Live performances proving Dua Lipa is Madonna's successor

It seems that Lipa is always 100% sure of herself!

Amazing live performances by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is a popular British singer who confidently broke into the charts in 2017 with her self-titled debut! The singles were the biggest hits. "Be the One", "IDGAFruen" and "New Rules", which scored a huge number of plays on various platforms. A music video was filmed for the last song, and in just four years it was watched 2.5 billion human on YouTube! A series of high-profile titles, prestigious awards and prizes began ... And along with this - and vibrant live performances singers who inspire and energize!

Dua exudes confidence and a victorious spirit, which is why she has so many fans around the world. A fine example for the modern woman, who is often referred to as Madonna's successor. Is it really? We offer a look at the most beautiful and spectacular live performances Dua Lipa!

Grammy 2021: "Levitating" (ft. DaBaby) and "Don't Start Now"

One of the brightest shows can rightly be called a performance Dua Lipa at the award ceremony Grammy 2021 of the year. It all started with a beautiful fuchsia dress, in which Lipa performed Levitating featuring rapper DaBaby. Then, during the performance of the hit "Don't Start Now", the course of events quickly changed - dressed in a chic blazer, the singer suddenly threw it off, and the time of hot incendiary dances began.

It seems that Lipa is always 100% sure of herself!

MTV EMAs 2019: "Don't Start Now"

"Don't Start Now" - this is the hottest and most spectacular number in the arsenal Dua Lipa! Her performance at MTV EMAs 2019 is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent, because everything is perfect in it - from the choreography to the overall visual concept.

“The breakup changed me? Maybe
But look where I am now
Everything is fine with me
New life, she's scary
But I'm not at all where you left me, so
If you don't want to see me dancing with someone else
If you want to believe that I can be stopped
Don't show up!"

"Don't Start Now" is a real anthem for independent and self-confident women who have had to go through painful relationships.

BRIT Awards 2021: Future Nostalgia

One of Lipa's most spectacular, memorable and theatrical shows took place within BRIT Awards 2021. The ceremony took place in London O2 Arena, and the singer arrived on stage using the subway! Not real, of course, but very realistically equipped.

The singer performed the best songs from the album "Future Nostalgia" and together with a group of talented dancers made an evening for millions of viewers unforgettable! After the performance, Dua Lipa received an award BRIT Award as a solo artist, as well as a Mastercard award "Album of the Year".

"The Graham Norton Show": "One Kiss" (feat. Calvin Harris)

This number is a great example of how two artists combine their talents and the real show begins on stage. magic!

Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris became guests at the graham norton show, and in honor of the success of their joint work One Kiss in the charts they performed the composition live. The audience was delighted!

BBC Radio 1: "We're Good in the Live Lounge"

The performance does not feature any special effects, designer outfit or fantastic dance performances like the performances mentioned above. It was recorded on BBC Radio 1 in a very cozy and quiet environment, without spectators and unnecessary noise. Nevertheless, he demonstrates all the splendor of Lipa's voice, her charisma and talent: even in a small dark room, Dua remains world star.

"LOS40 Music Awards": "Homesick" (ft. Pablo Alborán)

One of the most beautiful live performances Dua Lipathat you can look at forever. Everything looks very elegant and cozy, we can say that a special relaxation emanates from this room.

The audience was delighted. Dow Lipa's number and Pablo Alborana deservedly decorated the music award "LOS40".

"Jingle Bell Ball 2017": "Scared To Be Lonely"

Here is one of the earliest live performances Dua Lipa at the annual concert "Jingle Bell Ball"hosted by the radio station Capital FM. No pathos - no group of dancers, no unexpected reincarnations. Only naturalness, charisma, pure vocals and a lyrically deep song. The performance can rightly be called one of the most beautiful moments in the career of this amazing performer.

"It's all about us? Are we crazy?
You hug me tonight just because
That we're both afraid of being alone?
Do we need someone to feel good?”

And finally, we offer you to enjoy a couple more great performances that will certainly cheer you up, and perhaps serve as a source of inspiration…

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