How it was: Sandra's visit to the USSR in 1989

About how it was and what impressions the cult singer had from her trip to Russia.

Sandra's concert in Moscow - remembering the events of 1989

This happened in September 1989: for several days there were tours in Moscow Sandra - a delightful diva known from the group "Arabesque". Her loud hits did not stop at Russian discos for a long time! In general, more than 150 thousand fans! Tickets sold out instantly, which is not surprising. We will talk about this legendary visit of a foreign star to Russia today.

Sandra overtook Dieter Bohlen

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)
"Modern Talking" ("Modern Talking")

Probably, we all saw the videos that depict the legend "Modern Talking" Dieter Bohlen and his group "Blue System" during their visit to the Soviet Union: the halls are simply packed with people to capacity, the audience is in awe and delight. It seems like everyone has gone crazy! However, the journalists of "Rovesnik" are ready to argue with this: according to the magazine's note, there really was no full house. What can not be said about the tour of Sandra.

Arriving at Kremlin on a six-meter limousine, the singer first of all bought ... a tour map. According to Sandra, she wanted to better navigate the capital. The German woman really liked Moscow, especially its sights: the world-famous mausoleum, the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God, and especially St. Basil's Cathedral. Fans quickly recognized the legendary singer in the stylish girl, whose songs were heard from almost every “iron”! Sandra was very friendly and sweet with her fans and, according to eyewitnesses, happily agreed to pose for a photo.

Sandra in Moscow
Sandra in Moscow

As for the concerts, they went with a bang! True, oddly enough, the singer herself commented on them rather modestly:

"It was excellent."

Eurodisco doesn't exist?

Singer Sandra
Singer Sandra

Perhaps the strangest, and to this day curious of all that Sandra said to Russian correspondents, was the following:

– What do you think about the Eurodisco trend?


– Eurodisco does not exist! But as long as discos are popular with people, I will make music for them.

Most of all in this visit, Sandra admired Russian cuisine! Yes, the concerts were a huge success, and walking around the capital was very interesting! But food played the most important role for the singer:

"The borscht was wonderful!"


But there were adventures for foreign guests! After the concert, the singer and her band went to a restaurant "Uzbekistan". While enjoying traditional live music, the guests tasted Russian cuisine for the first time: borscht, caviar, pork kebab and lamb with real Russian mushrooms. After the meal, they went to the hotel, but soon Sandra got a stomach ache. The rest of the musicians also had to not sweet. What can you do - foreign stars are not used to Russian dishes!

“I was terribly afraid to say something wrong”


Years later, Sandra gave an interview in which she shared her impressions of Russia:

“I called my husband daily, and each of our conversations began with a click! My conversations were being tapped, so I was terribly afraid to say something wrong.”

Singer Sandra
Singer Sandra

According to Sandra, she was very sorry for the Russian people - at that time, not the most comfortable situation reigned in the country. And yet, the singer managed to see the positive aspects:

“I felt the love of the audience, I really wanted to make people at my concert happier. I can't explain it to you, but Russian fans are very special to me! They are incredibly open, loving, and when I am on stage, I see love and devotion in their eyes! The way they love me in Russia, they don’t love me anywhere!”

However, the most interesting thing is that Soviet Union did not bring Sandra income:

“I did not receive a penny from the sale of records in the USSR. I'm afraid all circulations were pirated, ”said the singer.

"Welcome to cold Russia!"

Charming Sandra...
Charming Sandra

Well, probably the most "extravagant" memory Sandra after a visit to Russia, the hotel room became cold, in which, according to the singer, it was impossible to live:

“It was a huge six-room suite with high ceilings, but it was brutally cold inside. Once I went to the shower, but the water was ice cold. Soon I got sick."

Sandra also told how the room cleaner - a very sweet and kind woman according to the singer - brought a mini-heater from the house to the star!

“I was so happy! I wanted to give this woman my things… But she didn’t take anything!”


Singer Sandra
Singer Sandra

The trip shocked the singer so much that for 17 years Sandraseemed to gladly forget about our country. But after many years, she still dared to visit Russia again. This time the star was pleasantly surprised.

“After so many years, Russia pleasantly surprised me! I feel real happiness inside of me when I come here.”


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