"Leon" (1994) - we recall the soundtracks from the legendary film masterpiece Luc Besson

This is a fusion of really powerful arrangements and deep lyrics! All the tracks mentioned below seem to take you to the plot of a crime thriller...

"Leon" ("Leon" 1994) - a selection of soundtracks from the film by Luc Besson

Leon is a 1994 cult action thriller filmed by Luc Besson, director of the famous films The Fifth Element and Lucy. The main roles were played by Natalie Portman (a teenage girl named Matilda) and Jean Reno (a hitman named Leon). All the great music was written by the French composer Eric Serra. The soundtrack was released in the same year as the film: the album was a huge success in Japan, where it was certified gold after 5 years!

By the way: "Leon" is not the first collaboration between Serra and Besson. The composer wrote music for "Jeanne d'Arc", "The Fifth Element" and other works by Besson, except for the films "Angel-A" and "Malavita". Combining electronic and orchestral cues, Serra creates a tense yet extraordinarily beautiful score that complements the film's action sequences and Matilda's childlike innocence... Today we take a look at the full tracklist from the Leon soundtrack. But first, a few words about the movie itself…

A little about the film

Frame from the film "Leon" (Natalie Portman as Matilda)
Frame from the film "Leon" (Natalie Portman as Matilda)

The film tells the story of a professional hitman Leon, who lives a measured reclusive life in Little Italy, a New York area. He works closely with a mafia named Tony, and in his free time from dirty work he takes care of his favorite flower and ... occasionally goes to the movies. But his life changes drastically after meeting Matilda, a teenage girl who lives next door... Matilda's father, Michael, is guilty of corrupt police officers: as a result, they kill his entire family... By a happy coincidence, Matilda was not at home during the brutal shootout... However back there, the girl quickly realizes what happened during her absence. Leon lets Matilda into his home, thereby saving her from the terrible fate of her family. Soon Matilda begins to learn the skill of the killer: the girl is driven by a thirst for revenge for the murder of her younger brother - the only family member she loved very much ... Slowly but surely, a strong trusting relationship is built between Leon and Matilda, in which Leon assumes the role of an older friend and father . But over time, young Matilda falls in love with her savior and mentor...

List of tracks

And now, having familiarized ourselves with the insightful plot of this cult film, we invite you to enjoy the Leon soundtracks ... This is a fusion of truly powerful arrangements and deep lyrics! All the tracks mentioned below seem to take you to the plot of a crime action movie… Actually, less words, more to the point. Happy listening!

"A Bird In New York"

"Back On The Crime Scene"

"Ballad For Mathilda"

"Birds Of Storm"

"Can I Have A Word With You?"

"Cute Name"


"Feel The Breath"

"Hey Little Angel"

"How Do You Know It's Love?"

"Leon the Cleaner"


Room 4602

"She's Dead"

"The Fight (Part 1: The Swat Squad)"

"The Fight (Part 2: Bring Me Everyone)"

"The Fight (Part 3: The Big Weapon)"

"The Fight (Part 4: One Is Alive)"

"The Game Is Over"

"Tony The IBM"

"Two Ways Out"

Very Special Delivery

"What's Happening Out There?"

"When Leon Does His Best"

Shape of My Heart

And our list ends with "Shape of My Heart" performed by Sting ... Actually, he also owns the authorship. The song was included on the musician's 1993 album Ten Summoner's Tales. The track delighted the director Luc Besson so much that he did not hesitate for a second to include "Shape of My Heart" in his film "Leon"! And rightly so... The song perfectly complements the atmosphere of the film and serves as an impeccable finale... The lyrics were written by Sting, and Dominic Miller played the Spanish acoustic guitar. "Shape of My Heart" also features a harmonica - American jazzman Larry Adler was specially invited for this...

As the song's story goes, it all started when Dominic Miller showed Sting a "beautiful guitar riff". Inspired by the melody, the musician immediately went for a walk along the river bank: in half a day the text of the future song was ready ... Actually, this is how - surrounded by natural landscapes - "Shape of My Heart" was born. By the way: the composition itself tells about a strange card player: he is not interested in money, or winning, or fame ... All he really cares about is unraveling the secret of the card game, namely, the pattern of luck.


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