The most popular songs of the 80s. Part 1

Compositions of the 80s! Listen and enjoy...

The most popular songs of the 80s. Part 1

What can be called the best song of its time? First of all, an unsurpassed composition, tested by listeners from all over the world and conquered the world charts! Today we continue our immersion into the atmosphere of the warm and rhythmic eighties… Well, shall we enjoy the pleasant sound of your favorite hits? Then let's go!

Joy - Touch by Touch (1985)

JOY is best known for their hits "Touch By Touch" and "Valerie".
JOY is best known for their hits "Touch By Touch" and "Valerie".

Today, this Austrian Europop/Eurodisco band is known to every listener, thanks to such unsurpassed hits as "Valerie" and "Hello". However, the most famous and loved by the public track is considered to be a radiant composition called "Touch by Touch". The song became the band's second official single, released in the fall of 1985. The hit and incredibly sticky work immediately broke a number of top charts, becoming the leader of the Australian charts, as well as hitting the top twenty European dance hits. Interestingly, the single sold fifty thousand copies in Austria, Portugal and Spain, receiving the status of "gold".


Fancy - Flames of Love (1988)

German singer Fancy
German singer Fancy

And this German performer has forever remained in the minds of millions of listeners as an unsurpassed artist in the history of Italian disco, thanks to his immortal hit "Flames of Love". At one time, this rhythmic work came from every radio and simply tore apart the dance floors of the discos of the 80s! It was it that became the culmination of the singer's career, bringing Fancy immense popularity around the world, including the former Soviet Union!

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (1990)

Depeche Mode band. Photo: Anton Corbijn
Depeche Mode band. Photo: Anton Corbijn

Of course, many listeners can reasonably argue about which Depeche Mode composition is the most famous hit. But the legendary "Enjoy the Silence" definitely falls into any list of contenders for the title of the visiting card of the British band. "Enjoy the silence" - Martin Gore endowed his creation with such a romantic name. Later, in an interview, the musician recalled:

“Initially, the demo version of “Enjoy the Silence” came out very slow and in the spirit of such minimalism. However, Alan suggested picking up the pace. After that, we diluted the track with chords, but Flood and Alan could not calm down! "Why don't you play the guitar too?" they asked. In the end, I also wrote a riff. I think this was the only time in our history when each of us exchanged our own views and concluded that this could be a worldwide hit!

As a result, this exchange of views really revealed to the world a wonderful hit that you want to enjoy again and again ... After the release, "Enjoy the Silence" soared to sixth line in the UK Singles Chart and took eighth position in the Billboard Hot 100, and at the 1991 Brit Awards 1991 the track was recognized as the best British single. Well, what can I add - a worthy work, agree?

Mike Mareen - Love Spy (1986)

Mike Marin
Mike Marin

And another incomparable "King of Italo Disco" on our list, who conquered the expanses of the 80s scene with his dynamic hit single called "Love Spy"! Today, this composition is rightfully considered one of the most popular hits of its time, which was played literally at every disco! It was with this groovy song that Mike Marin won the title of the main King of Italo-disco in the international music business!

"Love Spy" unfolds before the listener the story of a kind of agent who roams the earth and makes sure that love reigns on it forever ... A very romantic and beautiful story, don't you think? In my opinion, it would be great if there were as many such agents walking the earth as possible ...

Michael Jackson - Billy Jean (1983)

Michael Jackson at a press conference at the O2 Arena, London, March 5, 2009

It would be simply unforgivable to ignore this legendary creation of the great king of pop music, touching on the topic of high-profile hits of the 80s ... The composition "Billie Jean" brought Michael Jackson tremendous popularity, making him the most commercially successful artist of his time. By the way, it was "Billie Jean" that paved the way for black performers on MTV.

Michael himself said that he dedicated this cult creation to crazy fans who simply pursued them with their brothers! That is, the song is not about a particular girl named Billie Jean, but about a lot of fans who were called “groupies” back in the immemorial sixties. Released in January 1983, the single instantly conquered all the world's top charts, becoming one of the best-selling in the world! The composition received the status of "platinum" and was awarded two Grammys and several other prestigious awards. The influential publication Rolling Stone included "Billie Jean" in their famous list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time".

Savage - Only You (1984)


Today, this characteristic representative of the Italo disco of the 1980s and, perhaps, the strongest Italian artist in this style, is widely known for his creation "Only You". By the way, the stage name Savage was borrowed by the musician from one of his favorite comic book characters. In addition to the hit itself, probably, many people also remember the lyric video for it ... Yes, such a track will be a wonderful balm for the soul and a reason for nostalgia ...

