"Saturday Night Fever" - the movie that took the Bee Gees to Olympus: breakdown of plot and songs

The soundtrack to the movie Saturday Night Fever is considered one of the most commercially successful in history! It sold 30 million copies, went platinum 15 times in the US, and won the 1978 Grammy for Album of the Year.

The movie Saturday Night Fever: plot and soundtrack, songs by the Bee Gees

A huge number of articles have been written about this movie, but we decided not to stay aside. After all, it is this movie, after all, elevated the Bee Gees to Olympus. It's about "Saturday Night Fever." - A musical and dance masterpiece imbued with the spirit of disco, fun, mischief and more... Despite the dance theme, this movie has a deep, sometimes even tragic and cruel plot. The whole meaning lies in the depth, and therefore you should watch this masterpiece very thoughtfully.

We've already talked about the fact how "Fever" was filmed. and what was left behind. We decided to dedicate today's article to the plot reveal and the musical accompaniment, to which we owe the to the Gibb brothers and their manager Robert Stigwood, without whom there would have been no movie and no great musical numbers. It was he who finally attracted the Bee Gees to work, and they, in turn, gave the world such timeless hits as "Stayin' Alive" and "Night Fever"! Interestingly enough, it was the brothers who insisted that the picture be renamed to "Saturday Night Fever." - it was originally just called Saturday Night Live. But first things first....

What is it about Fever that has captivated millions of viewers?

The plot of the movie centers around Tony Manera - a controversial young man who is a regular young working man by day and a dance floor star by night! Tony has friends with whom he hangs out after work at the club "2001 Odissey". It's also where he hones his choreographic skills. And he also has a brother, whom his family simply "idolizes" up to a certain point. Of course, the movie would not be so bright without love. In the circle of Tony's loved ones there is a girl named Annettewho is genuinely in love with our hero. However, Tony himself either does not hurry to tie himself to the relationship, or does not want to hurry things up....

A still from the movie Saturday Night Fever.
A still from the movie Saturday Night Fever.

At the most interesting moment of the movie, Tony is cruel to Annette: he refuses to let her participate in a dance competition together for the sake of a hottie Stephanie Mangano. Stephanie, although older than Tony, is very beautiful and confident, with a good sense of humor and manners. Her dancing skills (combined with her looks, of course) impress Tony, and he makes a deal with her: they will take part in a competition together and win, but they will have nothing but a "working" relationship.

A still from the movie Saturday Night Fever.
A still from the movie Saturday Night Fever.

Throughout the movie, we see Tony's evolutionHis mental formation and maturation. Against the backdrop of the many accidents that have befallen him and his loved ones, he begins to look at life differently. This is evidenced by the fact that after winning the competition, he gives the award to a couple of dancers who, in his opinion, are the best dancers in the world. are more worthy of her. He believes he only won because of his reputation as a regular at the 2001 Odissey. Their relationship with Stephanie is also complicated, but after a while Tony comes to the girl and explains himself to her. They agree to remain friends, but there is clearly some warm mental connection between them. The ending of the movie as if hints to the audience that the story is just beginning, not ending....

The best musical accompaniment in history

The raucous opening scene of "Saturday Night Fever" - and the groovy dance numbers - often make people forget that the movie itself is actually pretty dark and dramaticas it depicts Tony's attempts to flee his working-class neighborhood in search of a better future. "The essence of this movie is very dark," the director confirmed John Badham in a 2017 interview, adding that he approached it as a "documentary about Brooklyn" in the late '70s, reflecting all the brutality, economic problems and prejudice of that era.

A still from the movie Saturday Night Fever.
A still from the movie Saturday Night Fever.

Although the movie featured songs by other artists as well, it was the Bee Gees made this soundtrack so successful and cool! The most popular song was "Stayin' Alive - their calling card for decades to come.

The composition is played in the opening scene of the movie, where we are shown Travolta - a kind of daring handsome man who works by day, and at night burns out on the dance floor! The plot, Nineteen-year-old Tony (Travolta's character) is an ordinary guy from Brooklyn who needs to make a living somehow. However, he not only feels passionate about dancing, but also sees a chance to do so to escape to a better life.

The Gibb Brothers' compositions such as "Night Fever," "More Than a Woman," "Jive Talkin'," "You Should Be Dancing" and "How Deep Is Your Love" - delightful balladwhich reached number one on the US chart and subsequently got a second life thanks to a Take That cover.

Of course, we should not write off the works of other artists whose songs are heard in the movie - for example "Dr. Disco" and "Disco Duck." performed Rick Dix were the perfect complement to Fever. However, they were never included in the album.


Bee Gees
Bee Gees

Soundtrack to the movie Saturday Night Fever is considered one of the most commercially successful in history! It went 30 million copies, went platinum 15 times in the US, and won the 1978 Grammy for Album of the Year. It was the best-selling album until the release of Jackson's Thriller, and the best-selling soundtrack in history until The Bodyguard. The movie itself is considered a classic that millions of people re-watch to this day. Have you seen this movie? Share your feelings about watching it in the comments!


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