The story of German rave-lifers Scooter

The composition of this band changed, but the story remained the same. And today we offer to remember it...

We tell you about one of the most famous bands from Germany

"Scooter." - is a truly legendary band that has been delighting audiences with powerful electronic hits for decades. The band was formed in 1993 year in Germany. During the '90s, they released many great tracks that are still relevant today, as evidenced by the number of views of their clips on YouTube, which often surpass tens of millions.

The composition of this band changed, but the story remained the same. And today we offer to remember it.

Getting started

"Scooter, early years
"Scooter, early years

The band was officially formed in 1993, but its history began much earlier, in the mid-80s. That's when the acquaintance Hans Geerdes (aka H.P. Baxter) и Rick Jordan. The guys quickly agreed on their interests and came up with the idea that it would be a good idea to create a musical project. The sister of one of the members was invited as a vocalist, and the recording of the debut record began. Before the world was introduced to the giant "Scooter."The band experimented a lot and had a lot of downfalls. The friends had to change several names and experience a dozen genres before they became themselves. In this they were helped by their manager Jens Tele.

At first they were "Celebrate the Nun., then "The Loop."And so, at the end of 1993, the world learned about "Scooter."! Their debut single "Vallée De Larmes" entered the top 10 of the national chart and was the beginning of a tremendous career.

Creativity: the main hits and successes

H.P. Baxter
H.P. Baxter

After success. "Vallée De Larmes" The band's debut performance took place, which drew attention to the young, but very interesting project. "Scooter was rapidly gaining popularity, and already in 1995 the debut album "...and the Beat Goes On!". The record presented new high-profile hits, among which everyone is well known "Move Your Ass!" and "Hyper Hyper.". The release was followed by nominations, critical praise, and gold and platinum status. The worldwide circulation gradually passed the mark of several hundred thousand.

The band managed to keep the original sound on the second album, which was called "Our Happy Hardcore.". But at the same time, the lyrical composition "I'm Raving" made it clear to fans that Scooter is something unpredictable and unique every time.

The second half of the 90's marked a change not only in the sound, but also in the composition of the band. Ferris Bueller left the project and went on a solo voyage. Soon he was replaced by Axel KuhnHe would stay with the band until 2002. Already with him is released the most successful and to this day popular hit "How is the Fish?"The music video for which had more than 60 million views on YouTube.

At the end of the century, the track saw the light of day "Faster Harder Scooter."marking the imminent release of "Back to the Heavyweight Jam" - Scooter's sixth studio album.

Unfortunately, not all of the songs on it were powerful and successful, and therefore the sales volumes were rather sad.

What did the 2000s bring?

Group "Scooter"
Group "Scooter"

With the advent of zero, an album was released Sheffield, which featured hit "Sex Dwarf" and "She's the Sun".

In the same period, the group experiments with individual singles, the most successful of which were "Posse (I Need You on the Floor)" and "Aiii Shot the DJ".

Alas, in 2002 the composition of the team changed again: this time, in order to develop a solo career, he left Axel Kuhn. But this did not affect the growing success of "Scooter"! A year later, a scandalous video for the track was released Weekend!, which only fuels the interest of the public.

The first half of the 2000s brought a hit track "The Night and Maria (I Like It Loud)", but the second one can hardly be called smooth.

decline in popularity

Beginning with 2006 the band has released many releases and remixes and has also performed at several major festivals. And suddenly another member leaves the team - Jay Frog, in whose place comes Michael Simon. In this composition, a popular composition is created "Behind the Cow" and album "Ultimate Aural Orgasm". Sales were, and there was a success. But even then there was a decline in public interest.

In 2008, the group went on tour, where the composition was born "I'm Lonely". Soon "Scooter" released a few more tracks and began to actively share their plans with the fans.

scooter today

H.P. Baxter
H.P. Baxter

Today "Scooter." continue to work on new music, despite the fact that their repertoire is already rich. The members state that they basically do not make deluxe albums with major hits: it is important for them to stay afloat and delight fans with fresh tracks.

Over the years, the group's line-up has undergone several more changes: it was left by Rick Jordan and Phil Speiserwho took his place. In 2019, a keyboardist joined the group Sebastian Schilde, with whom Scooter played their 18th tour "God Save The Rave".

Interesting Facts

The Scooter group, a frame from the video How Much Is The Fish? (1998)
The Scooter group, a frame from the video How Much Is The Fish? (1998)
  • Vocalist H.P. Baxter and manager Jens Tele remain the most devoted and constant participants of the project since its foundation in 1993.
  • Peak of popularity "Scooter." came in the 90s: then not a single disco could do without the tracks of this group. The secret of success is very simple: light and easy-to-remember texts! The musicians adopted this feature from their colleagues "The KLF"which Baxter personally admitted.

  • The team likes to experiment with other people's material and sees nothing wrong with that. At the same time, everything is done completely legally: so that there are no problems with copyrights, "Scooter." indicate on the back of the records the names of the people whose samples they used.
  • Today, the German trio has about 70 music videos, two dozen studio records, as well as more than 500 weeks on the singles charts and about 300 weeks on the album charts! The total world circulation exceeded 40 million.
  • In the work of H.P. Baxter relies first on the melody, and only then on the text. It is also curious that when writing tracks, the musician uses a rhyming dictionary. This explains the absurdity of the lyrics and the lack of any deep meaning.

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