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Fashion is fickle, trends change at the speed of light. But there are some things that become classics and never get old. Perhaps Roxette is one of those timeless musical creations.

Remembering Roxette's greatest hits

Roxette - one of Sweden's favorite pop-rock duos. You could say the charming Marie Fredriksson and musical genius Per Hessle have become the voice of a generation! And not just one. The project was formed in 1986 and lasted for 30 years!

Sadly, Marie passed away in 2019: back in 2002, the singer was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. There was an operation, a long course of chemo- and radiotherapy, rehabilitation... But the disease still made itself felt, and, alas, such diseases do not pass without a trace. Unless in the rarest of cases.

Marie Fredriksson
Marie Fredriksson

The favorite of millions has left this mortal world, but left invaluable legacy. During their long career, Roxette released dozens of singles, many of which were big hits! Today we decided to remember some of them. These songs were played on radio, TV and even on the big screen for a long time! But most importantly, they are still played in our hearts. Fashion is fickle, trends change at the speed of light. But there are some things that become classics and never get old. Perhaps such timeless musical creations include Roxette's work.

"Wish I Could Fly"

The orchestral pop ballad, containing elements of electronics, was written by Hessle as a kind of experimental composition. In the end, the experiment with the sound was successful, and the track became a hit!

Fredriksson always adored this song, describing it as "special.".

"Sleeping In My Car


A terrific song from the album "Crash! Boom! Bang!" (1994), written by Per Gessle in less than an hour. Marie Fredriksson's impressive vocal range in this song spans more than three octaves! It is also very "guitar." composition - we can catch the sound of both electric and acoustic instruments! All this magic blended into an expressive melodic cocktail with a driving chorus, and brought the band a number one hit in their native Sweden!

As for the lyrics, in "Sleeping In My Car" they are not only unambiguous, but also very frank:

"We'll spend the night in my car - I'll caress you..."

"Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)"

Powerful in its lyrics and melancholic in its sound, this composition tells the story about the consequences of breaking up.

"I'm going to try, I just need a little more time,
To forget your face,
To look at the world with different eyes..."

The guitar riffs are great: they add emotionality. And the solo is phenomenal. Gentle soulful music is sure to arouse emotions inside the listener. And also "Fading Like a Flower" fully demonstrates Marie's delightful vocal skills, proving that her voice is just perfect for this kind of ballads. By the way: in the U.S., the track made it to to the second line.


A beautiful song with lots of romanticized imagery ("She takes a train downtown, she's got a club on the moon") that became a gem of the album of the same name.

Hessle wrote this song about the girl who later became his wife. Also. "Joyride." literally unleashed the duo's battle with the label: the latter did not want the track to become first single from the album, while Roxette insisted on it. The band managed to win this "battle", which is very good: "Joyride" succeeded and became big hit!

"The Look."

A very bright and dynamic composition that instantly gets into your brain! You could say it inhabits it in the guise of "earworm.". It's very hard to get this amazingly energetic song out of your head - it sounds uplifting and fresh!

"The Look." also allowed Hessle to show the world that he good singer! But Marie, of course, is beautiful here, too. As some critics have noted, in this song they have a "perfect vocal union.

"It Must Have Been Love"

From the movie "Pretty Woman"
From the movie "Pretty Woman"

Everyone will recognize this song, as it was heard in the legendary film "Pretty Woman."! It's one of Roxette's most popular and recognizable songs, but the best part is that it literally had to gather dust on a shelf.

An early version was an "intelligent Christmas single" and was called "Christmas for the Broken Hearted". Alas, it was not a great success. But luckily for us, the song was reworked for a movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere! Since then, the track has become a cult track.

"Listen To Your Heart"


The duo's calling card, which sounds Fantastic - Powerful, sensual, emotional... A terrific pop-rock ballad that over the years has gained timeless status.

Marie's vocals soar throughout the entire track. She doesn't seem to hide her feelings at all, putting a piece of her own soul into the performance. Maybe this is the reason why the songs become timeless classics - they will "live" and sound decades later, because they have soul?


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