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The most popular songs and hits of ABBA

After the composition "I Do, I Do, I Do" loudly announced itself to the whole world, the members of the Swedish band ABBA decided to continue their march to the top of world fame and created a new masterpiece with a catchy and memorable name "SOS". The authorship of the hit is the work of the talented hands of the same trinity - Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and band director Stig Anderson, who masterfully managed to come up with spectacular names for each single. Speaking about the depth of the text, we unequivocally note its absence. However, the team brilliantly managed to convey all the touchingness of the plot. Agneta did her best: the vocalist performed the composition so sensually and convincingly that there was no doubt that there can be no indifferent listeners. The track possessed all the signature "Abb" elements: complex arrangements, a catchy beautiful melody, contrasts and differences in sound, a certain intelligence of performance and harmonious choral singing. Considering that Agnetha and Frida possessed soprano and mezzo-soprano - ideally, it was oh so difficult for them to achieve the latter. Later, the girls ironically recalled how colleagues drove them to exhaustion by endlessly running takes during recording.


The fact that "SOS" will become a mega-hit was already felt at the beginning. However, the band decided to be careful and placed the composition on the second side of the single (the front track was "So Long", reminiscent of the sound of the famous "Waterloo"). But listeners can't be fooled. The audience immediately saw in the second side a true musical masterpiece and bestowed it with warm recognition. As a result, on the next single, it was “SOS” that became the lead track.

After the release of the single, it became clear to everyone: ABBA is not just a group with a one-day hit. This Swedish band proved to the whole world that its members are determined to conquer the global pop scene. So, the composition with a short but memorable name became the second creation of the guys, which hit the top ten British hits. "SOS" peaked at No. 6 on the UK Top Chart. It is curious that many famous musicians did not hide their admiration for this song. John Lennon has repeatedly admitted that "SOS" is one of his favorite musical tracks, and Pete Townsend of The Who called the composition a real "balm for the soul." Moreover, the main composer of the Sex Pistols, Glen Matlock, said that the single impressed him so much that he even took a guitar riff from it to create "Pretty Vacant".

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

ABBA Group
ABBA Group

ABBA has never been one of those bands that willingly give their creations to be torn apart by other performers. So, the first official permission to use the Abb sample, or to be precise, the bass line from The Name Of The Game, was awarded to the American hip-hop group Fugees, who later gave the world the track “Rumble in the Jungle”. Speaking of the big hit “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) ”, it is worth noting that he experienced his second birth in 2005, and the culprit was ... Madonna.

The blond pop diva stubbornly sought permission from Benny and Bjorn for a long time to use the sticky loss of "Gimme", which eventually supplemented her single "Hung Up". Both sides agreed that the performer took upon herself the obligation to distribute the ABBA Gold collection at each of her performances. Madonna made the right choice. The Abbe sample became amazing in her song, and it has become a virus in the minds of millions of music lovers. But back to the original. Released in 1979, Gimme! Gimme! Gimma!" became a mega-popular international hit, which was played on every radio station. Without exaggeration, the track came from every corner, and everyone - even those who did not speak English - sang along and danced to the beat. As for the meaning of the composition, this is the prayer of a lonely woman who asks God to send her a luxurious handsome man ... The track instantly took off to the third line of the British hit parade and became the leader on the group's next collection.

happy new year

ABBA Group
ABBA Group

It all started on board the plane, in which the members of the legendary band flew to Barbados to relax and have fun. During the flight, Bjorn and Benny had a stunning idea: instead of another collection with cute sticky tracks, the musicians decided to write a whole concept musical! Its basis was a festive New Year's feast, at which all Swedes gather as a large and friendly family, share their thoughts about the coming decade, build plans, hopes and interpret opinions ... The guys decided to involve John Cleese, a member of the British comedy group "Monty Python", who was then in Barbados. However, Cleese was not particularly interested in the idea of a musical, and she, in general, was doomed. But from it there was only one composition. One - but what!

The team has long wanted to write their New Year's hit, and finally the idea has acquired a real shape, or rather, a sound. The original version was humorously titled "Daddy Don't Get Drunk On Christmas Day", which literally means ("Daddy Don't Get Drunk On Christmas Day"). However, after careful thought, the guys decided not to exchange the enchanting melody for comedy and created a very lyrical, sometimes even gloomy creation, succinctly calling it "Happy New Year". The Christmas greeting, published in November 1980, immediately caused criticism and even public discontent. There were those who regarded the song as a commercially speculative move. Frida Lingstad even had to make excuses, saying that the track was composed at the end of winter and recorded in April - that is, long before the New Year holidays and the Super Trouper album itself. Surprisingly, in the territory of English-speaking countries and in native Sweden, the single “Happy New Year” was never released. However, it was still released in Japan and Portugal.

The number of covers recorded for the Christmas track is truly uncountable. Hits were covered by all and sundry. The soul version of the teen band A-Teens is especially popular. Later, ABBA recorded a new version of the song, leaving the lyrics the same, replacing only "89th year" with "99th".


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