The five all-time great drummers in the history of rock

"A drummer's destiny is to look at the three heel dots in front of you!"

Behind these names are legendary rhythms - Top 5 best drummers in history

As a rule, the idol of millions becomes rock band vocalist - Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Axl Rose and many others are vivid proof of that. But important role plays absolutely each participant. AND Drummerswho sit modestly in the back, watching what's going on on stage and belting out rocking rhythms, are no exception! Once, when asked "what it's like to be a drummer in a band," the iconic Beatle Ringo Starr answered:

"A drummer's destiny is to look at the three heel dots in front of you!"

It's quite comical. But to be a drummer is to be important link in the chain, on which so much depends... Today we decided to recall five the strongest and unsurpassed drummers in the history of rock, who gave the world legendary rhythms.

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr at a young age...
Ringo Starr in his youth...

Ringo became interested in music in 15 yearsafter dropping out of school because of health problems. The boy was fascinated by American rock and rollersBut he didn't dream of becoming a rock star himself. It is known that before the Beatles he played in Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. This band was considered the main rival of the now iconic Liverpool foursome! However, it was in the ranks of the latter group that Ringo fully justified his surname. became a star.

Apart from drum kit, Starr periodically delighted the fans lead vocalistand after the band broke up, he made a name for himself on the big screen! But one day. Paul McCartney He wounded his comrade severely with a caustic remark:

"You're a very primitive drummer," he told Ringo.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

However, it happened during the recording "White Album"when all the participants The Beatles were on edge. Unlike his Beatles comrades, Ringo's career after the breakup was extremely sadly: George Harrison helped him, but the media and record companies turned their backs on the drummer, dubbing him and his wife chronic alcoholics.

Fortunately, Starr was able to Conquer his addiction, founded the Ringo Starr & His All-Starr BandThe first time, he played a successful tour and eventually became a member of the Soviet Union, richest drummer in the world! And one of the greatest, of course.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins
Phil Collins

Phil Collins is not only a drummer. He is also a successful Singer, songwriter, actor and Producer. Fame came down on him in the group Genesiswhere he played drums and was responsible for vocals. Subsequently he managed to build a brilliant solo career and sell over 150 million their recordings all over the world! And the iconic charity festival Live Aid 1985 years, some critics have dubbed it "Phil Collins' 100 percent day"!

He has collaborated with many legends of the rock scene, including Ozzy Osbourne and Robert Plante! Today Phil has many awards and the title of one of the greatest drummers of all time! And many artists admit that Collins is the one inspired them. to make music...

Mitch Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell

The recognition came to Mitch Mitchell in the ranks The Jimi Hendrix Experience - the bands of the legendary guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix. Subsequently, many drummers called Mitchell their main idol and inspiration, and Rolling Stone magazine placed him at No. 8 on its list of the most legendary drummers of all time.

Alas, with Hendrix gone, Mitchell's career went downhill: He tried to organize his own projects and recordings, but these endeavors were not successful. In the twilight of his days, Mitch became addicted to to alcoholwhich had a detrimental effect on his health. He passed away in 2008.

Keith Moon

Keith Moon
Keith Moon

But if Mitchell was in his seventh decade, the legend The Who Keith Moon only lived to 32 years old. But even in such a short life, Moon became famous, and today the public continues to remember him! Keith possessed distinctive soundfor which he was even nicknamed pioneer: he was one of the first to bring the percussion part to the forefront, thereby raising to the next level the role of his instrument in a rock band! Influential publications invariably put him in the second and third places in their top "best drummers.

Alas, in his lifetime Moon was famous not only for his admirable acting, but also for rebelliouswith a completely unrestrained way of life. That's exactly what he's all about. ruined.

John Bonham

John Bonham
John Bonham

When it comes to the greatest drummers, the public, more often than not, immediately thinks of John Bonham. This man was at the origin of the unparalleled sound Led Zeppelin! He had a special sense of internal energy of the rhythmand his playing was incredibly powerful and heartfelt... No wonder he takes first place on our list. And in the rankings of famous publications like Rolling Stone, too! And Bonham was not just part of the band, he was part of the Zeppelin family. Soon after his death the band announced its breakup.

Like Moon, he passed away at the age of 32 years old and also had a problem with alcohol. But the great legacy he left behind makes his memory Forever.


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