Magic that touches the soul: Fuzz Music magazine's Top Exciting Guitar Solos

Something beautiful arises in our minds under the influence of these solos...

The most heartfelt guitar solos of all time

Often we see lists of "top guitar solos," and they no longer surprise anyone, to be frank. The best guitar solos have long since been listened to by music lovers hundreds of thousands of times, and the matter of taste sets its own tone - surely everyone has that - favorite and unique solo - which usually overlooked. For this reason we have not touched upon this subject.

But! So how to make a selection guitar solos We decided to choose... the most poignant, exciting, romanticized, and slightly sad (in the best sense of the word) solos, because it is a kind of a separate art form. They stick not only in the memory, but also in the soul. They are very romantic (as it seems to us), sometimes screaming, or on the contrary - relaxed and measured numbers from the legendary masters of the past, causing a kind of nostalgia and suggestive of reflection... Something beautiful arises in our minds under their influence.

"Stairway to Heaven"

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page

"Stairway to Heaven"is undoubtedly endowed with one of the most legendary solos in history. Jimmy Page shows us his brilliant mastery, enveloping us in so many different shades... First he lets us relax, then he prepares us for something epic, and then... an explosion of emotion! And a leisurely return to the starting point that doesn't have time to happen. Plante takes matters into his own hands! Or rather, he takes the microphone in his hands.

It's definitely an exciting, emotional and sometimes disturbing solo. It sounds more than music. It's as if the guitar can speak in a language we understand. There are, of course, no words. And that makes it possible to interpret such an eloquent tune in its own way...

Hotel California

Don Felder and Joe Walsh
Don Felder and Joe Walsh

Solo from "Hotel California." has long been an iconic song - just like the song itself. It sounds layered and evocative, as if the strings are talking to us - trying to convey some important ideawhich was never revealed in the context of the song itself. It's all very mesmerizing. In this issue. Joe Walsh and Don Felder had a real guitar battle!

What adds even more mystery and significance is that the solo completes song. In the end, it is as if the musical language breaks off - the untold story will remain a mystery.


Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

Solo from the iconic "Leyla's." can be described as heartbreaking and screaming, assertive and confident. And yet there's a certain drama in it, an intertwining of musical tones that make this guitar number nostalgically romantic. It's hard to describe all sensationsthat this track evokes.

It may not be Clapton's best solo, but it is the most sensual and emotional. At least in our opinion.

"The Temple Of The King"

Ritchie Blackmore
Ritchie Blackmore

With his solo from "The Temple Of The King" Blackmore takes us to some mysterious places, to the land of fantasies, dreams... Very smooth melody - great for a kind of mental journey while listening to it.

At all, Ritchie Blackmore - one of the kings of the list in all things guitar. His solos are very interesting, layered. And when he fell in love with RenaissanceThey have also taken on a nice romantic hue.

"Comfortably Numb."

David Gilmour
David Gilmour

Very dark and disturbing, one might even say warrior soloIt sounds powerful, confident, distinctive, and hard to confuse or forget. It sounds powerful, confident, distinctive. It is difficult to recall anything similar, even remotely, on the fly.

As in the case of "Hotel California," the solos in "Comfortably Numb." wraps up the track. But here it's more like a logical ending, an outline of words, like "that's the point, folks," rather than a continuation of the lyrics.

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

In "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" A very moving solo, soaring to unreachable heights!

This guitar solo has already become classic of his time! Clapton was here at his best... It's noteworthy, but the solo part was alternately played by Harrisonthen John Lennon. But all of this was "not that.". Then Eric was called in to help. And he not only "kindled" the musical flame of emotion in the studio, but also greatly defused the atmosphere. Everyone was satisfied, including, of course, the listeners.

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