The most brilliant songwriters in Russian rock - Part One

Tsoi, like others on our list, became legends of Russian rock. They don't do anything like that today, which is very sad... The lyrics have lost their weight. Only commerce. And Naumenko, by the way, keenly felt this approaching conveyor belt, because of which he fell into depression at the end of his days.

Who Are They, Geniuses of the Pen in Russian Rock: Part One

RockLike any genre, it needs explanatory authors. Except that unlike pop music or rap (most of it), rock has no right to weak lyrics. Otherwise, what is the point of the song? As of today, it is rock music that remains timelessbecause there is much more to it than just a decent arrangement. Many people listen to the compositions with rapture 30 years ago - and not at all because of the pleasant melody. It adds weight to the work, too, of course. But the foundation is text.

In songs with quality lyrics people find answers to the masses of their questions about anything: love, loss, the meaning of life, what role we play in the world, and so on. The songs help us get over adversity and have faith into the best. And behind such powerful hits are the real pen geniuses! We offer to remember the names of those whose poetry has become an eternal classic!

Konstantin Nikolsky

Konstantin Nikolsky
Konstantin Nikolsky

The public refers to Konstantin Nikolsky is ambiguous: some call it depressing poetbut the vast majority of listeners have long dubbed the man genius of the pen! Nikolski belongs to at least 10 worthy compositions that talk about feelings, heartaches, life and love...

Nikolsky is called "the voice of a generation."because a lot of people grew up on his music. And even younger generation finds in these sometimes sad, but so profound lines something attractive and valuable to him.

"All around you the noise of business, your years are running.
Why you came into the world, you didn't always remember..."

Konstantin Nikolayevich in full committed his case. He once recalled:

"They suggested that we perform songs in the style of 'rap' - they say that will attract young people, it's fashionable. It's not fashionable, it's stupid! How would anyone know what young people like? I often see young people at my concerts, so they probably don't come here to rap.

Mike Naumenko

The most brilliant songwriters in Russian rock - Part One
Mike Naumenko

Mike Naumenko - one of the most legendary representatives of the national rock scene, who, alas, is no longer with us. But his poetry continues to live and ignite a fire in the hearts of newer and younger fans.

Naumenko wrote ironic and satirical songs, which were often reworkings of foreign colleagues. But fans do not care much, because this fact does not take away their brilliance.

I bought myself a newspaper.
There's a newspaper, but no beer.
And I'm going to look for him..."

In Naumenko's songs, as well as in his live performances with the band Zoo, there was a certain Irony. But it was she who set Mike apart from the others. Leningrad rockers of that time. In any case, for some reason people to this day overhearing his songs. It means that there is something valuable and close to the spirit of the Russian man...

Alexander Bashlachev

Alexander Bashlachev
Alexander Bashlachev

Peru Alexandra Bashlachova belongs to many powerful classics, such as "Time of the Bells", "From the Screw" or "In a clear field the rains are slanting.".

"The domes have lost their gold.
Ringers go around the world
The bells are knocked down and cracked..."

Bashlachov felt in a special way This world, which made it very difficult for him to communicate with people. No, he wasn't withdrawn! He loved people, and they loved him. But there was an invisible barrier that prevented him from opening up completely... In fact, he was alone.

Unfortunately, Alexander didn't make it too soon - at the age of 27 years. But his legacy will live on foreverand that's a fact. And it saddens us to realize how many more beautiful songs this man has not composed...

Egor Letov

Egor Letov
Egor Letov

Letov also became legendand also left too early. His band "Civil Defense." is still relevant today. This is not surprising, since the lyrics are boldbut powerful - penetrating to the bone.

"Hundreds of years of snowdrifts, infirmaries, pithecanthropes.
Whales, medicine, bread, spectacles mandatory..."

Letov's work is foothold. People don't stop listening to these songs. There's too much meaning in them...

"Eternity smells like oil."

Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi with guitar
Viktor Tsoi with guitar

In his texts. Viktor Tsoi ahead of his own time - as if he could look into the future. That's why they and are still relevant today - There is too much excitement and an important message in them.

"Who lives by the laws of others
And who will die young..."

All of Tsoi's songs have become classic. They are eternal. And even the younger generation cannot ignore these powerful lines.

It is not without reason that Tsoi, like others on our list, have become legends. Russian rock. Nothing like that is being done today, which is very sad... The texts have lost their weight. Only commerce. And Naumenko, by the way, keenly felt this approaching conveyor belt, because of which at the end of his days Depressed..

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