Soundtracks (OST) to Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Songs from the movie "Bad Boys For Life" (2020)

Soundtracks from the movie Bad Boys For Life (OST - Bad Boys For Life - 2020)

The third film of bad guys was released worldwide on January 7, 2020, in Russia the picture was released on the 23rd. The picture is called "Bad Boys For Life" "Bad Boys For Life". Will Smith and Martin Lawrence just weren't ready to say goodbye to their bad boy lives! They revived the franchise 17 years after the release of Bad Boys II.

Bad Boys Soundtracks. Part 1

Fans were initially skeptical due to the absence of Michael Bay in the director's chair - this time the directors were Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, who previously worked on projects such as Black (2015), Image (2014) and Patser (2018) . Fans thought that the creators would not be able to create the same cool atmosphere of the film as in the previous parts. It is worth noting that the directors have always assigned a special role to the soundtracks both in the previous parts and in the new part of Bad Boys for Life! Everyone heard the song “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle from the first part of the serial film!

Now that the 3rd film has hit the big screens and we have the soundtracks from it, we can say with confidence that the film was a success! So the soundtracks from the movie "Bad Boys for Life":

Meek Mill ft. Farruko - Uptown II 

Pitbull, Lil Jon - Damn I Love Miami

Jaden Smith - The Hottest

City Girls - Money Fight

Rick Ross ft. Bryson Tiller - Future Bright

Buju Banton - Murda She Wrote

Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin, Jaden Smith - RITMO (Bad Boys For Life) (Remix)

DJ Durel ft. Quavo, Rich The Kid - Bad Moves 

Bad Boys Soundtracks. Part 2

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