"Legendary Rebels" - recalling the craziest vocalists of the punk rock world

The people we're going to talk about today have earned a crazy reputation and made punk rock a cult! And if you think that only men can do that... Well, you're sorely mistaken.

The most outrageous soloists in the history of punk rock, according to Fuzz Music magazine

Punk rock has always been evil, the "brash little cousin" of the rock family. Born out of disgust with almost everything that was going on in the '70s, the genre became a movement of disenfranchised and alienated youth. Defined by simple three-chord songs played with frantic speed and frenetic hostility, it defied the conventions of popular hard rock of the era. Guitar solos and melodicism were eliminated. All that mattered was passion and madness

But it wasn't just the husky and energetic sound that made punk so popular. Wild Pranks and outrageous public images of the most famous vocalists in the genre - that's the real engine of success! They got into scuffles right on stage, and sometimes they went on stage without any clothes on, but with chainsaws in their hands - the people we're going to talk about today have earned a crazy reputation and made punk rock a cult! And if you think that only men are capable of such a thing... Well, you are deeply mistaken.

Billy Idol

Billy Idol
Billy Idol

Let's start with the most harmlessgradually progressing to the most ardent savages. To this day, many punk rock fans consider Billy Idol "poser." But he wasn't. This guy was anything but a pretender. He was just "cultural punk."Billy was fascinated by it, if I may say so, compared to other icons of the genre. As a Sex Pistols fan, Billy was fascinated by the style, its freedom and effortlessness. Punk boiled in his veins, and so did his passion for his reputation as a tough guy.

He was very fortunate to enter the arena in the era of MTVwhich helped him a lot in his promotion. But that's another reason why some punk fans don't like him. Nevertheless, Idol lived like a true rock star, and fully justified his stage name. If legend is to be believed, he once hung out at a hotel whole month: he drank, called a large group of friends and girls, was disruptive and broke down the doors... Refusing to leave his room, the police had to take him out of the establishment by force, having previously "silenced" the punk rocker with electric shock.

John Lydon

John Lydon
John Lydon

Sex Pistols They were the epitome of British punk, and the chaos that instantly reigned wherever the band appeared. Their musical abilities are unlikely to evoke an extravagance of feeling and admiration among old-time music lovers, but these guys played like distraught! They spewed out their disgust for the Monarchy with such devastating anger that you could involuntarily feel an army of goose bumps running down your body...

Their music was provocative: contempt for authority, a tendency toward anarchy, and a general feeling of hatred for everyone and everything. This, in fact, was the whole character of 70s punk. But it would not have been as popular and in demand if it were not for John Lydon at the microphone. This "red-headed demon" was famous for his wild and disorderly behavior on stage. His attitude toward the press was harsh and dismissive, and his seeming indifference to self-preservation was both disturbing and intoxicating.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop in his youth
Iggy Pop

The "center" of our list was. Iggy Popwhich is not in vain dubbed "the godfather of punk.". Together with his group The Stooges he practically created the genre. The band played rough, fast music, but most of all it attracted audiences with concerts that were truly spectacular - thanks to Iggy, of course.

It was Pop's crazy antics that really made these guys famous. Deluded by the world of illegal substances and hard liquor, the vocalist floundered around the stage, unconcerned for his personal safety. And the safety of those around him, frankly. Once, during a wild dance, he fell on a glass table and his body was instantly covered with dozens of cuts. But Iggy, like a true star, continued the show. Another time, he was doused with peanut butter, which he generously "treated" the audience with (to put it simply, he threw it on the crowd). There were occasions when a punk rocker would get so worked up that he would go to the bathroom without leaving the microphone. And yet - in spite of all these wild escapades - we love.

Wendy Orlin Williams

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

As we emphasized at the beginning of this article, men are not the only ones who gave punk rock such notoriety. At the very least single woman has gone down in the history of the genre, and her name is Wendy Orlin Williams. Vocalist Plasmatics She was a hot one: she even outdid the Sex Pistols with her antics!

Although there isn't much to say about their music, Plasmatics became known for their theatrical and provocative live performances, where Williams cut musical instruments in half with a chainsaw while being practically without everything! Sometimes her clothes were shaving foam.

G.G. Allin

G.G. Allin
G.G. Allin

And rounding out our list of crazy punk rockers G.G. Allinwhich to this day remains the wildest, most provocative, most shocking of its kind...

What this man did at his live shows... We will not recount all of his antics, because Allin's performances on stage can be cultural shock for people with a delicate soul. Just take my word for it: this madman outdid himself Iggy PopaHaving created more than just an unfortunate reputation...

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