Who were the artists who drove the world "to madness" in 1978 - let's remember the most popular idols

By the early '80s, new stars were lit up on the world stage, many of whom have become idols for millions, and their influence is actively spreading across the planet to this day!

Artists and bands that were at the peak of popularity in 1978

Today we decided to remember musical performerswho were at the height of their fame in 1978! Why this time? Well... why not? Because the end of the 70's was a great time, crowned with dozens of worthy albums and a new "musical virus" called disco (although this is more of an early decade). This era saw off some artists and welcomed others.

By the early '80s, new stars were lit on the world stage, many of whom have become idols of millions, and their influence is actively spreading across the planet to this day! developments in 1978 directly tied into this whole system. So who was on the wave that year?

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

We would like to point out right away that we have tried to avoid rock in this list in order to talk about disco and pop singersbecause at the end of the '70s, these genres were all-consuming. But not to include The Rolling Stones in this selection we could not, for in 1978 these rockers once again confirmed their status as legends!

After Keith Richards rehabilitated and back to normal after the wild years spent under the slogan "live like a true rock star," the band began recording "Some Girls."The album, which showed a bias toward punk and disco, as well as giving a hit "Miss You.". Although criticism was muted, "Some Girls" made noise and was a great success: it became the Stones' best-selling release in the U.S. with over six million copies sold. Some observers also dubbed it "a brilliant return to the roots.

Bee Gees

Bee Gees

Absolutely: 1978 was the year Bee Gees. It was a time when the band was literally splashing in glory after the release of the movie "Saturday Night Fever": the picture features a number of tracks, including "Stayin' Alive - an all-time hit that's breaking audition records even today! But this time was also overshadowed...

The Bee Gees were on a wave of popularity, but they did not like the fact that they began to be called disco band. The film added its own colors. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Orchestra"which turned out to be a complete failure. Subsequently, the band members claimed that it was with this picture that their career went down the drain...

Boney M.

Boney M.
Boney M.

In 1978. Boney M. became the first world-class pop group to conquer the Iron Curtain! The disco team also presented superhits Rivers of Babylon and "Rasputin"which are relevant among music lovers to this day.

At that time, the band was touring a lot, winning charts and, in general, being a world leader of the disco!

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart in 1972 Photo: Ian Dixon
Rod Stewart

For the heartbreaker Rod Stewart 1978 also saw a wave of success with the release of the super-hit "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"The world's largest audience has been captivated by it.

It was the single from the album "Blondes Have More Fun"It was a courageous experience of fusing rock and disco, which also turned out to be a huge commercial success: first place on both sides of the Atlantic, 14 million copies sold.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John

Like the rest of our list, the beauty Olivia Newton-John was on a roll by the end of the seventies. Both musically and on the big screen: Olivia played the lead role in the cult musical "Grease."and also performed two superhits - "You're the One That I Want" and "Summer Nights.".

The album followed. "Totally Hot."The Newton-John's film, which showed Newton-John's fans a whole new side: country music had gone to the back burner, and there was a complete emancipation and sexuality...


Queen on stage
Queen on stage

In 1978. Queen were in the middle of a scandal, and as you know: any scandal is the engine of popularity!

The commercially successful and still revered listener "Jazz.", an album in which the band moved to the side of a lighter sound. Because of this, Queen began to be actively accused of popsity. But that was not the most scandalous: The music video for the song "Bicycle Race."The "Queen," in which a few dozen girls race their bicycles without anything, made a lot of noise! After that, there was no doubt in anyone's mind: "The Queen" is one of the most of the outrageous groupsthat is capable of surprising you!

Donna Summer

Donna Summer
Donna Summer

And we decided to finish our list with a pretty girl. Donnoy Summer!

In 1978, Summer lit up the world stage with some of the best funk disco hits: "Last Dance, MacArthur Park...The year before she released "I Feel Love" and a few other tracks that kept rumbling out of every iron!


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