Hits of '67, or the Legend of Paul McCartney's Death

Conspiracy theories and "pills of surrealism" - stories from the crazy 1967...

Popular rock albums from 1967

Talking about the landmark albums and hits of the '60s, you can see that every year something special happened. But it seems that never before has rock music been associated with conspiracy theories, or more simply, conspiracy theories. This innovation belongs to '67. So, today we're talking about the highlights of the albums that became popular that year.

The most successful debut album in rock history

Just a year before, in England, a new band called the Jimi Hendrix Experience had been formed, and everyone associated with the band knew in advance of the coming success. The reason for this confidence was none other than Jimi Hendrix, an innovator and virtuoso whose guitar playing amazed everyone, including his star peers.

The band's first album was called "Are You Experienced" and immediately brought the band popularity, lifting them to high positions in the charts. So in Billboard magazine the album reached the fifth place.

The creative influence of Hendrix was felt in this album in every detail, even in the cover. The thing is that the British and American versions of the album were different from each other. The initiator of the changes was Jimi, who was not satisfied with the cover and the order of the songs on the record. The purely British restrained picture did not convey the way Jimi himself saw the music. So he decided to do things his own way. For a start, he hired a photographer, Carl Ferris, and gave him complete freedom of action. The guys in the band borrowed colorful jackets from Jimi's closet, and in addition, all three of them got afro hairstyles.American version of the cover

The American version of the coverNow the cover turned out bright and Jimi was satisfied, and we can visualize his vision of music...

The Pill Surrealism

Meanwhile, Jefferson Airpline is undergoing a change that will make the band as we all know it. For starters, their lead singer Grace Slick joins the company; it is her contralto that is to become the voice of the band. Also replacing drummer Skip Spence is jazz drummer Spence Dryden, who happens to be Charlie Chaplin's nephew. Finally, the band drifts slightly away from the folk rock they started with. Jefferson Airplain, like many bands at the time, gets swept up in a wave of psychedelic. And that's when their second album "Surrelistic Pillow" appears, which includes such incredible compositions as "Somebody to love" and "White Rabbit".

The album rose high, reaching No. 3 on the Billboard magazine chart and setting a new direction for the band, which would later become their primary style.

Moving on to No. 2 on the Billboard chart, we encounter The Rollibg Stones and their new album, Between the Buttons. This time the band briefly drifted into the genres of psychedelic and baroque-pop. Brian Jones, bored with the electric guitar, brought to the new album the sound of the most unusual and diverse instruments: organ, marimba, vibraphone. And these experiments pleased the fans.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Orchestra

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is the best album of all time, according to Rolling Stone, the 9th most sold album (over 30 million sales), and also one of the most scandalous albums by The Beatles.

It was a time of change for the Beatles. The band gave up concert performances, deciding to devote themselves entirely to the studio. The range of the band's musical genres was seriously expanded, and now the guys had time for experiments. And on top of everything else, they decided to change their image: they grew moustaches and beards, and Lennon put on glasses. In general, they created a fertile ground for rumors. Although I don't think any of them had any idea what scale these rumors would reach...

The abrupt changes could have prompted all sorts of thoughts, but of all the assumptions, one stood out: Paul McCartney is not really Paul McCartney, he is a double, and the real Paul died in a car accident. Surprisingly, this theory has found not only ardent supporters, but also "proof". Although, skepticism is skepticism, but theories are theories, because they can neither be confirmed, nor disproved. This theory is still alive and has made the band even more attractive to fans, adding some charm of legend and mystery.

So, with a double or not, the band recorded a very interesting and atmospheric album, which included very bright songs. For example, the song "When I'm Sixty Four", which Paul McCartney composed at the age of 16.

The main song of the album was "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," which introduces us to the fictional Sgt. Pepper's band. Moreover, many of the songs on this album are sung not by Paul or John, but by Ringo Starr, which makes us think that he is "Sgt. Pepper".

As it was already said, this album has become popular, pivotal, scandalous, one can choose such epithets for a long time. The compositions in it are unusual and varied, literally for every taste!

The 67th was filled with many other interesting albums and songs, but it would probably not fit everything in one article, so we will conclude it here and now.

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