Refusing to return to the Union: the story of ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev

The bravest Soviet dancer or a traitor to his country? Today in our article is the story of dancer Rudolf Nureyev and his "leap to freedom": how did his rebellion against the authorities turn out for him? Read more.

All about Rudolf Nureyev: career, fame, biography

The great art of dance has always looked graceful and incredible from the audience, but what about the artists who danced to the pain of their feet on stage? It was especially difficult for the workers balletThe first of them, who, though in high esteem in the highest circles of society and the authorities, still tried to break out of the "free.".

Today we will tell the story of a man who was able to escape from the clutches of the party into free France and became a traitor to the fatherland. Rudolf Nureyev.

Scandalous "Leap to Freedom"

A performance with Rudolf Nureyev
A performance with Rudolf Nureyev

The future prominent dancer was born in Ufa in the late 1930s. After graduating from school, he studied at a choreographic school in Leningrad, and later, spotted by prima donna Natalia Dudinskaya, began working in S.M. Kirov Opera and Ballet Theater.

Despite his resounding success and starring roles in the most famous productions, Nureyev was hard to cope with himself and how he was perceived in the theater. Because of his difficult character, even though he was a soloist, could not to accept prohibitions that absolutely prevented them from moving forward and developing. Then Rudolph decided to leave USSR.

Nureyev on Stage
Nureyev on Stage

The artist was ambitious and stubborn, so achieved what he wanted. Although his colleagues saw him as an upstart and prideful man, he strove to for more. Especially since his talent and hard work would be more than enough.

Of course, like everyone else who yearned for a breath of freedom, Nureyev had his doubts. If here, in his homeland, he had everything one could dream of, in another country he remained completely onewithout friends and support. However, stubbornness and the desire for more got the upper hand, and the artist decided to an important step.

By the early 1960s, Rudolf Nureyev was already a star and abroad. He went on a summer tour with his theater company as a substitute for one of the dancers. He managed to escape to a place where he was welcome and where he could be freebut there was still a little time left before his legendary "jump.

In Paris, Rudolph showed not the most decorous behavior for a Soviet artist: the KGB, who traveled all over Europe with the troupe, reported above about outings Nureyev outside the hotel. At the time, the state security officers only recommended Rudolph to observe the established rules, to which he heeded, putting his vigilance to sleep.

Rudolf Nureyev. 1960-е
Rudolf Nureyev. 1960-е

After a while, the troupe was to leave France for London, but Nureyev had to return to Moscow. On boarding the plane, Nureyev stopped briefly to say goodbye to his French girlfriend, who quietly told him to go up to the police and ask shelters. When Nureyev was forced onto the plane, he escaped the hands of his attendants and never returned to the USSR. The French news announced the event the next day, calling it "a leap into freedom.".

Traitor to the Motherland

Nureyev during a performance. 70-е
Nureyev during a performance. 70-е

A year later, it started. lawsuit over the escaped Nureyev. The authorities declared him a traitor to the fatherland, and this stigma remained on him for seven years. Even then the ballet dancer left for Britain, as he could not stay in France either.

Because of this incident with the scandalous "non-returnee," many people of the arts were forbidden to go on tour to Europe only because they might meet a traitor to the motherland. The Soviets threw around threats that accepting an artist on their soil might be seen as aggression in relation to the Union.

Careers in France

For many years, the artist worked in the Royal Ballet and was his star, along with an English dancer Margot Frontein. The Soviet dancer also staged many productions at the Vienna State Opera, where audiences exploded with long applause every time.

For six years, Nureyev was the director of of the Paris OperaHe promoted young and talented artists and staged successful performances. Among the stars of the Paris National Opera he promoted were Elisabeth Platel, Charles Gude and Lorna Hilaire.

Hide and Seek

Nureyev's persistent training
Nureyev's persistent training

For many months the man could not to live quietly abroad - the fear of being forcibly caught by the KGB only amplified. For some time, Nureyev was harassed by phone calls and harassed by unknown people; the dancer only gained peace of mind on stage with his partner Rosella Hightower.

Many things in his life were then unstable and scary: at first he could be on top of Mount Olympus and adorable brave artist from the USSR, and after a while the stage could be pelted with coins - as a sign of "venality." Nureyev. Despite all the frustrations and fears, he managed to get back on his feet and move go aheadwhich is what he has always wished for.

Terrible disease

Nureyev in the last years of his life
Nureyev in the last years of his life

In 1983, Rudolph was diagnosed with HIVThe rumors about the non-traditional orientation of the "non-returnee" were confirmed. However, there is another version of getting a terrible disease - an unsuccessful blood transfusion.

Even more terrifying for the dancer was loss of loved ones He was first with his mother, whom he saw before she died, Eric Brun, with whom Nureyev maintained a strong relationship for more than 15 years, and Margot Frontein.

Rudolf Nureyev as Conductor
Rudolf Nureyev as Conductor

With each passing day, the great Nureyev found it more and more difficult to go on stage; in the end, he became conductor. His last performances were Romeo and Juliet and The Nutcracker in 1992. He conducted them in Kazan before his death.

In January 1993, the artist died from complications of the disease. Following the artist's wish, he was buried in a cemetery near Paris. His grave, despite the mournfulness of the place, is perhaps the brightest in the place - it is covered with a luxurious with a mosaic coverlet with oriental elements.

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