Music from the movie "The Father" (OST "The Father" 2021)

    Music and songs of epic drama...

    Music and soundtracks from the film "Father" (2021)

    The new 2021 movie "Father" contains beautiful soundtracks and compositions that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a touching drama. There have been many great films made over the past few years about characters battling Alzheimer's. But in these films, the theme was not disclosed as deeply as in the film "Father". This is one of the strongest roles in the career of Anthony Hopkins.

    At this point in his long career, Hopkins seems to have exhausted his ability to surprise us, but his work here is simply astounding. He shows us a man whose mind has become a prison for those around him. The plot of the film is based on the everyday drama of a father and a daughter who wants to take care of him, but the father does not need this, as he lives in his own world. The situation is aggravated every day, the father becomes more and more aggressive, memory lapses occur more and more often. Anthony is stubborn, brash and insists he can handle himself.

    But this is clearly not the case, given his habit of losing his belongings, watches that mysteriously disappear from his wrist, and his inability to remember names, faces, including his daughter. Because of his bad temper, his daughter is unable to give him proper care. The daughter tries to hire nurses for him, but none of them can withstand his violent temper. He is sure that he will cope with his problems. But there is something frightening in this chain of events: his own daughter begins to seem like a stranger to him.

    The stunning Anthony Hopkins in the role of the father is so convincing and dramatic that the director Florian Zeller did not regret choosing the main character of the film for a second. The ending looks tragic, the film looks like a labyrinth, so the picture deservedly received high praise from critics.

    Now back to the soundtracks of the film "Father". The film project is very atmospheric and contains many beautiful compositions. We offer you to listen to the playlist with the soundtracks from the film.

    BT - L'Esprit de L'Escalier (Father Soundtrack)

    My Journey - Film Version for "The Father" / David Menke (Original Soundtrack from "The Father" OST Father 2021)

    The Father (2020/2021) - Main Theme - Ludovico Einaudi (Music from Father 2021)

    Bizet: Les Pêcheurs De Perles, WD 13 / Act 1 - "Je Crois Entendre Encore" (OST Father 2021)

    Purcell: King Arthur, Or The British Worthy (1691) / Act 3 – What Power Art Thou? (Soundtrack OST Father 2021)

    Einaudi: Low Mist Var. 2 Day 1 (Music from the movie "Father" OST Father 2021)

    Einaudi: Cold Wind Var. 2 Day 4 (Song from the movie "Father" OST Father 2021)

    Einaudi: Cold Wind Var. 1 Day 2 (Track from the movie "Father" OST Father 2021)

    Einaudi: Low Mist Var. 1 Day 5 (Audio from the movie "Father" OST Father 2021)


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