Soundtracks from the film "Brother" (OST "Brother" 1997)

All the songs of the crime drama ...

Songs from the film "Brother"

The music from the film "Brat" are not the last instrument to set the tone, the compositions create a unique feeling of what you are watching. Alexei Balabanov's "Brat" is a film so deeply rooted in the Russian people's everyday life that it is unthinkable to imagine the 90s era without it. The film was loved by almost everyone for obvious reasons, in the image of Danila Bagrov saw a handsome Russian guy who bribes with his simplicity and honesty. Danila Bagrov became a true reflection of the era, a symbol of anger and bewilderment of people living in it. This is not just a story about a man who comes to the city in search of a good life.

The film "Brother" is a film that encourages abstract thinking and viewing the film from different points of view. The story tells about Danil Bagrov, a man with a vague past, about which only guesses remain. Having returned from service, he decides to go to St. Petersburg to his brother. The brother turns out to be a hired killer, the noose around his neck has long been tightened by new authorities. Descendants of the Southern regions, on which in this film Alexei Balabanov will not once pass dirty boot. The era of the 90's will be shown in the brightest colours and tell the story of a man who travels around the country.

Apart from the brutal violence and searing dialogue, the film is more than just an action film about a killer. It is a portrait of a time in Russia's transition from communism to capitalism and the place of the individual in such a shocking time. The visuals of the film alone deserve to be considered a masterpiece. When making the film, the director used reality more than cool special effects and sets. As a result, the film turned out to be incredibly truthful and heartfelt. The film's director Alexei Balabanov is still a mystery to many people.

Now let's get back to the soundtracks of Part 1 of the film "Brother" (OST "Brother" 1997). The film project contains many different genres of music and soundtracks. We offer to listen to all songs from the film "Brother".

Nautilus Pompilius - In the Rain (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Wings (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Tender Vampire (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Three Kings (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Air (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - People on the Hill (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nastya Poleva - Flying Frigate (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Mother of Gods (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Clap-clap (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Poleva Nastya - Darom (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Black Birds (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

Nautilus Pompilius - Beast (Music and songs from the film "Brother")

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