how she was actually robbed. Many years later she said she was too depressed about what had happened to pay attention to what was going on with the money.

"After Kurt died, I was taking substances from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed..."

When it came to finances, Love just "did what she was told," and by the time she realized what was going on, she was completely ruined. She and her daughter Francis had to move in with Love's stepfather to avoid homelessness. She even claims that they didn't have enough money to eat basic food. Today, their family is doing better, but problems with the IRS have been present since 2009: the last bill was the largest of all, amounting to Over $500,000!

Mick Fleetwood lost count

Mick Fleetwood
Mick Fleetwood

Legend Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood can't even remember how many times he went bankrupt. The first time he declared bankruptcy in 1984The founder and leader of one of the most successful bands of that era, and he's broke? It seemed like a joke, but soon everything fell into place...

Part of the problem was that Mick didn't write any of the band's songs, so he was making "minimum money.". When the members of Fleetwood Mac took a break in 1984 to develop their solo career, Mick was left with virtually nothing... Nevertheless, despite his modest royalties, Fleetwood managed to live large! His weakness was real estate, in particular a luxury mansion purchased on credit when interest rates were at their peak. Financial problems continued now and then. In 2014, Fleetwood said. "lost count."how many times he has filed for bankruptcy.

David Crosby wore a friend's clothes

David Crosby
David Crosby

David Crosby has had tremendous success with not one but two legendary bands at once: The Byrds and a supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. But it all fell apart in the 1980s. Starting from that period, when he was at the height of his fame, Crosby began to lose enormous sums... And real estate had nothing to do with it.

It all started when Crosby crashed his car while under the influence of illegal substances. He was also carrying a concealed weapon. Then he was arrested at a club, all with the same weapon, and then caught drunk driving. This went on until David was finally broke from his "partying": as a result, he paid for the partying. About $25 million (by his own estimation). At times things were so bad that Crosby wore the clothes of a friend, at whose house he actually lived.

Dee Snyder and his "sloppy" speech

Dee Snyder
Dee Snyder

In the mid-1980s. Twisted Sister were at the height of their popularity with a four-time platinum album and crazy music videos that went viral long before YouTube. И Dee SnyderAs a major songwriter, he was making a lot of money. But then he was called before the Senate to defend his violent music videos. To get politicians on his side, Snyder mentioned that he was a "sober family man who never drank, smoked or took substances. This undermined his credibility among his fans, and then musical tastes changed, and Twisted Sister ceased to exist.

This dramatic drop led to bankruptcy Snyder. In his own words, he was already "broke" by the mid-90s. Eventually, the rock star got a minimum-wage job and got there by bicycle, since he no longer had a car. He and his family used coupons and shopped at thrift stores, from which, in his own words, "he left fast enough that he didn't get recognized."

Mit Lowe is drowning in lawsuits

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf became a big star after the release of the album "Bat Out of Hell." in 1977! But his record company decided to lie to him about how many albums he had sold and continued to sell, so the money was not coming into his account as it should have. By his own estimates, his record company owed him $14 million! And Lowe hired a good lawyer to sue him, but soon something went wrong...

His publisher and manager sued himself, resulting in Lowe facing dozens of lawsuits totaling $85 million! These lawsuits literally destroyed the musician's morale and finances... Every time one lawsuit was dismissed, another one suddenly arose. Mith had to go to great lengths to get them to stop. Lough later said:

"I lost everything: my house, my valuables, even the rights to publish my songs... It was very shameful."

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