The most failed performances in history according to the magazine "Fuzz Music"

Whether it's bad lip sync or a personal breakdown in the middle of a show, some terrible performances have seriously tarnished the careers of more than one artist...

"End of Career?" – talk about the most unsuccessful performances in the history of music

Riots, unexpected embarrassments and technical failures - live performances stars are always associated with many risks ... They can easily increase the career of a musician, as well as, in fact, break it in an instant. For every legendary performance that launched a musician's career, there are truly failed performances that doomed him forever. And now we are not talking about one-time failures - we are talking about really bad performancesthat ruined someone's career. Whether it's bad lip sync or a personal nervous breakdown in the middle of the show - some terrible performances have seriously discredited the career of more than one artist ... And today we will remember the most disastrous of them in the history of music. Let's go!

Milli Vanilli and "poorly rehearsed" lip sync

Duo Milli Vanilli. Photo: Ebeth Roberts
Duo Milli Vanilli. Photo: Ebeth Roberts

Duet Milli Vanilli burst into the top charts at sunset 80s years. Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan they really were the idols of millions, until one live performance showed who really was who ... Before that, everyone was sure that these handsome men had amazing voices! But no ... The truth was revealed when, during a performance at MTV backing track began to disappear. This moment gave rise to rumors about the authenticity of the group's vocals ... Very soon, "the case was solved": their manager Frank Farian reported that they actually lip-synced and that the session singers actually recorded the entire album Vanilli

As a result, the duo was deprived of the Grammy Award and, in fact, their career, which was so promising at first, ended in an instant. A few years later Pilatus and Morvan tried to really get back on stage, but to no avail. The public did not forgive them for such a deception.

The failure of Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson, sister of a pop star Jessica Simpson, began to build her musical career when she took pride of place as a guest on the show saturday night live in 2004 year. Pieces Of Me became the first song, but ... when Simpson came on stage to perform the second track, the backing track to Pieces Of Me. Stunned, Ashley performed incomprehensible dance moves, after which she fled the stage after dropping a couple of unflattering words! She later recalled:

“I think it was stupid of me, stupid to blame the band, I was embarrassed as hell…”

Subsequent single release Simpson was commercially unsuccessful, as was the album that followed. Her musical career never took off...

Fake rendition of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan

In 2004 year actress Lindsey Lohan began her musical career with a scandal: lip-synching on national television is to blame. Lohan was performing two songs from her album when she was caught on camera: apparently she forgot to move her mouth along with the vocals being played! Representatives of Lohan's record company denied that she sang under the plywood:

“She didn’t lip sync! Lindsey sang 100 percent live! Her band played 100 percent live! The backing vocalists were 100 percent live! Yes, there were background tracks in the first song that were not in the second song…”

Nevertheless, the scandal was the beginning of the end of Lohan's musical endeavors.

Group Women and a fight on stage

Group Women
Group Women

At the indie band Women was perhaps one of the most intense stage breaks in history ... During a performance in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2011 In the same year, the group, which had gained momentum after two critically acclaimed albums, broke out into a bitter struggle...

“Patrick Flegel started hitting his brother Matt right during the show! It was a full-fledged quarrel between the brothers ... "- recalled Aidan Knight, who was present there. "Chris announced that this is their last show as a band..."

After the fight, the band canceled the tour and then announced a hiatus. Unfortunately, they did not manage to establish relations, and in 2012 year their guitarist Christopher Reimer died…

Drunken breakup of The Everly Brothers in the middle of the show

The Everly Brothers
The Everly Brothers

disastrous performance in 1973 year meant the end for the duo The Everly BrothersDon Everly allegedly showed up drunk to an infamous Los Angeles show and blew it all away, forgetting the lyrics and frightening the audience with his deranged behavior throughout the performance. In the end, Phil broke his guitar and left the hall, effectively ending the brothers' musical collaboration ...

Since then, they have never been on good terms until Phil's death in 2014 year. After that, Don recalled:

“I loved my brother very much. I always thought I would go first… The world may mourn The Everly Brothers, but I mourn my brother Phil…”

Sinead O'Connor and John Paul II

Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O'Connor

Speech Sinead O'Connor in 1992 on Saturday Night Live live is considered one of the most shocking incidents in the history of music. During execution "War" by Bob Marley The Irish singer shouted: "Fight the real enemy!" Then she tore the photo Pope John Paul II… The unplanned protest caused an incredible backlash and virtually ruined O'Connor's career! She later admitted that the American public may not have been as familiar at the time with the history of sexual assault by the Catholic Church as people in Ireland...

Two weeks after the performance Saturday Night Live O'Connor were not happy during the concert dedicated to Bob Dylan's 30th birthday: the audience in every possible way interfered with the performance of the singer ...

Dixie Chicks and political protests

Dixie Chicks
Dixie Chicks

Politics is always a risky position for celebrities and musicians. So, Dixie Chicks derailed their careers in mere seconds after going up against George Bush during his speech in London

"We did not want this war, this violence, and we are ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas!" - said the singer Natalie Mans.

After that, the group faced a sharp backlash: country music fans boycotted the albums. Dixie Chicks and staged protests at their concerts! The group attempted to put out the fire through interviews with Diane Sawyerbut their reputation never fully recovered...

Janet Jackson and the Wardrobe Malfunction

Janet Jackson with Justin Timberlake
Janet Jackson with Justin Timberlake

Speech Janet Jackson with Justin Timberlake truly legendary for its "malfunction". The duo took the stage during the halftime show at the Super Bowl in 2004when "cloakroom malfunction" derailed everything ... By the way: it cost Jackson her career. Officials initially referred to the moment of the live broadcast, in which Jackson's breasts were exposed after Timberlake ripped off part of her top, as a "wardrobe malfunction."

It was ultimately revealed that this stunt was premeditated by both artists. But… something didn't go according to plan. As a result of the scandalous incident Jackson was blacklisted from radio stations and her album sales suffered greatly, while her solo career Timberlake, on the contrary, began to grow.


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