Mr. Big - Wild World (1993)

Mr. Big performs at West Park in Chicago, Illinois on September 16, 1989. Photo: Pavel Natkin
Mr. Big performs at West Park in Chicago, Illinois on September 16, 1989. Photo: Pavel Natkin

For the first time this famous composition was released not by its author - Cat Stevens, but by Jimmy Cliff. However, Stevens himself was also directly involved in the recording of the track. In the early 70s, their version became a gold hit and the first in Cat's creative career, which won the eighth line of the British top chart.

However, the work received the greatest popularity in the new sound, which was presented to it by the American band Mr. big. The guys recorded a cover of "Wild World" for their third album Bump Ahead, keeping it in the style of a pop-rock ballad. As a result, their version hit a number of world top charts, soaring to number twenty-seven on the Billboard Hot 100.

Many, for sure, remember the filmed by Nancy Bennett for the version of Mr. Big clip, which at one time was very popular.

Jason Donovan - Sealed with a Kiss (1989)

Jason Donovan
Jason Donovan

This romantic hit, in fact, like the previous composition, is widely glorified not through the lips of the author himself, or rather, the authors. "Sealed with a Kiss" was originally written by the wonderful duo of composer Gary Geld and songwriter Peter Yudella. By the way, the result of their work was over a hundred beautiful pieces of music, which were regularly included in the lists of contenders for prestigious awards. However, it was the mentioned composition that became the loudest and most famous hit, which is known today thanks to the performance of Jason Donovan.

The name has a very romantic interpretation: "sealed with a kiss" or "sent with a kiss." Such a beautiful song seems even more magical thanks to the gentle voice of the famous Australian Jason Donovan.

Scorpions - Still Loving You (1984)

Left to right: Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell, Francis Buchholz of The Scopions pose for a group photo in New York City in 1991. Photo: Krasner
Left to right: Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell, Francis Buchholz of The Scopions pose for a group photo in New York City in 1991. Photo: Krasner

For almost half a century of their unsurpassed creative activity, the German rock band Scorpions has released a great many real hits, including, no doubt, wonderful lyrical ballads. However, the most popular piece is the legendary “Still Loving You”, which appealed even to listeners infinitely far from rock music ... Surely, this hit was the favorite slow-motion hit of every disco of the 80s, because such a luxurious creation simply cannot leave anyone indifferent music lover...

In one of the interviews, the permanent guitarist and composer of Scorpions Rudolf Schenker told in detail how the band members composed and recorded the cult work:

“I composed the melody and stuff. The funny thing is that it took us about six years to put the song on the album. Matthias composed the guitar part. When we first heard it, all the participants had the feeling that it was created specifically for this ballad. And Klaus owns the text. He thoroughly approached his writing. I remember he told me how he wanted to create something special, beautiful... And he went to get inspired in a snowy field, where all these words came to his mind... When he returned home, he immediately wrote a text that everyone knows today " .

And this inspiration of the author was preserved in the song.

“In general,” the musician continues, “this song unfolds the story of love relationships. The whole drama lies in the fact that both people are well aware that love is gradually leaving ... However, they intend to try to return it, try to start everything from scratch. Yes, of course, leaving love is a very, very old, beloved story. We cannot reinvent the wheel. But we can tell what has already been said a million thousand times in our own way. That is exactly what we did…”

Pet Shop Boys - Rent (1987)

Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

Well, let's finish our list with, perhaps, one of the most tender songs of the eighties era - "Rent" performed by the Pet Shop Boys. The composition with the symbolic title "Rent" was released as a single in the fall of 1987, but very quickly reached the eighth line of the British top chart. It talks about what happens in a relationship when they seem to be "rented" for money ... Later, Neil Tennant explained the meaning of the song:

“I often thought about it - the price of love. I knew that in America it happens very often when people are in relationships just for money. When the idea came to me to write this song, for some reason I thought of one of the Kennedys and imagined that this politician keeps his woman in a posh apartment in Manhattan, and they have everything, they have a relationship, a family ... They love each other, but this love remains a secret for everyone…”.

The video for the song, directed by Derek Jarman, turned out to be especially deep and interesting. The video opens several storylines at once. The first - filmed in black and white - shows Chris Lowe arriving at King's Cross Station by train and passing by various grassroots characters. The second, in color, shows Margie Clark playing the lady of a wealthy man hosting a dinner party. A woman gets annoyed when a man doesn't pay attention to her. She then asks Tennant, who plays the chauffeur, to take her to King's Cross. There she meets Chris Lowe on the platform and the couple embrace.

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