Best Movie Soundtracks from "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath songs are often used in various films. Their tracks fit perfectly into both feature films and documentaries, as the band's work is very diverse.

What songs British rockers played in the movies

The music of one of the first heavy metal bands "Black Sabbath." adds spice to any the scene at the movies, whether it's "Iron Man.", "Almost Famous." or "Stunned and confused.". The team was awarded the Grammy Awardsrecognized as one of the great groups' of all time by the magazine "Rolling Stone and inducted into both the Music Hall of Fame UKand into the Hall of Fame rock and roll. As one of the biggest rock bands in the world for more than half a century, the songs "Black Sabbath." sound in various filmsof which we offer a reminder.

Black Sabbath Band
Black Sabbath Band

"Wayne's World (1992) - Time Machine

Obviously, the coolest musical point in "Wayne's World. - is the scene when Wayne, Garth and their buddies sing in the car «Bohemian Rhapsody» groups "Queen.". There is also a hilarious moment when Wayne rejected the right to play a song on the guitar "Led Zeppelin" «Stairway to Heaven in a music store. But it was the track that gave the film its special atmosphere. "Time Machine." groups "Black Sabbath.". It can be assumed that the film had successincluding, thanks to появлению of this song in it.

"Stunned and Confused (1993) - Paranoid

Director Richard Linklater created the classic comedy "Stunned and confused.". Even though the movie is named after a song "Led Zeppelin"It doesn't really have their songs in it. "Paranoid." "Black Sabbath." plays when the main characters Fred O'Bannion and Benny O'Donnell haunted by Hirschfelder and beat him up.

"Almost Famous" (2000) - "Sweet Leaf"

Writer-director Cameron Crowe included a number of classic rock melody to his "almost famous" drama of the music industry by licensing not one, not two, but five whole tracks "Led Zeppelin". Oda "Black Sabbath." "Sweet Leaf." sounds when William is invited to the Los Angeles, and he goodbye with everyone before we left.


"Guys on Skateboards (2001) - Into The Void

In most cases, the songs "Black Sabbath." were used in artistic films. But one of the "gems" of the group "Into The Void was used in the documentary film "Guys on Skateboards.". This is a film about teenagers from dysfunctional families who were not interested in anything but surfing. They lived by it and for it. woke up every day. This film is also about the formation of the skateboarding as a sport.

"School of Rock (2003) - Iron Man

Being banished from his own group, the instructor Dewey Finn looks at his students and understands that they have all achieved such skillsthat they can compete musically contest Among rock bands. When children . coming back from music class, he invites some in order to choose the best Of them. To determine if a boy named Zack go big rock guitarist, Dewey asks him to play a few different riffsincluding "Smoke on the Water" "Deep Purple and "Iron Man." "Black Sabbath.


"Iron Man (2008) - Iron Man

"Iron Man." - The song "Black Sabbath," written in 1970 year on the text Geezer Butler for the second studio album "Paranoid.". Including rock classics such as "Back in Black." AC/DC, director Jon Favreau completed with dignity "Iron Man." "Iron Man." "Black Sabbath. Loud guitar riff Tony Iommi beautifully highlighted final scene of the film. It is interesting that some Texts songs parallel Tony Stark's ultimate fate in "The Avengers: The Finale.".

A still from the movie "Iron Man" (2008)
A still from the movie "Iron Man" (2008)

"Bachelor Party : Part III" (2013) - "N.I.B."

The entire trilogy "Bachelor Party." is full of wonderful musical moments, such as, "Black Hell." Danzig in the second film. In the third part of the motion picture there is a song "N. I. B." groups "Black Sabbath.". To this music is described how the main characters of the film Phil and Alan sneak into a party at Mr. Chow In order to steal he had bars of gold. After the two friends caught, Chow escapes from them by jumping off the balcony with a parachute and taking gold.

"The End of the World 2013: The Hollywood Apocalypse" (2013) - "War Pigs"

"The End of the World." Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg - one of the most funny comedies of the decade. The film revolves around groups comedy stars playing ourselveswhen they struggling for surviving the apocalypse. "War Pigs" sounds as the guys move into the house James Franco and prepare to endure doomsday. There is also another song in the film "Black Sabbath." "End of the Beginning" -it is reproduced in the closing credits.

"Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Paranoid

"Kong: Skull Island." - one of the movies about King Conge, a huge monkeycapable of destroying whole cities. The motion picture was filmed in Vietnam and on Hawaii. The film is set in 70s, which is why it has the sound of psychedelic guitars"Paranoid."probably the most popular The song groups "Black Sabbath.", begins when helicopters arrive at Island And all of a sudden it appears Kong and knocks them out of the sky.

Still from Kong: Skull Island (2017)
Still from Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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