The best soundtracks from the series "The Walking Dead" (OST "The Walking Dead")

If you don't fight, you will die...

Soundtracks and music from The Walking Dead


Music from the series "The Walking Dead" ("The Walking Dead") contains many songs and soundtracks of different genres that instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the cult series. The film project has gathered a lot of fans all over the world. The plot is based on the comics of the same name, but differs significantly in the number of different details. The first series was released in the fall of 2010 and, unlike the comics, the series is still alive and continues to be filmed. Gale Ann Hurd, a well-known Hollywood producer, came up with ideas for the series. On her account there are such films as "Terminator", "Aliens", "Armageddon", "Abyss". It was she who worked on the plot of the comics together with Robert Kirkman.

The series begins with a backstory six months before the zombie apocalypse begins. The main character - Rick Grimes works as a policeman. During a shootout with a gang of criminals, he is seriously wounded and ends up in the hospital. After he comes to his senses, he finds that there is not a single soul nearby and no one responds to his calls. He himself is trying to get out of the ward and finds out that the hospital is already abandoned, there are many corpses around. After he goes to his home in the hope of finding his family there, but no one is home. The city is empty, there is not a single person around, there are corpses and chaos all around.

After Rick meets Morgan Johnson, who, together with his son, keeps the defense at home. They tell Rick about what happened, that the survivors have long since been evacuated to Atlanta. Rick sets off in search of his family and faces an ordeal. There are already 11 seasons in the series, many viewers believe that the series has slipped into trash and hit the bottom. And some argue that they did not even reach the 5th season. The plot doesn't move or develop. Although the producers of the series listened to the opinion of the fans, the main points of the series, such as the frequent change of acting actors, occur constantly.

The composer of The Walking Dead music, Bear McCreary, advocated a total restriction for children to watch the series, as he was seriously concerned about the presence of scary and violent scenes.

Back to the soundtracks, the music from The Walking Dead contains many different songs. We invite you to listen to the playlist with the soundtracks from the movie "The Walking Dead" ("The Walking Dead").

The Walking Dead Soundtrack (by Bear McCreary) - Main Title (Music from The Walking Dead)

I'm A Man Black Strobe (Music from The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead - Clutch - The Regulator (Music from The Walking Dead)

Jamie N. Commons - Lead Me Home (Music from The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead Soundtrack (Music from The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead Soundtrack: The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Music from The Walking Dead)

Lee DeWyze "Blackbird Song" (Music from The Walking Dead)

Hozier - Arsonist's Lullaby (Music from The Walking Dead)

Space Junk Wang Chung (Music from The Walking Dead)

Bob Dylan - Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD- I See A Darkness - Johnny Cash (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD- Lazy Bones - Wooden Shjips (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD - Driver's Seat- Sniff 'n' The Tears (Music from The Walking Dead)

Wye Oak - Civilian (Music from The Walking Dead)

The Wailin' Jennys - The Parting Glass (Music from The Walking Dead)

300 Black Kari Kimmel (Music from The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead S3: People in Planes - Last Man Standing Lyrics (Music from The Walking Dead)

Beth & Maggie Greene - The Parting Glass - Last Man Standing Lyrics (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD- Noisy Sunday- Patrick Watson - Last Man Standing Lyrics (Music from The Walking Dead)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special - Last Man Standing Lyrics (Music from The Walking Dead)

Baby Bee 'Love Bug' (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD - It Could Happen To You - Jo Stafford (Music from The Walking Dead)

Tom Waits - Hold On - Jo Stafford (Music from The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead - Motörhead (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD - Turn It Up - Ted Nugent (Music from The Walking Dead)

Portugal. The Man - Heavy Games (Music from The Walking Dead)

TWD - Precious Memories - The Stanley Brothers (Music from The Walking Dead)

Ben Howard - Oats In The Water (Music From The Walking Dead)


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