Favorite singers who have always remained "on their wavelength

All of the singers we're going to talk about today literally sparkled, ignited the hearts of millions, inspired...

The most charismatic foreign singers who have always remained "on their own wave

Throughout the history of music, a variety of singers have burst into the arena, but the bright ones are especially memorable, Charismaticwith their own character, which they were not afraid to show. These performers captivated the audience not only with their delightful voices, but also with an inner poignancy that was always felt...

Natural Charisma - Perhaps the best thing about a person, especially a woman. It distinguishes its owner from the crowd of hundreds of others, gives her a certain advantage. All the singers we are going to talk about today had this quality perfectly: they literally sparkled, they lit up the hearts of millions, they inspired... They gave off a spirit of freedom and identity, and they never cared much about their status. They just made music for their own pleasure, were not afraid of sarcastic questions from journalists, and did not care who or what anyone thought of them. Real stars with a blazing fire inside them...


sher 3

Cher admirable both as a singer and as a woman. She was always different from her charming colleagues on stage - and it wasn't just in her recognizable voice. She was not afraid to be herself: flamboyant, extravagant, unusual... Some might have considered her at least odd, but Cher never cared much for that.

It seems this star is used to enjoying every minute of her life. Even in her old age, Cher did not begin to change her tastes: bright outfits, spectacular makeup, high heels and fantastic wigs remained with her, and who cares who and what they don't like! That's it. self-relianceof course.

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

While other performers aspired to be sexy and charming, Debbie Harry had all these qualities while being a real rebel! She was not ashamed to be herself on stage, to express real emotions in front of a huge audience... And for that she was loved above all.

Harri was always distinguished by her boldness, by her effervescence, which many other performers simply were not given. She exuded a wild energy on stage, but she always seemed so sweet. And all this was not played! This is the real personality of one of the outstanding singers of the 20th century.

Grace Slick

Grace Slick (Grace Slick). Photo:
Grace Slick (Grace Slick). Photo:

TO Grace Slick Some people dislike her wildly, while others are crazy about this hippie queen. When Slick joined the lineup, Jefferson Airplane The new colors and hits are on the rise.

Grace was a daring beauty of the early rock and roll industry, and although Airplane was remembered for just two songs, no one has forgotten about this lady to this day!

Grace Jones

greys dzhons 3
Grace Jones

As well as about Grace Joneswhose music was never really popular. In general, Jones began her way as a model, but at some point she realized that it was too boring. So she discovered herself as a singer...

Grace stood out from the rest of the singers at least because of exotic appearance. But above all, she captivated the world with her extraordinary character, something never before seen among the stars. She was uninhibited, uninhibited, brash, but sweet in her interactions with loved ones. In her own words, she "has always been more masculine than any man."and it "suited her just fine.

Amanda Lear

amanda lir 4
Amanda Lear

Amanda Lear - definitely a strong woman, both vocally and in character. When her star rose over the disco scene, she was dubbed the scandal queen of the genre. But that's what Amanda worked hard to achieve.

When she was a muse Salvador Dalihe literally hammered into her head that there was no place for women in art. And yet - look at her colorful success story!

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was always an original girl, and it wasn't just about music. She was unusual, a little strange to those around her... But it was that strangeness that made her special.

When Joplin performed for the first time in front of a large audience, many were left in shock: no one had seen anything like this before! The white girl turned into a queen of the bluesand by impressing the public with his emotionality and openness...

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse

Amy WinehouseShe always seemed to be "floating on her own wave. A lot was said about her, a lot was written in the press... But she did not care much about it all. She did not strive for beauty ideals - she had her own unique imagewhich has become iconic as a result.

Winehouse will always remain in our hearts as a bright, distinctive and incredibly charismatic girl who was not afraid of her own feelings, and actively expressed them through music.

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