Music and Soundtracks from the Movie "Rock and Rollers" (OST "Sing Street")

"Love has its own music"

Music from the film "Rock and Rollers" (2015)

In film 2015 of the year "Rock and Rollers" ("Sing Street") a lot of interesting soundtracks and different music that instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the film. A picture of first love, the action takes place in Dublin on the example of one average family that does not live well. Moreover, the marriage is bursting at the seams, besides, children need to get at least some education. Therefore, the youngest son Conor they send him to a Catholic school purely out of economy, where he tries the first cigarettes and the use of educational measures by teachers also does not bypass him.

Conor is an ordinary teenager, obsessed with the music and musical compositions of that time, his dream seems to be starting to come true, he invites his friends to create musical group. Not the last role was played by a familiar girl Rafina, with whom he was in love, she also dreamed of becoming a model and performing in London, but so far these were just dreams. Conor invites Rafina to star in clip of the group, in fact, he wants to win her heart and become something more than just an acquaintance.

In the film, all the teenage characters are close to reality, there is nothing far-fetched, ostentatious, their life is shown as it is, cheerful, funny, sometimes even ridiculous, but this is their life. Songs and soundtracks in the picture, any of the teenagers is returned to an irrepressible and at the same time joyful childhood, where every note of the song makes you remember your first love, sadness and disappointment. And the ideal in this period of life is some vocalist of a famous group, and not a teacher of a Catholic school, and this is quite natural.

Check out the movie soundtrack "Rock and Rollers" (2015) in more detail, the film project contains many musical compositions. We offer you to listen to the music from the film "Rock and Rollers" ("Sing Street"): soundtrack playlist.

Sing Street - The Riddle Of The Model

Sing Street - Up (Soundtrack from "Sing Street" 2015)

Sing Street - To Find You (Rock and Rollers OST)

Sing Street - Town Called Malice

Sing Street - Inbetween Days

Sing Street - A Beautiful Sea

Sing Street - Steppin' Out (Soundtrack from "Sing Street" 2015)

Sing Street - Drive It Like You Stole It (Sound from Rock and Roll)

Sing Street - Up Bedroom Mix

Sing Street - Girls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Sing Street" 2015)

Sing Street - Brown Shoes

Sing Street - Go Now (From “Sing Street” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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