Music managers who have become "dark legends

The artists they directed deserve just a low bow, for they really went "through fire and water" - with such "bosses.

Managers that you "would want to run away from on day one.

Manager - The most important person in the career of any artist or band! This is the person who manages your career, directs it in the right direction, controls it, looks for new ways of realization and development - in general, does everything possible to make you a world star (and to keep this status at least decade). But sometimes managers overreact, and even get out of their own control, turning the life of their mentee into a living hell...

They are rugged men with a difficult character, but a creepy passion for money - today we're going to talk about managers you "want to run away from on day one"! ArtistsThey deserve just a low bow, for they have truly passed "through fire and water" - With such "bosses.

Kim Foley

kim fouli
Kim Foley

Kim Foley - a remarkable man who went down in rock history as "one of the most brutal managers. Yes, working under such a peculiar character is torture for most men. What about the women? Especially young teenage girls, which were The Runaways.

From the beginning, Foley's goal was to make as much money as possible from the growing "trend" of girls in rock. He purposely picked all the members of The Runaways to be schoolgirls so that their parents would not control them. The result was constant rehearsals, concerts, tours, recordings and... miserable royalties.

The Runaways
The Runaways

In order to prepare the girls to meet the fans, Foley threw heavy objects at them. He was constantly "giving them drugs to control their minds, teaching them sexuality and emancipation in every possible way, and once he attacked the bassist. Jackie Fox. His power was reinforced by his strength and constant insults ...

Tom Parker

Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker
Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker

In the background of Foley, Colonel Tom Parker not such a monster. But he was terrible in his own way. When he took the reins of the Elvis Presleyhe literally controlled the singer's every move. Yes, of course, Presley owed his worldwide success to Parker, because the Colonel was primarily interested in money, which meant that he had to promote his ward with dignity. But it was he who broke up the band. Blue Moon Boyswith which Elvis gained his first fame. His comrades were not allowed to play with him, jam with him, or even socialize with him just for fun. It was strictly business rehearsals, nothing personal as they say.

Strange but true: Elvis Presley never performed abroad. The reason? That's what manager Tom Parker said. Although Parker blamed it on security issues and problems associated with international touring, he was really just Illegal. He took a huge percentage of the royalties. But the most unpleasant thing was that when Presley was gone, almost immediately after the funeral he went to negotiate deals for the sale of Elvis memorabilia.

Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley
Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley

It was he who insisted that the king go into service, and it was his idea to marry Priscilla. One might say that he had tight control over not only the creative, but also the personal life singer.

Tony Defreeze

David Bowie
David Bowie

Tom Parker was clearly a major idol. Tony Defrizza, manager David Bowie. In the early seventies, Defries saw Bowie as a new idol, and rushed to promote him. But only on his own terms... Initially he demonstrated his generosity, and then he declared: his services were worth half of his earnings. Being a young and inexperienced guy, David agreed, but soon regretted it.

Unlike the colonel, who was a family man, Defries lived extravagantly. With his eight apartments in Manhattan, his bodyguards in karate suits and expensive velvet outfits, it was more like Defrizz was rock starnot Bowie! As the singer recalled:

"I worked like a slave and earned nothing. Sometimes I had to borrow money from him just to buy groceries!"

Morris Levy

Tommy James and Morris Levy
Tommy James and Morris Levy

For Morris Levy music was just a commodity for sale. Just like its performers - just performers, nothing personal. Musician Tommy James described Levy in his book as "the godfather of the music business. He was a large man, 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall and 230 pounds (104 kg), who could close any deal with a threat.

He was charged in a number of cases, most notably - the court found Levy guilty of a posthumous lawsuit for $4 million in a case initiated by The Teenagers. It is alleged that the authors of the song "Why Do Fools Fall in Love received only $1,000 for their hit, while it went on to sell many millions! According to Herman Santiago:

"Levi told me, 'Don't come here again, or I'll have to kill you or at least hurt you.

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