Simon Le Bon - Top 6 Facts About the Duran Duran Vocalist

Known for his model looks, eloquent lyrics, unique voice and fashion-setting style, Le Bon once dominated teenage girls around the world and became an integral part of popular culture...

Simon Le Bon - interesting facts about the Duran Duran vocalist

Few groups have had as much impact as Duran Duran in the 1980s. The British new wave kings got their name from a sci-fi movie and quickly became synonymous with catchy pop-rock, sci-fi lyrics and cutting-edge style. Duran Duran's immediate popularity, especially among teenage girls, was due to their attractive members and cinematic music videos, not just the songs, though decades later the band's music is still relevant.

Much of their success came with the emergence of a charismatic frontman Simon Le Bon. Known for his model looks, eloquent lyrics, unique voice and fashion-setting style, Le Bon once dominated teenage girls around the world and became an integral part of popular culture. And now Top Six Facts About Duran Duran Vocalistthat you might not have known!

He sang in a punk band

Simon Le Bon
Simon Le Bon

Although it may seem unbelievable now, Simon Le Bon began his musical career as the frontman of a band whose music he described as "totally badass suburban punk.". In his interview, Le Bon explained that he performed with his band Dog Days The band had a short existence from 1977 to 1978 while studying at the Art School. The band didn't exist for long, playing their first and only warm-up show in the gymnasium of the art school. The main band would not allow them to be seated on the stage, so they had to perform just on the floor.

Like real punks, they continued to play even after they used up their allotted time. The venue turned off their power, but Dog Days kept jamming, even though only the drums and Le Bon's screaming vocals could be heard. According to the singer, after the show, the host told them "a few unflattering words."but despite the harsh reviews, he harbors no negative feelings about the experience, saying:

"Well, you had to start somewhere."

He worked in an agricultural commune in Israel

Simon Le Bon
Simon Le Bon

In 1979, Simon volunteered for the commune in Israel's Negev Desert - just to escape from Britain and go somewhere warmer. But it ended up being a life-changing experience for him. Working as a volunteer in the territory KibbutzLe Bon spent most of his day in the orange groves. He learned a lot - including masterful chainsaw control! Le Bon remembers the experience and the people he met there fondly, stating

"I went there because I thought I just wanted to get a little sun. I got a lot more than that!"

He also discovered that the wilderness was conducive to writing poetry. Thus, the lyrics to the song "The Chauffeur." was born there.

He sought to impress the members of Duran Duran

Duran Duran at a photo shoot
Duran Duran at a photo shoot

Le Bon's outfit, when first introduced to the group, was already legend! And, according to the founder and keyboardist Nick Rhodesis not an exaggeration.

"The famous story about him showing up in tight purple and pink leopard-print pants is absolutely true."

The first acquaintance with their future frontman was described in detail in his book by the bassist John Taylor:

"He was tall and eloquent, and there was something noble about him ... He was 'Shakespeare's idea of a rock star.

He almost drowned during the filming of a music video

Simon Le Bon
Simon Le Bon

Everyone has seen the music video for the song "The Wild Boys.The singer was the one who suggested that he be tied to a spinning windmill, but no one could have predicted that it would stop working when he was filming it. It was he who suggested that he be tied to a rotating windmill, but no one could foresee that during the filming its mechanism would stop working - at the very moment when the singer would be under water with his head.

The dangerous scenario became all too real, and it was pretty scary to watch. I had to send diversto save the vocalist.

He loves sailing

Simon Le Bon
Simon Le Bon

Simon's passion for sailing began at an early age. As a boy he spent almost every weekend from May to October at his grandmother's house near Poole Harbor on the south coast of England. This instilled in him a lifelong love of the sea and its inhabitants. He took his first real sailing trip when he was 11 years old, and the skipper even let him steer the boat. His love of the sport persisted into adulthood - in fact, in the video for the song "Rio." Le Bon sits on the bow of a small wooden sailboat.

Le Bon was ambassador for a long time. Blue Marine FoundationThe organization seeks to combat overfishing and the loss of biodiversity in the world's oceans. In 1985, he participated in Fastnet Race - annual 608-mile yacht race off the south coast of Great Britain - when disaster struck. The keel of his 71-foot yacht Drum broke off, and the boat capsized in the cold waters off the coast of Cornwall.

Yacht Drum
Yacht Drum

Le Bon was asleep at the time, and awoke to find everything wet, upside down, exuding diesel fumes and battery acid. He and his crew remained trapped in an air pocket beneath the yacht for 40 minutesuntil help arrived. Speaking to the BBC, Le Bon called the experience the most dangerous situation he had ever been in, and stated that he "looked death in the eye.".

He performed with Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti
Luciano Pavarotti

In 1995, Simon had the honor of performing on the same stage as Luciano PavarottiThe legendary opera singer! It happened during the star tenor's charity concert "Pavarotti and Friends." to help children affected by the "Bosnian War.

Along with Pavarotti, the Duran Duran frontman performed songs in English and Italian, including a touching duet "Ordinary World".

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