"Blade Runner" is a springboard for Ryan Gosling.

This article is dedicated to the movie "Blade Runner 2049" - the very one starring Ryan Gosling. The history of the movie, actors, funny moments...about all this you will learn by reading our article.

We tell you about the controversial movie that made the whole world know about Ryan Gosling

"Blade Runner 2049." - is not just a movie, but an entire epic about humanity and its creations. It's a story about the search meaning life in a world where everything seems illusory and useless. The movie continues the plot of the cult movie Blade Runner. 1982 of the year, which was based on the novel Philip K. Dick "Do androids dream of electroovans?". In this novel, the author asked the question: what makes a person human? And is there a difference between real and artificial humans?

In the movie Blade Runner 2049, we get to know new hero is police officer Kay, who is a blade runner - a special agentengaged in the extermination replicants - artificial humans created by the Tyrell Corporation. Replicants were banned on Earth after a riot in 2019, but some are still lurking among humans trying to survive. Our article, however, focuses on. Ryan Goslingthe actor who played the role of Kay and thus became world famous.

A movie that lasts almost three hours

What is the movie itself about? In the year 2049. Los Angeles has turned into a dark and dangerous metropolis, where not only humans but also replicants live. They are similar to humans, but have more strength and endurance. Some of them rebels against their masters and try to discover their origins. Kay - is one such replicant, but he works on the side of the law. One day he gets an assignment to check out a farm where he discovers a strange trail. It leads him to an ancient secretlythat could change the world. Kay discovers that one of the replicants has given birth to a child - something that should never have happened.

Blade Runner 2049 movie poster.
Blade Runner 2049 movie poster.

Kay's starting searches this child who may be the key to solving the mystery. He has to face a powerful corporationwho wants to use the replicants for their own purposes, and with the rebels who want freedom for their own kind. He also needs help Rick Deckarda legendary Replicant trapper who disappeared years ago. Well, the rest of the story is for you to discover, having looked at the movie itself.

Actorsstarring Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas and Jared Leto. The movie was directed by Denis Villeneuveknown for such films as Arrival and Dune. The movie received high marks from critics and viewers for its atmosphere, plot and special effects. But more about the high marks later.

filming the movie was very secret and complicated. Actor Lennie Jameswho played one of the secondary roles in the movie, revealed that he only received the script piecemeal and could not save or copy it.

Interesting facts about the movie

  • As you already know, the movie was inspired by the famous novel "Do androids dream of electroovans?". However, the screenwriters strongly changed story, which disappointed fans of the book. And those who have not read Dick's work were generally satisfied with the movie.
A still from the movie "Blade Runner 2049."
A still from the movie "Blade Runner 2049."
  • There is seven various versions "Blade Runner," which differ in some plot details. The most first is the version that the audience saw in the 1982 year. This version had happy finale, in which protagonist Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and replicant Rashelle (Sean Young) leave together for the green mountains, where a bright future awaits them. However, the director Ridley Scott wasn't happy with that ending. He wanted to make the movie more gloomy and mysterious. So he released another version - the so-called "director's cut" in the 1992 year. This version removed the happy ending and replaced it with an uncertain one.

  • During filming, there was an unexpected incident. Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling put on a real . the battle. It happened in one of the scenes in which Deckard and K. occur in an abandoned casino. They were supposed to play a fight, but Harrison Ford misjudged the distance and punched Ryan Gosling right in the face. It was so hard bumpthat Ryan Gosling was left in shock and Harrison Ford was afraid he'd hurt his coworker.

Review by Fuzz Music

Reviews can't be objective, but we tried to do the impossible and give our opinion. We are not fans or haters of this motion picture, but it has its pros and its cons. We have already talked about the fact that the movie does not follow exactly storyline books. In our view, and in the view of some other reviewers, he modifies and simplifies moral dilemmas associated with the life and survival of artificial humans. In the movie, they appear as ruthless thugs who have come to earth to destroy their creator. It is hard to sympathize with them because they break the law. The movie does not reveal the issue of society's attitude towards intelligent machines and their struggle for existence. It simply action moviea massacre with no emotional empathy.

So why did Ridley Scott ignore these aspects of the book? Maybe because he was busy creating visual of the movie image. Indeed, the visuals are stunning. Scott's movies have always had a good visual style, and in Bladerunner he achieved a perfections. The fiery commercials, the dark streets of Los Angeles, Tyrell's pyramid, the police spinners flying to Vangelis' music, the sun breaking through the smog - it's all very effective.

Ryan Gosling in "Blade Runner 2049."
Ryan Gosling in "Blade Runner 2049."

Masterpieces can be many things. One of their qualities is their ability to make the viewer think and interpret the story in different ways. "Blade Runner" has this property. With each viewing, you can see in it. new details that give a new reason for reflection. In addition, "The Running Man" is a very harmonious movie, which despite its features of an action movie, makes the heart beat stronger.


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