Soundtracks from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music (OST "Brother" 2000)

"What is the strength in, brother"

Film "Brother 2": songs and music (2000)

Music, songs and soundtracks from the film "Brother 2" are a powerful tool for setting the tone, the film unfolded the full power of Russian rock. This is a film project about justice and no matter what country the events take place in, the friendship and personal convictions of Danila Bagrov that evil must be punished in the name of justice come first. But what about morality, is it possible to justify the murder due to certain circumstances? But in the film, this question does not arise.

I must say that in the second part there are more adventures and various events, rather, it is an action movie about lawlessness with its showdowns. The film turned out to be unfinished and a little incomprehensible, but the idea of restoring justice is not bad. It is worth noting the work of director Balobanov, the film shows the life of ordinary Americans without embellishment, it certainly will not be boring. I would like to separately touch on the topic of soundtracks, you won’t say anything, that’s where all the power of Russian rock unfolded, Agatha Christie, Zemfira, Auktyon, Spleen, Semantic hallucinations and many more other performers.

A variety of music, rock, and the songs are powerful, as if the character is firing aimed at the war of justice. It is justice that gives the last battle to any evil spirits, no matter what country you are in. And yet, thanks to the musical compositions, the film was remembered by many, and one cannot fail to note the work of talented artists and the memorable smile of Danila Bagrov, this bright and pure person whom we will remember for a long time. Whatever his phrases were worth, they became a real masterpiece and scattered all over the Internet into different quotes.

What is the power, brother? All power is in money, brother! Money rules the world, and he is stronger who has more of it. Okay, so you have a lot of money. So what are you going to do? I will buy. Everyone! And me?

Let's go back to the soundtracks of the film "Brother 2": the songs in the film are chosen very competently. We bring to your attention all the songs and music from "Brother 2". Below you can listen to all soundtracks online.

Semantic Hallucinations - Forever Young (Soundtrack from the film "Brother 2": songs and music)

BI-2 - Nobody Writes to the Colonel (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Masha and the Bears - Earth (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Vyacheslav Butusov - Gibraltar-Labrador (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Auktyon - Road (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Agatha Christie - Secret (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Zemfira - Iskala (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Spleen - Line of Life (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Chicherina - Tulula (Soundtrack from the film "Brother 2": songs and music)

Okean Elzy - Kolya Tebe Nema (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Vadim Samoilov - Never (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Children's Choir conducted by M. I. Slavkin - Farewell letter (Soundtrack from the film "Brother 2": songs and music)

English Channel - Look (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Crematorium - Kathmandu (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)

Dancing Minus - I'm going (Soundtrack from the movie "Brother 2": songs and music)



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