Top most expensive music albums in history according to Fuzz Music magazine

Be that as it may, some incredibly expensive records of the last decades have brought a lot of commercial and critical results, and today we will talk about them!

A selection of the most expensive music albums in history, the creation of which took millions of dollars

To create an ideal, well, or at least first-class music album, which will be in great demand for decades after its release, it really takes a lot lots of time, effort and money... A really good record costs a lot of money - often the budgets for the production of large albums are indecently high! Expensive studio, big artist, spectacular cover… Some musicians are perfectionists, causing deadlines to be pushed back, resulting in higher costs… In other cases, the main production costs can be attributed to the luxury of experimentation and creative freedom. Be that as it may, some incredibly expensive records of the last decades have brought a lot of commercial and critical results, and today we will talk about them! So: this top most expensive music albums in historythat cost millions of dollars to create...

Michael Jackson: "Invincible" ($30 million)

Michael Jackson album "Invincible"
Michael Jackson album "Invincible"

The latest album of the cult king of pop Michael Jackson, Invincible, is known as the most expensive album ever made! And for good reason… Released in 2001 year, it was recorded over four years, and in the process of its creation, dozens of songs were recorded (in total, it included 16 tracks…) It took $30 million, however, upon release, Invincible received critical acclaim... For example, one reviewer wrote:

“Invincible doesn’t sound like it cost a fortune to record! However, this is very similar to Jackson, but exactly to the modern Jackson ... "

The album took first place in 12 countries, becoming platinum in United States! Since then, the album has sold over 8 million copies around the world...

Guns N' Roses: "Chinese Democracy" ($13 million)

Guns N' Roses, album "Chinese Democracy"
Guns N' Roses, album "Chinese Democracy"

iconic "Chinese Democracy" Guns N' Roses cost $13 million became the great comeback of the Roses (their last album before, The Spaghetti Incident?, went out to 1993 year…) The creation of the album took 10 years, and the release itself was “slowed down” several times. The costs were so high that the record company Geffen Records tried to release a greatest hits compilation to somehow offset the costs, however Axl filed a lawsuit! It happened in 2004. The Guns N' Roses vocalist lost the case, and the label went ahead with the project, in part because Rose could not keep his promise that the album would be completed and ready for release:

“Every year there was a new reason why Axl couldn't finish recording Chinese Democracy. If he had completed this record, as he promised, seven years ago, this would not have happened right now ... ”the lawsuit said.

Album released only in November 2008 year, received mixed reviews, but debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200. Also, it went platinum in February 2009!

Garth Brooks: "Garth Brooks in... The Life of Chris Gaines" ($5 million)

Garth Brooks, "Garth Brooks in... The Life of Chris Gaines"
Garth Brooks, "Garth Brooks in... The Life of Chris Gaines"

Garth Brooks spent $5 million on an unsuccessful attempt to recreate himself in the role Chris Gaines, a fictional rock character from his canceled film... The album was declared a flop despite selling two million copies of it. Compared to Brooks' standard at the time (six to seven million copies per album), this experiment certainly fell short of expectations.

Def Leppard: "Hysteria" ($4.5 million)

Def Leppard, album "Hysteria"
Def Leppard, album "Hysteria"

The group's fourth album Def Leppard known for being loaded with hits and being very expensive… Released in 1987 year, he cost $4.5 million! Albums worth about $5 million were considered among the most expensive projects of their time!

“We spent so much money on the creation of the Hysteria album that its failure would have been a disaster for our group ...”, drummer Rick Allen once said.

The British band felt growing pressure when the early singles from the album weren't doing well... Song "Pour Some Sugar on Me", for example, did not bring the group and the album a huge success ... Vocalist Joe Elliott recalled:

“The album took an incredible amount of time and money…”

However, as statistics show, as a result of labor Def Leppard was still appreciated: sold to date over 25 million copies Hysteria around the world!

Kanye West: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" ($3 million)

Kanye West, album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"
Kanye West, album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

Album Kanye West entitled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy turned out to be quite an extravagant release 2010 years… It was reported that Def Jam Records spent 3 million dollars to create it! It was also rumored that at the time of recording, Kanye had two personal chefs at all times - one was preparing hot food, and the other was cold.

Thanks to the success of the songs "Power" and "Runaway", the album eventually went double platinum and won three Grammy Awards!

Fleetwood Mac: "Tusk" ($1.4 million)

fleetwood mac, tusk album
Fleetwood Mac, Tusk album

Ambitious double album Tusk was a great starting point for the group! However, from a commercial point of view, he still could not stand the competition with the mega-successful predecessor Rumors

One of the reasons for its exorbitant cost is that Tusk was recorded in a much more expensive studio than the previous release. Fleetwood Mac… From memories Lindsey Buckingham:

“One of the reasons Tusk was so expensive is because we ended up in a studio that was charging us a lot of money! During its creation, we stayed in the studio for about 10 months, and we got 20 songs ... "

The Darkness: "One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back" ($1.3 million)

The Darkness, album "One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back"
The Darkness, album "One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back"

Sequel to debut album The Darkness it turned out to be a rather expensive experiment ... The group worked with a famous producer Queen, Roy Thomas Baker, and in the process of creating used experimental recording methods.

The goal was to be "One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back" as exploratory as possible...

"We were aiming for a huge, huge production sound..." Baker said in an interview, detailing the recording process.

Metallica: "Metallica" ($1 million)

Metallica (1991)
Metallica (1991)

The reportedly high production costs of the legendary "Black Album" Metallica were caused mainly by a few remixes of the entire project after eight months of recording and re-recording...

"From the beginning, our goal was to make this record perfect…" guitarist Kirk Hammett said.

The band's perfectionist approach eventually paid off as "Black Album" became not only their most successful album, but also one of the best-selling in history! It has achieved 16x platinum status, which is already a measure of success…


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