The most beautiful Russian singers. Part 2

About the most not only sweet-voiced, but also charming ...

Charming representatives of the Russian scene ...

We decided to make a small selection on the topic of "beauty". Divided into several parts. So, we continue our list of beauties of the Russian scene. Top "our" beauties. Part two.

The most beautiful Russian singers! Previous part…

Elena Temnikova

Elena Temnikova
Elena Temnikova

Despite numerous disagreements and rumors, the former member of the Serebro group deserves a place in our Top! There is something intriguing, exciting in the features of her face ... Perhaps it's all about the almost transparent eyes? Quite possible…

Temnikova deserves respect, because after leaving the group, she not only did not sink into oblivion, but also successfully continued her march to the Olympus of glory! Keep it up!

Daria Shashina

Daria Shashina
Daria Shashina

Another ex-member of the Silver group! A charming girl... Like Temnikova, Dasha did not abandon her career after leaving the team.

A blonde with big blue, bottomless eyes, a radiant snow-white smile and, well, very plump and sweet lips ... Well, how can such a person not attract attention!

Julia Parshuta

Julia Parshuta
Julia Parshuta

The girl is better known as a Russian film and television actress. However, to the surprise of many, she is also a singer, songwriter and composer!

In the past, she was a participant in the Star Factory TV project and a soloist of the Yin-Yang group.

Natalia Ionova

Natalia Ionova
Natalia Ionova

And everyone knows this blonde as "Glucose"! Natalia started her career at the age of 14! So, the image of the cartoon character was chosen for a reason: producer Maxim Fadeev decided not to show the young singer to the public.

Today Natalya Ionova is not only a famous singer, but also a movie actress!



And finally - "cherry on the cake", which was unspeakably popular in the 1990s ... Then the song "The wind blew from the sea" became the main hit of the singer Natalie!

 In 2012, the blond diva delighted fans with a new hit, “Oh, God, what a man!”

Despite her age, Natalie continues to shine ... In one of her interviews, she once said: “Today I look even better than in my youth! Is not it so?"

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