The most striking moments in world music of the 20th century in 5 minutes

Of course, it's an impossible task to tell the entire history of the music industry of the 20th century. It would take more than one volume! But it is quite possible to recall the most important episodes of each decade, which is what we decided to do today.

The music industry of the 20th century and the highlights of that period in five minutes

So much music we know: different genres, different artists, different standards of sound, and many more different things, simply put. Modern music lovers have no time to wonder how many cool classics have been released, and how many brilliant artists have been born in the last century... But history of the music industry is so vast and rich that, at times, some things slip through the cracks. And these may be the most significant events that have influenced the entire evolution of the industry!

Of course, to tell the whole story of the music industry in the 20th century - is an impossible task. It would take more than one volume! But it is possible to recall the most important episodes of each decade, which is what we decided to do today. So: these are highlights in world music of the 20th century in five minutes. Be sure to write in the comments about your personal memories of this or that decade - maybe we'll come back to this fascinating topic. In the meantime, let's begin our journey!

The Birth of a King, or How Rock and Roll Took Over America in the '50s

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

When Elvis Presley When he became a star, it was clear that the world would never be the same again. This good-looking guy from the South had rewritten music history, making his rock 'n' roll tunes and defiant gestures during live concerts seem unheard of and inadmissible before. He quickly became an idol and influenced legions of future rock stars who, as children after watching TV, would rush to their room with their collars up high and repeat the new moves in front of the mirror. King.

Rock ' n ' Roll existed before him, but only in an "exotic" form. It was black music that could have remained unnoticed by the world for at least another 5 years (or more). It was Elvis who popularized this trend among white American youthand soon around the world. His influence continues to spread to this day, even though some consider him "just a smiley face. In fact he was extremely talented, and today he is the epitome of early rock and the '50s in general.

What kind of "Beatlemania" took over the world in the '60s

The Beatles are watching the fans
The Beatles are watching the fans

No, no, it's not a virus. Although given how fast "Beatlemania." spread across the globe, it could easily be categorized as a disease. It was an addiction to the Beatles. In just a few years. The Beatles became international stars, which led to fantastic sales and concerts where the musicians couldn't hear themselves! The fans (young people and female fans in particular) went crazy: the band had to run away from the maddening crowd, otherwise they could really get torn to pieces...

"Beatlemania" swept the world, affecting the USSR and other countries. Crazy The popularity of the Beatles changed the course of history in an instant, forcing thousands of teenagers to pick up guitars...

ABBA's Eurovision victory in the '70s

ABBA at its peak
ABBA at its peak

Like the "Beatlemania" in the '70s was "ABBA-mania."which began with the band's victory at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. The Swedish quartet was loved all over the world, and in many ways it influenced more modern popular music. The group's hits have been heard from every television station, and even after decades, they have not lost their relevance.

ABBA remains to this day the most important and famous Swedish talent in the music industry.

John Lennon's Death in the Early Eighties

John Lennon
John Lennon

In the '80s the music industry was going through a kind of upheaval: new artists with their new sound burst onto the scene, MTV appeared, music videos became an important part of a career, some genres went into oblivion, while others became mainstream and things like that. There were a lot of good things and bad things. But perhaps the worst was the tragic death of John Lennon

The legendary artist was killed outside his home by a psychopath after giving an autograph. His death at the very beginning 80s was a great shock and a great loss for the whole world...

Nirvana becomes the kings of garage rock in the '90s

Nirvana band
Nirvana band

When Nirvana They didn't have a big title or an army of millions of fans. But it all changed with just one song...

"Smells like Teen Spirit" catapulted the band to the Olympus of fame, making Nirvana the kings of garage rock! After that, the genre began to gain momentum and spread around the world, and here Kurt Cobain could not withstand the fame that was thrust upon him. In 1994 his life was tragically cut short. He was extremely young, but he had already become an unsinkable legend.

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