Cool covers of Russian rock hits and one beautiful parody - Top 6

Any person interested in music is confronted with covers. However, a simple repertoire does not bring popularity to the performer. The importance of covers for the modern music sphere lies in the processing of the original in a new arrangement, with the addition of any distinctive features of the singer, for example. In this article, we will talk about how Russian rock music, loved by listeners because of the characteristic new sound, has found a new musical harmony thanks to popular musicians...

"Stellar" covers of famous Russian rock songs

Covers now reside in the music business "new life.". Some rehearsals become so well known that outshine the original compositions. For example, a single called «I Will Always Love You»which is known to world audiences as a song by the soul and rhythm and blues singer Whitney Houstonis, in fact, the author's creation of a country icon Dolly Parton.

Rock music is also rich in cover versions: «All Along the Watchtower», the calling card of a virtuoso guitarist Jimi Hendrixactually belongs to Bob Dylanwho is now performing a composition in the very style of The Jimi Hendrix experience. Given the emergence of new styles and technical possibilities Russian rock music was able to feel "Second Breath"as interest in new arrangements grows exponentially.

"Kino" - "Cuckoo" (Polina Gagarina's version)

A new version of the band's cult hit "The Movie."which was first heard in the "The Black Album.I was lucky enough to hear it as the official soundtrack to the patriotic film "Battle for Sevastopol" about the fate of the legendary Women Snipers Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

In order to draw the attention of large and mass audiences to the historical events of the times of the Great Patriotic War, composer of the music for the film Eugene Halperin decided to bet on a modern pop performerThe choice was made to play a meaningful song in a new arrangement. The choice fell on Polina Gagarinawho was then collaborating with the composer Konstantin Meladze. He is the author of many compositions that have become the soundtracks of popular movies and TV series, such as "Stilyagi.", "Thaw.". Therefore, the filmmakers expected a strong musical theme, which was embodied in a personal song Victor Tsoi's "Cuckoo".

Polina Gagarina and Konstantin Meladze
Polina Gagarina and Konstantin Meladze

Soprano with a vocal range of 3.5 octaves, dense and wide voice have made it possible to consider Polina Gagarina one of the strongest Russian vocalists of our time. And it was the focus on the singer's vocal abilities that helped "Cuckoo." get the fame it sought from modern audiences. The song is now considered one of the symbols of patriotism.

"Aria" - "Careless Angel" (version by Timofey Zavalinich)

One of the most famous rock ballads groups "Aria." is actually a cover as well. Foreign band Golden Earring wrote a composition «Going to the Run» as a tribute to a biker who died in an accident and who was a close friend of the musicians. However, this song in its original form became popular only in the Netherlands.

And here's the cover. "Aria." and mesmerizing lyric tenor Valeria Kipelova The lyrics and music were remembered in our country forever: Russians liked them so much that people began to sing the arrangement by the Russian rock band. For example, the song was performed by an 11-year-old schoolboy Timofey Zavalinich, a young rock enthusiast who came to perform a hit "Aria." on the show "Voice. Children".

The rave reviews from the program's mentors and the audience, as well as the fact that the boy made it to the finals of the project, suggest that he really could compare to Kipelov's own performance.

"There's a star born," one YouTube video-hosting user noted.

"Sector Gaza" - "Lyrics" (version by FILATOV & KARAS feat. Masha)

As you know, the group "Gaza Strip" is famous for its ironic songswhich belong to different genres. In the music of the leader of the group Yuri Khoy it was possible to find elements as punk and hard rockas well as Slavic Folk, and folk song.

The specifics of the Voronezh punks have been transformed into something else Dip house performersnamely the electronica duo Filatov & Karaswhich have become popular in Russia because of their remixes to the music of pop singers. In 2016 they invited the singer Masha (Maria Kachanova), which specializes in performing vocal parts in electronic music, to reimagine a hit written by Yuri Klinskikh in 1993. It was unusual, considering the stylistic difference between the performers.

As they admit Filatov & KarasIn this version, the Lyrica, which has already become popular, becomes closer to the modern listener, building a bridge between generations..."

"Kish." - "Lesnik" (the street musicians' version)

One million views a video of the band's hit song "King and Jester" "Woodsman" with pronounced guitar part and unreal vocals from groups Visconti. For street musicians, this success demonstrates that their performance really deserves the attention of a large audience.

As you watch the video, you can see how molodoe and older generation merge together and begin to sing along and dance to the tune of "The King and the Jester. Street performers often expect exactly that returns from the listener, and the guys from groups Visconti got it.

Oomph! - The Germans re-singed "Leningrad"

Group OOMPH! exists and develops on the German music scene for more than 25 years. They were one of the pioneers of the genre industrial metal, and became famous for their fantastic mix of styles and honest lyrics.

In 2019 The musicians went on a tour of Russia and decided to perform one colorful Russian song at their concerts. This song turned out to be Leningrad's hit songwhich is known for its with eccentric songs and a special theme. A new sound of the famous single really liked it Russian concertgoers.

"The whole world will be transformed at once, there will be more beauty in it,

And they will shine like rhinestones of smiles and bridges..." sang the soloist Dero Goi in Russian.

"Kino - "Spring" (Mike Naumenko - "Summer")

Bonus track In our selection, the song Micah Naumenko "Summer.", a close companion Viktor Tsoiwhich refers the listener to the song "Kino" "Spring".

The author himself admitted that he decided to write the parody because he was so Enchanted I couldn't just pass by the composition of Tsoi. A slight irony can be traced in the lyrics of all eight verses. The part backing vocals and solo guitars performed Boris Grebenshchikov, no less a famous artist who was involved in the creation of the Leningrad Rock Club. Also interesting is the fact that during the apartmentsThe "rock musicians," of which he was a member on more than one occasion, have often been Viktor Tsoi, it's the frontman. Kino bands performed additional vocal part.

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