Bright and extraordinary representatives of the Moscow rock lab - Part Two

By no means are we imposing Moscow rockers on you: music is always a matter of taste, and everyone listens to what they like! Just remember the forgotten (not by everyone, but by many) names!

The Moscow Rock Lab - Continuing to Remember the Most Interesting Representatives

Today we will continue to talk about the brightest, most extraordinary, and in their own way unique bands that have made Moscow Rock Lab! These bands are original and very eccentric - it is difficult to find similar ones (at least in the domestic scene). Perhaps their phenomenon lies in their madness, the unrestrained desire to go beyond the limits of the existing and do everything in their own way.

Why the Moscow Rock Lab? Well, why not! Seriously though, this topic was inspired by some things. First, about the rockers from Leningrad Rock Club We have already written a hundred articles, and for some reason many journalists mention them much more often. And secondly, the capital's teams are characterized by a special eccentricity - more epatage, more experimental, more theatrical... In general - there is a pronounced oversaturation of everything at once!

"The Sounds of Mu.
The band "Sounds of Moo" was a member of the Moscow Rock Lab, and we talked about it in the first part

By no means are we imposing Moscow rockers on you: music is always matter of tasteand everyone listens to what he likes! Just remembering names forgotten (not by everyone, but by many)!


The Center Group
The Center Group

The history of this group began in the late '70s, when it was still called "777" (Apparently, a reference to the famous alcoholic drink, but this is only our guess). With the advent of a new decade, the group "Center." won its place in the Soviet underground. After a driving performance in 1982, the metropolitan rockers won the support of the notorious journalist and critic Artemy TroitskyHe actively promoted them and, later, spoke warmly of the Center as one of his favorite bands.

The band made a lot of noise in their home country: they released many albums, worked on music for movies and cartoons, and even appeared on television! In addition, the band performed in Europe and the United StatesThe new team of the founder and leader of the Vasily Shumov remains an unchanged participant).

"Nicholas Copernicus."

Nicholas Copernicus Group
Nicholas Copernicus Group

In my time "Nicholas Copernicus." was one of the most important and iconic groups on the Moscow scene. Some critics emphasize that it was the first band that brought to our country new wave! It is difficult to call the band rock in the generally accepted sense of the genre, but often it is referred to as such. It's a flowing cocktail of funk, electronics, art rock, psychedelic and, of course, new wave! And all this combined with an increased theatricality on stage.

"Nicholas Copernicus" is a group that Not for everyone. However, one album was honored that it was even included in journalist Alexander Kushnir's book, 100 Magnetic Albums of Soviet Rock. It's about "Homeland." (1986), which is generally considered the pinnacle of the Metropolitan Band's work and one of the pinnacles of postmodern art in the Soviet Union at that time!


Band "Dumbasses"
Band "Dumbasses"

As far as Extraordinary the work of this band? We think, title speaks for itself. This punk-rock avant-garde band existed for 10 years, but even that was enough to leave a bright trace in the history of the domestic underground. Some characterize the band's work as "inadequate" and "down-to-earth," while others call it vivid and distinctive. In general - as many people, as many opinions.

The songs, like the band itself, are very causing and comic character that continues to draw the public's attention to them even today. Speaking of why, in fact, "Dumb.":

"We found the idea of calling ourselves that successful and appealing. The name 'Dumb' actually has several meanings. For example, it kind of shows that we don't put ourselves above the fans and the audience that listens to this kind of music," said vocalist Dmitry Golubev, who, alas, is no longer with us.

"Night Prospect."

Night Prospect Group
Night Prospect Group

One of the first industrial projects in the USSR, "Night Prospect" is multifaceted in its sound and definitely interesting in our list. What is noteworthy is that the band's ideologues Alexey Borisov (vocals, guitar) and Ivan Sokolovsky (keyboards, bass keyboards) - were from the academic environment! But the rapid development of the world electronic-avant-garde scene turned out to be stronger than the secular professional one.

Group composition changed frequently. - Many people remember the period with the Natalia Borzhomova.

Natalia Borjomova
Natalia Borjomova

In its formative years "Night Prospect." was one of the most ambiguous bands: it was one of the most innovative projects of the musical underground of those years, and at the same time the audience did not accept it because of its darkness and experimentality. But this only applies to the majority - there was a fan base nevertheless.

"Metal Corrosion."

Metal Corrosion Group
Metal Corrosion Group

One of the most interesting bands both in our list and on the Moscow rock scene. During their long career of more than 30 years the band passed through Over forty musicians! And only Sergei Troitsky (aka "Spider") remains an unchanged participant.

This thrash metal band From the very beginning of her journey, she has been "giving the heat". The lyrics are provocative and scandalous, the stage performances are extremely provocative. Did the band leave their mark on the history of the national underground? Undoubtedly.

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