Soundtracks, songs and music from the movie "The Cause" ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

List of all tracks from Christopher Nolan's film

Tenet Movie Soundtracks 2020 OST

Soundtracks, songs and music from the coolest movie of 2020 - Tenet! The film was released on August 22 (in the world) and September 3 (in Russia). The film is directed by Christopher Nolan. Starring: Robert Pattinson (Neil) and John David Washington (the Protagonist).

The composer was Ludwig Göransson. Fortunately for music lovers, along with the premiere of the film, its original soundtrack became available! As many as 17 great instrumentals plus… Travis Scott's new track "The Plan", written by the rapper with the participation of the same Göransson and music producer WondaGurl!

A little about the film itself...

The film's director, Christopher Nolan, stressed that "Tenet" has become his largest and most promising project ... According to Nolan, the film covers several genres at once. The main theme of Argument is probably what everyone has dreamed of at least once in their lives: the ability to control time.

It is worth noting that the last work of Christopher Nolan was the military thriller "Dunkirk" (2017), which received a good rating among the users of "KinoPoisk".

Tenet's total budget was approximately $225 million.

Original soundtracks by Ludwig Göransson

Ludwig Göransson is a famous Swedish composer. Gained wide popularity due to the fact that he wrote music for a number of popular films: "Black Panther", "Venom", "Creed: Rocky's Legacy", "One and a half spy" ... Göransson was awarded the prestigious Oscar and Grammy awards.

Speaking about his work in “Tenet”, it is worth emphasizing that, unlike the “Black Panther”, which widely glorified him, in Nolan’s film, he decided to abandon any ethnic motifs ... The emphasis is on intense string orchestration, guitar and electronic sounds ! Each track from "Tenet" is imbued with a special anxiety and pace, which is the best suited for an action movie of this magnitude!

In general, the duration of the tracks is 1 hour 26 minutes. Soundtracks for the film "Tenet" ...

RAINY NIGHT IN TALLINN - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

BETRAYAL - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

POSTERITY - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

FREEPORT - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

TRUCKS IN PLACE - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

747 - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

FROM MUMBAI TO AMALFI – Ludwig Göransson (“Tenet” 2020 OST)

FOILS - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

TRUCKS IN PLACE - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

RED ROOM BLUE ROOM - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

INVERSION - Ludwig Göransson ("Tenet" 2020 OST)

Travis Scott's "The Plan" plays at the end of the movie...

Track "The Plan" (Travis Scott)

Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Fans guessed that it was he who would record the track for the film "Tenet" - Travis has repeatedly hinted at this in his social networks.

So, posting "The Plan" on his page, Travis added the caption: "FLAME X CHRIS NOLAN COOK UP THE PLAN FRIDAY".

“I am stunned by everything that is happening! This encourages me… But I can’t just take it and pour it to you now… I’ll have to wait to enjoy it properly!” the rapper commented in an early interview.

The journalist of the publication emphasized that Travis' new track is "a fantastic journey of the brain through time and space!"

In the same interview, the rapper revealed that he and Kid Cudi are planning to release a new full-length album:

“I have become more mature, smarter ... I feel like I have learned a lot lately! And I want to implement all my knowledge in a new project with Kid. I hope we achieve the perfect result!”


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