Melancholic Romantic Romanov: all about the leader of the Resurrection group

We learn more about the path of success of Alexei Romanov: how he participated in the "Time Machine", created "Resurrection" and other musical projects, and for which he was arrested in 1984.

Alexey Romanov - participation in the "Time Machine", the creation of "Resurrection", other musical projects, arrest, personal life

Famous musician, leader team "Sunday", author hits of the late 70s "Who is guilty?" Alexey Romanov and now performs, communicates with fans on the Internet. After reading this article, you will learn about childhood Alexey Romanovabout how he got into "Time Machine"and then in "Sunday" and why he was arrested.

Childhood, youth and personal life

Alexei was born on September 24, 1952 in Moscow. Many of his relatives knew how to sing and did it well. Moreover, parents loved rock and roll and passed this love boy. Father supported pursuit Alexei to the knowledge of the world musicso I bought him a guitar.

Alexey Romanov at the concert
Alexey Romanov at the concert

Romanov spoke about his literary preferences:

“As a teenager, I began to be interested in creativity Yesenin, at first I was surprised by him thieves' motives, but later I appreciated the simplicity hooligan songs that cover all sorts of topics: motherland, passion, love, suffering. Had a huge impact on me Mayakovsky. When I started reading my poems to friends, I realized that I took a lot from what I read. literature, but I wanted to create own. I realized that in order to achieve this goal I needed to read a lot, and I did it.

First marriage Alexey Romanov concluded with a cosmetologist Alla Golubkina. Interesting fact: later she will also become a wife Andrew Makarevich. Now the musician is married to Larissa Khitanwho participated in the dance trio "Expression" Boris Moiseev and ensemble flamenco entitled "Los de Moscu"where Romanov himself worked.

The beginning of a musical career

Alexey Romanov became a member for the first time rock bands only in 16 years. As later admitted artist, the first Russian-speaking rock song, which he heard was the composition of the collective "Falcon" for cartoon "Movie, movie, movie". IN 1969 Alexey Romanov created a duet "Wandering Clouds" with pianist and vocalist Viktor Kistanov. After some time, the duo turned into a real group: to Romanov and Kistanov drummer joined Yuri Borzov, musicians Alexander Shadrin and Sergei Tsvilikov, but later the team broke up.

"Time Machine"

Romanov studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute, where Andrei Makarevich from "Time Machines". From MAHRI them several times expelled and than restored. For example, in 1974 Alexei was expelled because he was out of time left vegetable base. Yet Romanov managed to finish the institute, but at a different faculty.

In 1974 Romanov began to act as a member of the team "Time Machines". The group also included Sergei Kawagoe, Alexander Kutikov and Andrey Makarevich. A few months later musician became the soloist of the group "Dangerous area", in which, in addition to him, they played Igor Kotlov, Sergey Andreev, Oleg Drukarov, Alexey Makarevich. In 1976, the team changed title on the "Kuznetsky bridge". Even then, the group's repertoire included future popular songs "Resurrection": "Snow Woman" and "Who is guilty".

Group "Time Machine"
Group "Time Machine"


In 1979 Evgeny Margulis and Sergei Kawagoe suggested to Alexey to create new team. Kawagoe, possessing organizational skills, undertook to find equipment, in case the group has repertoire. Romanov accepted the offer, and so the group arose "Sunday". The artist admitted that the name of the group did not include any religious subtext:

"Idea titles belongs to the Leningrad musician Yuri Ilchenko. He only meant day off, there are no references to religions. By the way, because of the name, we had interesting history. A friend of mine told me that there is group listnot recommended for public performances. How surprised I was when I saw our "Sunday"! We got there ostensibly because of "church titles." Since then, we have been writing through "And"rather than "b".

Andrei Makarevich in our time
Andrei Makarevich in our time

Romanov talked about early the creative path of "Resurrection":

"When we created team and worked on the first songs, we did not set ourselves the goal of becoming popular. We just wanted to do creativity and through it yourself to express".

In 1980 happened in the group changes, because Margulis moved to "Araks". Since this team took poems as the basis of his songs Romanova, Alexei was considered his rightful participant, namely the author. However, thanks to the help father his work book ended up in the Moscow Regional Philharmonic, previously she was in "Goshimproekt".

Group "Resurrection"
Group led by Hovhannes Melik-Pashayev, later renamed "SV"

Romanov, as the songwriter of the group "Sunday"are often asked where they get their origin:

"I think that music always among us. Gifted people more receptive, sensitive, they are capable of inventing and compiling images. The first notes on the guitar I spied on Yuri Nikulin in the movie "Operation Y…". But I never rested on my laurels and after a few months I was picking up music by ear The Beatles. To be poet great. First comes idea, which turns into a connected motive, conditioned rhythm".

One of the recent photos of the group "Resurrection"
One of the recent photos of the group "Resurrection"


In 1984 Romanov got into Butyrka prison for the then forbidden entrepreneurial activity. He was taken under guard for sale tickets for illegal band concert "Sunday". Before the trial on this fact nine month spent time in Butyrka and two months in the city of Serpukhov. Was sentenced to three and a half years conditionally. stint in SIZO entered the sentence.

"Resurrection" now

Team throughout its existence, more than once revived. For example, the group gathered as a whole on May 1 1994 in St. Petersburg - among the musicians were Andrey Sapunov, Mikhail Shevyakov, Evgeny Margulis, Alexey Makarevich and Alexey Romanov.

Since the end of the 90s, the group has had one interesting tradition: every year they give a big concert, tickets for which are sold out at the speed of light. Often "Sunday" perform together with other performers: for example, in 2006 and 2012 they teamed up with "Time Machine". In 2014, the group performed with a program "From Sunday to Sunday", where almost all participants appeared, except for Nikolsky, Alexey Makarevich, Sergei Kawagoe. In two years Andrey Sapunov made it official on the social network statement about my care from the group. He was replaced Yuri Smolyakov. Now the group includes Alexey Romanov, Alexey Korobkov, Yuri Smolyakov and Sergey Timofeev.

Music feature

Already with "Who is guilty" it becomes clear what the style of Alexei Romanov is. Peculiarity his music is that he not directly speaks about the feelings of the lyrical hero or himself, and hints. More than once a musician confessedthat despite attempts to write music "harder", it all comes down to the topic of unhappy love, difficulties life etc. The artist also admitted that acoustic concerts, in his opinion, are much more popular with the public. But he himself is more interested in performing with electric guitar, thus Romanov uses all palette sounds.

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