The most beautiful Russian singers! Part 1

About the most charming and talented...

Top 5 most attractive "our" singers!

Not only Western, but also ours - the Russian stage is rich in beauties with exciting voices and charming images ... To your attention: Top 5 most beautiful "our" singers! Part one. Let's go! Beauties of the Russian stage - who are they?

Julia Sievert

Julia Sievert
Julia Sievert

Fans know her as Zivert! The 29-year-old singer gained a lot of popularity at the end of 2018 after the release of the track "Life"!

Yulia Sievert does not resemble one of those "decorated" Barbie dolls that the modern pop scene is full of. Despite her popularity, the girl prefers a more natural, “everyday” look… And yes, it’s not scary to look at Sievert without makeup!

Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina
Polina Gagarina

Singer, actress of cinema, television, dubbing and dubbing, composer and fashion model - the track record of this Russian beauty can be continued forever! Polina Gagarina became widely famous by winning the TV show "Channel One" "Star Factory-2".

At 33, the singer has already managed to try on the image of a loving wife and caring mother. Polina always radiates warm, soulful energy... That rare case when a talented person is talented in everything!


Singer Zara
Singer Zara

This charming singer captivated many fans not only with her sweet voice, but also with huge brown eyes ... By the way: in addition to the fact that Zara is an honored artist of the Russian Federation, she is also a public figure! Zara is not indifferent to others, and often participates in charity programs...

Zara has pleasant facial features, which, although not ideal, are definitely catchy!

Anastasia Spiridonova

Anastasia Spiridonova
Anastasia Spiridonova

Very nice and bright Plus Size girl! Anastasia became the finalist of the 2012 Voice project and the winner of the first season of the Three Chords project on Channel One.

Today, the girl is 34 years old and she gladly pleases her fans with new tracks and a radiant smile!

Anna Pletneva

Anna Pletneva
Anna Pletneva

This delightful lady became famous as the vocalist of the Vintage group. Behind Pletneva is a sea of hits, awards and ups ...

But today she enjoys the role of a beautiful wife and mother of three children with pleasure!

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