The most popular artists of the 70s!

Their songs are known, remembered, loved... And what do we know about their merits?

Successful Music Artists of the 1970s…

Many listeners remember the 1970s as the collapse of the legendary The Beatles ... However, the new decade has given the world of music new geniuses! Their names are familiar to everyone, and their records, scattered all over the world in millions of copies, have become classics - priceless, and, of course, magnificent ... Elton John, Pink Floyd, ABBA - who else became the sales leader of this great decade for the music industry?

Elton John

Sir Elton John
Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John is an amazing singer and composer, the author of many hits, in particular, heartfelt ballads about love... More than one generation of listeners has grown up on his work. Who doesn't know his loud "Your Song", "Sacrifice" or "Blessed"? Of course, everyone has heard these melodic compositions ...

Elton John has 5 Grammy and Brit awards, 2 Oscars and Golden Globes, and such prestigious awards as Disney Legend and Kennedy Center Award! According to Billboard magazine, this sir is not just the greatest artist of our time ... He takes 3rd place after the Beatles and Madonna! Behind him are worthy performances at important royal events, such as the funeral of Princess Diana, as well as the British musical concert in honor of the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II and the concert in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at Buckingham Palace!

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Everyone knows the Pink Floyd group, even the most distant person from rock music... The work of this group is distinguished by its versatility, uniqueness, pretentiousness of sound... What is the album The Dark Side of the Moon, which has become a legend of an entire era, worth! And their mesmerizing shows and stunning covers, which are a true work of art - it's just a fairy tale, worthy of admiration ...

The British band is one of the most successful and influential in the history of music! Albums of Pink Floyd have scattered all over the world with more than 250 million copies! And by the way: each of the band members can boast of a solid fortune ... For example, according to The Sunday Times, Roger Waters is ranked 12th in the list of the richest musicians in Britain. Rumor has it that his fortune is estimated at 150 million pounds!


ABBA Quartet!
ABBA Quartet!

This musical quartet comes from Sweden - a success story in itself! Their songs are loved and remembered not only in their homeland, but also here, in Russia! The music of "Abba" became for Soviet listeners a vivid personification of the sunny and carefree 1970-1980s! The same bright and kind songs of the band evoke pleasant nostalgia even today, after so much time...

The group is considered the most successful in the history of popular music! Recordings of "Abba" have sold around the world with a solid circulation of 350 million copies! Their albums continued to top the world charts even after the breakup of the band... To this day, their great hits, such as "Waterloo" and "Chiquitita", are heard on popular radio stations.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

These guys became the idols of many Soviet listeners as well as famous geniuses! Creativity Led Zeppelin is invaluable and certainly beautiful: 7 records of the group became the leaders of the Billboard 200, which is an amazing indicator for a rock band!

To this day, the band members remain unforgettable idols of their genre: John Bonham, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones - even the most distant listener from rock music knows these names!

The global circulation of Led Zeppelin albums has long exceeded 300 million copies! Today, this legendary band takes 1st place in the list of "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock". Definitely a unique phenomenon of the 1970s and 1980s… There is nothing to add here.

Bee Gees

Trio Bee Gees!
Trio Bee Gees!

The music of the Bee Gees can be described as “a pleasant balm flowing on the soul ...” And the magnificent “It's Just The Way” is the best proof of this ...

Consisting of three brothers - lead vocalist Barry Gibb, co-lead vocalist Robin Gibb and keyboardist/guitarist Maurice Gibb - this band boasts 220 million copies worldwide! This achievement makes the Bee Gees one of the most successful bands in the history of the music industry.

David Bowie

Spectacular David Bowie!
Spectacular David Bowie!

He is the great genius from Mars, the famous and unique "chameleon of rock music", who gave us a lot of good and especially deep music... For example, everyone probably knows the song "Cat People", which sounds in Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds"! So, David Bowie gave her such a powerful and emotional sound ...

Despite the constant search for himself and new images, Bowie managed to maintain an individual style. His work has had a huge impact on many musicians. A distinctive feature of the musician was his characteristic and incomparable sound, as well as the philosophical depth of the works he created ... In the piggy bank of the famous "Ziggy Stardust" over 136 million copies sold worldwide.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart in his youth
Rod Stewart in his youth ...

At one time, Rod Stewart was an incomparable icon, a symbol of an entire era and a musical genre ... His incendiary songs to this day give a great mood, charging with their powerful energy! For example, it is impossible not to remember the sweet and funny "Maggie May", or "You Wear It Well" ...

In the history of rock and roll, you can count on one hand the performers who would have possessed such a versatile, unique talent ... Rod Stewart is one of those few authors who masterfully managed to tell a deep story simply and tastefully. According to Q magazine, he is ranked 33rd in the "100 Greatest Singers" list.

deep purple

Deep Purple!
Deep Purple!

This group can quite legitimately be proclaimed one of the most legendary! "Deep Purple" gave heavy rock a completely new, unique and definitely cool sound! In fact, the band members became one of the founders of hard rock, which is why their contribution to the development of this genre is invaluable ... To this day, all musicians are considered virtuosos of their craft.

The global circulation of Deep Purple exceeds 100 million records ... Not so long ago, the band was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Group Santana, 1971
Group Santana, 1971

This legendary band also had a great influence on the development of American rock. And their leader Carlos Santana is a true legend: a virtuoso guitarist, winner of numerous Grammy awards…

Carlos Santana, founder of the group!
Carlos Santana, founder of the group!

One of the group's most famous hits is, of course, "Black Magic Woman":

A distinctive and beloved by many listeners feature of "Santana" were extravagant Latin motifs, giving their music a special piquancy and individuality.

The name "Santana" remained with Carlos himself. Under his leadership, even with a constantly changing line-up, the band enjoyed a steady commercial success for 25 years!

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