Music and Soundtracks from the movie "Dune" (OST Dune 2021)

"The hour has come"...

Music from the film Dune (2021)

In film "Dune» (Dune OST 2021) a lot of exciting soundtracks and different music that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a fantastic action movie. The film was shown to the Russians in the second half of September, the blockbuster is about a future where the Empire completely controls the planets. Known duke receives an order to go to a desert planet Arrakis and clean up, it is notable for the fact that the elixir of youth is mined there to prolong life. In recent years, supplies to other planets of the elixir have declined sharply, so the duke understands that all is not well on this planet. Refusing to travel is useless, taking your son Paula, his mother and another crew member, they go on a space trip.

Paul has a difficult task to perform, he needs to lead the resistance, but he knew about this even before departure, as he had dreams about being on this planet. The cosmic scale is amazing, the audience will see barrier walls, which are in constant motion and cover the glare of the sun, huge cities in the form of anthills with gloomy interiors, completely different from ordinary residential areas. Ships and buildings are huge, and a person among them is like a grain of sand, completely inconspicuous. The huge desert is striking in its scale, everywhere you look - sands are everywhere.

The film "Dune" is based on the novel of the same name, it is worth noting that the rights to the book were repurchased several times. Filmmaker filmed it almost completely in the text, but still did not add depth. Although the film turned out to be large-scale, with a cosmic scope, but there are no specific important topics in it, there is no philosophical content. It seems that the version of "Dune" is trying to hit the viewer with a stunning scope, but does not want to entertain him, and this sci-fi story has little beauty, which is a pity. All this gloom could be diluted with a more interesting version.

Starring: Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Rampling, Timothée Chalamet, Stellan Skarsgard, Dave Bautista, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Zendaya and others.

Consider soundtracks from the movie "Dune» (OST 2021) in more detail, the film project contains many musical compositions. We offer you to listen to the music from the movie "Dune" (OST 2021 Dune): listen to all songs online.

Hans Zimmer "Eclipse" Dune Trailer Music (Dune Movie 2021 Trailer Music)

Dune Trailer 2 Music | FULL EPIC VERSION (Music from the Movie Dune 2021)

Eclipse - Hans Zimmer - Water Tower (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dune 2021)

Dream of Arrakis – Hans Zimmer (Music from the Movie Dune)

Herald of the Change – Hans Zimmer (Music from Long Road in the Dunes)

Bene Gesserit - Hans Zimmer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dune)

Gom Jabbar - Hans Zimmer (Long Road in the Dunes)

The One – Hans Zimmer (Songs from the Movie Dune 2021)

Leaving Caladan – Hans Zimmer (Music from Dune 2021)

Arrakeen – Hans Zimmer (Music from Dune 2021 Listen)

Ripples in the Sand – Hans Zimmer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dune 2021 Listen)

Night on Arrakis – Hans Zimmer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dune 2020)

Armada - Hans Zimmer (Songs from the Movie Dune)

Burning Palms – Hans Zimmer (Dune Film Music Listen)

Stranded – Hans Zimmer (Download Dune Movie Music)

Blood for Blood – Hans Zimmer (Dune 2021 Main Soundtrack)

The Fall - Hans Zimmer (Listen to Dune Soundtrack)

Holy War – Hans Zimmer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dune 2021 Listen Online)

Sanctuary – Hans Zimmer (Music from Long Road in the Dunes Listen)

Premonition - Hans Zimmer (Music to the Film Dune)

Ornithopter – Hans Zimmer (Music from Dune 2021 The Freemen)

Sandstorm – Hans Zimmer (Download Dune Soundtrack)

Stillsuits – Hans Zimmer (Children of Dune Film Music)

My Road Leads into the Desert – Hans Zimmer (Download Dune Movie Songs 2021)

Full Album – Hans Zimmer (Music from the Movie Dune 2021)

Song of the Sisters – Hans Zimmer (Music & Soundtracks from Dune | OST Dune 2021)

I See You in My Dreams - Hans Zimmer (Dune Soundtrack Songs)

House Atreides – Hans Zimmer (Dune OST Dune 2021)

The Shortening of the Way – Hans Zimmer (Dune OST 2021)

Paul's Dream - Hans Zimmer (OST Dune 2021)

Moon over Caladan – Hans Zimmer (Dune song)

Shai-hulud – Hans Zimmer (Dune Soundtrack OST 2021)

Mind-killer - Hans Zimmer (Listen to the Music from the movie "Dune")

Grains of Sand - Hans Zimmer (Listen to the song from the movie "Dune" 2021)

Full Album – Hans Zimmer (Composition from the movie "Dune" | OST Dune 2021)



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