Sabrina Salerno in the USSR - how it was

Today in our article is the story of Sabrina Salerno, the brightest singer of the 80s. How did the girl get to the top of the charts and why didn't she love the USSR? Let's find out!

Sabrina Salerno: success story, concerts in the USSR, and interesting facts

Pop music was taking over the world, gradually reaching every corner of the world. The peak of the brightest music came in 80s the years of the last century: a large number of musicians appeared on the Western scene who made the music of that time recognizable and popular to this day. The fashion for a new kind of pop music also penetrated into the USSR, where Western artists were considered benchmarks beauty and modernity.

Such a benchmark for many was the singer Sabrina Salernoshe is a singer, who during her career managed to capture attention not only in her homeland, but also beyond its borders. The article will talk about the history of the singer, her success and popularity in the Soviet Union.

The Italian diva whose posters were hung all over the USSR 

Sabrina Salerno in the early years
Sabrina Salerno in the early years

Sabrina Salerno was born in Italy and spent her younger years there. Her artistic path began with her participation in the beauty contestwhich marked a victory for the girl. By the mid-1980s, she was leading of the popular Italian TV show, and in 1986 the single «Sexy Boys»it never became a success outside of Italy. However, the work with the producer Claudio Cecchetto did not stop, and in 1987 the debut Sabrina album, taken off in the world charts.

By that time, the aspiring singer had taken a pseudonym and become just Sandraand the song she sang «Boys» brought the girl a great commercial success. One of the hits is the song «Hot Girls», which also rose to the top of the charts. A lot of attention to the singer was attracted by provocative clip for the song «Boys», which contained erotic scenes. Two years later Sabrina released the single «All of Me (Boy Oh Boy)», which also became a hit.

The singer's second album also brought a lot of outstanding The latter was the main song of the Italian TV show Odiens, where Sabrina managed to appear as a singer. The latter became the main song in the Italian TV show Odiens, where Sabrina managed to appear as actresses.

Singer Sabrina in the 80s
Singer Sabrina in the 80s

In the '90s, the popularity of the performer began to fade away. During those years, Sabrina released a song in her native language with singer Jo Scuillo, and it marked the split in her career. The track received great acclaim, and from then on the musician wanted to Independence from her promoted fashion image. Subsequently, the third album and the single that followed went unsupported, and the singer was left without management and without a recording studio contract. The singer's work had great success with the critics, but it did not sell at all.

For the performer, the 2000s were under the auspices of the filming and games in theater. Despite her faded vocal career Sabrina has given concerts in Europe and Russia. In the 2010s the musician worked on a cover «Call Me» Blondie, recorded with singer Samantha Fox. In 2014 the singer released the single «Color Me» and a few years later another one called «Voices».

Concert at the «Olympic»

Sabrina's fame has reached before the USSR: posters of the Italian diva hung in almost all connoisseurs of Western pop music. But the singer was in the Union only onceafter the closing of the Sopot Festival in 1988, she gave a concert in the capital at the then largest stadium «Olympic». Despite the fact that the ticket booths were practically empty immediatelyand a huge number of people came to see the foreign singer, Sabrina stayed dissatisfied with his visit behind the Iron Curtain.

Why Sabrina has forbidden to perform in the USSR

Sabrina Salerno
Sabrina Salerno

At the beginning of perestroika, concert managers were unfair to artists by not paying royalties fully. This fate befell Sabrina after a concert in Moscow, after which the musician swore not to come to the «land of eternal cold» anymore.

After the failure at Olimpiyskiy, Sabrina did not come to Russia for a long time, bypassing attention of devoted fans. However, in the fall of 2005, the artist visited the former Union as part of a concert «Disco 80s». Despite the long break, the meeting with the fans was as good as it could be.

Interesting facts

Sabrina Salerno at one of the photo shoots
Sabrina Salerno at one of the photo shoots

Top 4 curious facts about Sabrina, which in one way or another reflected the spirit of the time.

  • As throughout the world, Sabrina's imperishable composition is «Boys». In addition, in the then closed USSR, the music video for the song reached the Soviet screens with minimal amount of censorship. Whereas in other countries most of the «hot» moments were cut out, the Union was lucky to see the vivid clip in all its exoticism.
  • In the USSR, fashion came late, but Soviet girls always kept a close eye on new trends. Sabrina gave fashionistas ultra-short denim shorts, popularly dubbed «sabrines» by the name of the creator.
Sabrina Salerno currently
Sabrina Salerno currently
  • The performance at the 1988 Sopot Festival was broadcast on televisionIt was from there that they learned about Sabrina in the Union. At that time the girl had both loyal fans and detractors, who considered the singer inappropriate for Soviet screens.
  • Often Sabrina is presented as «poster girl»and there is a reason for that. The singer, who entered the modeling business in her youth, was successfully photographed for many youth magazines, which among other things got in the USSR. Posters depicting a sultry Italian woman in company shorts hung in every teenager's room, and sometimes in the garages of model Soviet citizens.


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