Hogwarts Legacy soundtracks (OST HL SOUNDTRACKS)

Love to play while listening to cool atmospheric music? We've compiled a list of Hogwarts Legacy soundtracks just for you!

A selection of the best soundtracks from the game Hogwarts Legacy

It's almost a miracle - we almost waited for the game about the Harry Potter universe! The project will be called Hogwarts Legacy and will take the player to the English school of witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts, though the game events will unfold in the XIX century.

A still from the game's official trailer
A still from the game's official trailer

We must admit that so far there have been no large-scale or ambitious game projects About Harry Potter has not yet been released, so all the fans of the legendary franchise are looking forward to the new development from Interactive Entertainment. Game designers The two companies are actively cooperating with Warner Bros.The game is expected to be very cool and atmospheric for people of all ages. Expect a very cool and atmospheric game for people of all ages, and the spirit of Hogwarts will help to convey the soundtrack, a selection of which we give below.

What awaits us in the game

The player will have to create their own main character, choosing not only its appearance and appearance, but also one of the four faculties: "Puffendouille.", "The Ravenclaw., "Slytherin.", и "Gryffindor.. The character will have access to one very ancient magical riddle, the fate of the entire magical world depends on finding and solving it. In the course of missions, the player will be able to learn new spells and potion recipes, learn to fly on a broom, interact with magical animals familiar to everyone from the Harry Potter books and movies, and explore the mysterious castle-school wizardry, wandering its corridors and magical staircases.

Battle with a troll - a shot of HL gameplay
Battle with a troll - a shot of HL gameplay

Interesting facts about Hogwarts Legacy:

- In addition to the game developers plan to publish a collectible illustrated book, which will tell about the Easter eggs and share the development of the project
- In developing the game, plots were used not only from the original series about the wizard friends, but also from Fantastic Creatures. Also, the game will be partly related to the events of the movie sequel titled "Fantastic Creatures: The Mysteries of Dumbledore".
- The player will be able to explore not only the Hogwarts school itself, but also its surroundings, meeting there other characters and magical animals. Whether there will be any other locations is still unknown.

And for you to be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the world of magic, the developers have carefully chosen soundtracks for Hogwarts Legacy, which will bring you into the world of magic and allow you to get maximum enjoyment from the game!

John Williams - Harry's Wondrous World

John Williams - The Arrival of Baby Harry

John Williams - Mr. Longbottom Flies

John Williams - The Quidditch Match

5. John Williams - Christmas at Hogwarts


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