Listen and enjoy: Russian rock hits of the 90s - part 2

We continue to recall the best hits of Russian rock of the 90s...

Let's get a little nostalgic: remembering Russian rock hits of the 90s - part two

We continue our dive into 90s, namely - into the world of Russian rock of that era ... At that time, new names appeared on the Russian music scene, which are not forgotten to this day: some stars lit up and ... went out, while others continued their ascent to the status of a legend of Russian rock ... In a word — for music lovers it was a very eventful period.

Today we have collected some of the most famous, popular and simply loved by many Russian rock hits! The compilation consists of songs released during the period 1990s. "King and the Clown», «Cinema», «ZeroWho else have we forgotten to mention? We invite you to find out! So: these are the best Russians rock hits of the 90s! Let's start...

The King and the Jester - "The Fool and the Lightning"

This song perfectly complemented the group's album "Stone on the Head": it was recorded in 1996, at the St. Petersburg Recording Studio (former Melodiya). The song has a video that is in high demand among fans: the number of views on YouTube is approaching the mark 4 million

The King and the Jester - "The men ate meat"

Another creation from the group "Korol i Shut"! The composition "The men ate meat" is a big hit, as it remains relevant even among the modern generation of listeners! At the same time she left at the far end 1990s

This is a song, ironic in its content, which has become a real hit for friendly gatherings! Composed a hit Andrey Knyazev also in 1991, but ... it took many years for the creation to reach the public.

The action of the song takes place in the conditional Middle Ages: a certain groom invited the peasants to eat meat and drink beer. On the throughout the song he talks about his wife, who cheated on him with each of the guests ... The men do not listen to the groom, while he reveals to them the secret of dinner ...

Chaif - "No One Will Hear (Oh-Yo)"

«Nobody will hear"- the famous composition of the group"Chaif» from the album «Let's go back". Among listeners, the song is also known as "Oh yo"and "No news from old friends"(on the first line). The author of the work is Vladimir Shakhrin.

Over time, the song "No One Will Hear (Oh-Yo)" became the band's hallmark, along with the hit "Do not rush»:

Cinema - "Cuckoo"

This composition hardly needs to be introduced: this song is known and loved by many listeners, moreover, as fans Viktor Tsoi, and just music lovers ... Many artists re-sang this work, while others claimed that they drew inspiration from it ... In a word, this is a real anthem in the rock genre.

On YouTube, the live performance of the group is especially relevant "Cinema» in the Olympic: the video scored more than 75 million views… And it seems that this is not the limit for this masterpiece.

Zero - "Man and Cat"

In his interview Fedor Chistyakov told the story of this famous and very insightful composition:

“It was a long time ago. We came to one man to look at the guitar. He did not have a corridor in his apartment, and there was a saucer of milk for the cat right at the doorstep. It became sad, I thought: a person has nothing to live on, he sells a guitar ... And so it occurred to me in my head: “A man and a cat are crying at the window ...”

Leap Year - "Best Love Song"

Perhaps only a few remember this group today ... However, a hit "Best Love Song» known and loved by many! Really good rock song 90s

Agatha Christie - Fairy Taiga

One of the band's most famous songsAgatha Christie» from the album «Opium"! It can be said that "fairytale taiga"became the hallmark of the rock band ... The members of the group themselves call it an "aesthetic joke."

Aria - "Take My Heart"

And this is the famous lyrical ballad of the group "Aria» from the album «Playing with fire”: this composition tells about the loss of a loved one ...

DDT - "Motherland"

Composition "motherland"is one of the most famous in the repertoire of the group"DDT". Written Yuri Shevchuk, the song fit perfectly into the album "Actress Spring"... The author himself later said:

“It’s always hard for me to admit this love - it has a Chaadaev character to me. I am not a chauvinist - a patriot, but in the Chaadaevsky sense of the word, that is, I see all the disadvantages and consider it my duty to talk about them, not to hush up what prevents us from living in Russia. I try to be as honest and sincere as possible. I have no idea how I do it, but it is very important ... "

Gaza Strip - "Java"

legendary hit Yuri Khoy, which has a rather interesting history:

“When I returned from the army, my older brother gave me his old Java. Once I fell hard on the track, and decided that it would be nice to sell it ... With the money received from the sale, I recorded two albums! So - this song is about the very "Java", thanks to which I am here ... "

Gaza Strip - "30 years"

Excellent work from Klinsky, which is very often heard at anniversaries in Russia ... The leader of the Gaza Strip wrote this song in 1994when he celebrated his own anniversary (apparently, this is why this hit is so heartfelt and sincere ...) However, the song reached the listeners only in 1996, as part of the album "gas attack".

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